Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima calls up Kabir

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima coming to the room and hiding the box. Vansh says I m grateful to you, just listen to me if I m talking. He covers her up with a towel. He says I can’t tolerate you blaming my mum, she isn’t my real mum, she is a beautiful person, she wants me to forgive you, you asked me why do I suspect everyone, why do you think everyone is your enemy, why don’t you start a new life peacefully. She says I wish I could forget everything and move on, I feel we will get Ragini’s link. She takes the box and says I have to hide it, I can’t hide it in my room, Anupriya will look for it. She takes it to Dadi’s room and hides. Dadi comes and says you think I won’t know, I got old but I can see everything. Riddhima says no. Dadi says you had a fight with Vansh, right. Riddhima thinks thank God Dadi didn’t see anything. Dadi asks her to come, love is important in every relation, love doubles after every fight.

Riddhima thinks of Vansh. She thinks I saw Vansh that time, I can’t see him in pain, am I really in love with him. Dadi says don’t worry, don’t use mind in heart matters. Riddhima says thanks, I shall go. Riddhima thinks I have to find the box’s secret, what am I thinking. She goes. Someone makes her fall. He holds her hand. She gets shocked seeing Aryan. He taunts her. He says I know what you are doing, I will tell Vansh. She says tell him, I m not wrong, I m not scared. He says time shall show what’s right and what’s wrong. She goes. Chanchal comes to him and smiles. She thinks of making Riddhima fall. He says tomorrow, Riddhima will really fall down.

Riddhima wakes up and says where is Vansh. Aryan comes. She says Vansh isn’t here. He says I know, so I got this parcel for you. She asks where is Vansh. He asks how can I know if you don’t know about him. He goes. She reads Vansh’s note… I m going for an important work, sorry to be harsh, lets make a new start, this gift is a try, this will keep us connected until I come back. She smiles and checks the gift. She gets a phone. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

She reads the message, I hope you like my gift. She says it means he is trusting me now. She smiles. She calls Mayura and says Vansh gifted me a phone, so I thought to call you, is everything fine between you and Omkar. Mayura says you were right, sometimes we have the truth in front of us and we don’t see it. Riddhima says if our intentions are right, then decisions aren’t wrong. Mayura thanks her and disconnects. She says after knowing Omkar’s truth, I have to take this decision for myself. Riddhima says Vansh is good-hearted, you aren’t able to understand Anupriya taking an advantage of you, but I will bring her truth out, I have to get the box from Dadi’s room. She goes and finds her room locked from outside. She says maybe Anupriya got to know that I have hidden the box in Dadi’s room. She shouts out and takes a vase to break the door. She runs to Dadi’s room.

She says Anupriya took the box, where can she hide it, it was the only proof. Chanchal and Aryan get the box. He asks what’s inside the box. Chanchal says you don’t know, its imp, else Riddhima would not hide it. He nods. Chanchal says we will call the keymaker tomorrow to make a duplicate key for the box. Riddhima looks on and thinks Chanchal had locked me. Aryan hides the box. Chanchal says I got a golden chance to make Riddhima and Vansh away, we will never let them get close. Aryan says yes, let Vansh come, we will fill hatred in his heart for Riddhima. Riddhima goes to her room and says I have to get that box. She hears a sound and says did Vansh come. Aryan comes from the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe. He says my bathroom’s shower wasn’t working, so I thought to come here. She turns away.

He argues with her. He says its my house, I can go anywhere I want. She asks him to leave. She pushes him. He says stay in limits, else I can remind you the limits. She slaps him. She says you need to remember limits, I hope you know it, maybe entire house is yours, but this is my room, I make rules here, out. He thinks to pay a price for the slap with interest. She says get out. He goes. Riddhima calls Kabir. She says its me, Vansh gifted me a new phone. He thinks does she know the box. He says great, is everything fine there.

She says we thought Vansh is bad, Anupriya is bad. He says I know Vansh since years, he is a big devil, everyone is his pawn. She says I m part of this family now, I have proof, there is a box, Anupriya had hidden photos and CD in it, I don’t know about pics, a boy was calling her mum in video, that boy isn’t Vansh or Aryan, I saw her reaction, maybe we find Ragini’s truth, I will try to get that box, okay? Kabir worries. She hears someone coming and says I will call later. He gets angry. He thinks what shall I do, I have to do something that no one thought. She thinks to cross any limit to get the box.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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