Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Chapter 49)

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Hey guys . Hope you all are doing good. Here comes the special episode thus it’s long. Hope you all enjoy reading this episode.

Episode 49:- Spe

Sameeksha and Dev at Shimla..

Mr.Chowdhary gets a message from Sameeksha .

It reads – ‘We are going to Shimla’. Mr.Chowdhary gets worried. He gets angry and bangs his hand on table. Mrs.Chowdhary see this and enquires.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ What happened?”

Mr.Chowdhary – “ They are going to Shimla ! It is his trap . She is not safe with him. I will ask her to come back“. Mrs.Chowdhary – “It won’t work. Don’t you know how adamant she is ? She will take risk but won’t back off. We have to do something that won’t affect her plan and ensure her safety “.

Mrs.Chowdhary thinks and looks at Mr.Chowdhary. He looks her and she smiles.

Sameeksha and Dev reached Shimla. Dev drives the car to the place where they are going to stay. Sameeksha sits on the front seat . Dev is excited whereas Sameeksha is lost in her thoughts. Dev looks her while driving.

Dev – “ Are you Okay ? You seems to be lost somewhere “.

Sameeksha – “ Yeah , Iam Okay. I was thinking if I missed out any work … that’s it”.

Dev downs the window glass on her side. Sameeksha looks outside. Sameeksha feels sad seeing the place. But Dev doesn’t she her face. She keeps a fake smile on her face.

She turns to him. Dev smiles at her.

Sameeksha – “ Where are going?”

Dev – “ We are going to the place where we will stay . Let’s keep our luggage there and get freshen up . Then we can go out and explore “.

Sameeksha – “ Okay “.

They reach the place where they are going to stay. Sameeksha was looking at her phone and looks out when he stops the car. Sameeksha looks on. Dev smirks.

It is the same cottage where he brought Samika in the past saying that he bought it for them.
Sameeksha and Dev get down. Sameeksha view the cottage without uttering a word. Dev stands near her and looks her to observe her expression.

Dev – “ Have you seen this before ?”

Sameeksha – “ No , that is the reason why Iam looking this without blinking my eyes. It’s beautiful. It is small but still looks so cute . Do you own this ?“.

Dev gets disappointed by her reply. Sameeksha see this in his face.

Sameeksha (with a smile)- “ What happened? “.

Dev – “ Nothing. Yeah I own this cottage. Let’s get inside . I will call the servant to take our luggage in“.

Sameeksha – “ Okay “.

Sameeksha see the lawn and walks towards the lawn area. She looks the flowers. Dev looks her .

He remembers bringing Samika here for the first time. She was so happy seeing this and she got emotional hearing that he brought it for their for them to live after their official announcement of their marriage. Sameeksha touches flowers . She gets to see red roses and white Lillies.

Sameeksha – “ Dev !!”

Dev – “ Haa “.

Sameeksha – “ Just come, na “.

He walks towards her to the lawn.

Sameeksha – “ Where did you got this Lillies ?”

Dev – “ I got it from a flower vendor. Do like it ?”

Sameeksha – “ No, My mom likes gardening.. she was looking for lillies . So remembered her when I saw them. This side has many Red roses and lillies alternately.. like a pattern . Did you made it like this or it is just your gardener’s wonder?”

Dev – “ I asked the gardener to do this like this… I just took a suggestion of someone … “.

Dev remembers Samika .

( Fb:-

Samika and Dev talking to each other.

Samika – “ Dev , What if we plant Red roses and lillies alternately in the lawn of the cottage “.

Dev – “ Red rose and Lillies? “

Samika (excited ) “ White Lillies … Actually I was imagining them.. it would look great .. isn’t it ?”

Dev – “ Maybe … You like it then I will get done .. I will fulfill your all wishes “.

Samika smiles . Dev hold her hand. They look each other. )

Sameeksha wave her hand infront of his eyes.

Sameeksha – “ Are you here ?”

Dev – “ Yeah.. remembered someone “.

Sameeksha – “ Who ?”

Dev looks her . Sameeksha looks him normally.

Dev – “ Leave it … Which is your favorite flower?”

Sameeksha – “ Orchids .. I just love them. And in roses I like orange shade.. some hybrid type .. “.

Dev – “ Oho … You don’t like red roses?”

Sameeksha – “ Not like I hate them but it’s too common.. I like things which is not common… which is unique “.

Dev nods. Then they goes into the cottage. Sameeksha looks around.

Sameeksha – “ It’s good… all these interiors and other stuffs. But it would have become more classy if it is done with less colours .. like using 2or 3 colours combination “.

Dev – “ House becomes lively with many colours afterall happiness matters … isn’t it ?”

(Fb:- He remembers Samika saying the same.

Samika – “House becomes lively with many colours afterall happiness matters.. we should take care our happiness rather than thinking people’s thoughts over it”.

Dev nods his head . He keeps one hand on his chest and bows.

Dev – “ As you say , my lord !”

Samika laughs . Dev smiles . )

Sameeksha – “ Yeah , that’s true . Anyway leave it . I need to call my Dad to say that I reached. Where is my room ?”

Dev shows her a room. She goes inside the room. She closes the door and locks it.  She closes her eyes and sits on the bed.

Sameeksha thinks – “ I know , what you are planning to do but it won’t work. So this what you want to do… you thought that you will bring me here and check whether I recognize anything that belongs to Samika. I know about everything but you won’t get it from my face. It’s not easy to trap Sameeksha Chowdhary ! I will make sure that Dev Raichand you will get disappointed everytime “.

She gives a message to her Dad – ‘ Iam Safe.. I know what is his mind .. I can handle it . Don’t worry.. carry on “.

Raichand Mansion.

Roma Raichand , Dhruv , Daksh , Prithvi and Trisha is standing in the hall.

Roma Raichand- “ Where did Dev gone ?”

Trisha – “ He has gone to somewhere , he will be back after 2 days. Don’t ask me further . I don’t know anything else “.

Roma Raichand looks her suspiciously.

Dhruv – “ It is strange! Mom , she is lying . Dev won’t go anywhere without informing Trisha “.

Daksh – “ I agree , bro . Trisha, tell na .. “.

Trisha – “ Its not always like that .., I told you what I know “.

Daksh – “ He broke his routine only one time .. when he… “.

Roma Raichand interrupts- “ Enough… no need of further talks over that matter.  If she is saying that he will be back after 2 days it’s okay. I will ask him then “.

Daksh and Dhruv leaves.

Trisha was about to leave. Roma Raichand hold her hand from behind.

Trisha stops and turns towards Roma Raichand.

Roma Raichand- “ Dev’s new plan , right?”.

Trisha – “ Mamma , he doesn’t want any interference in his plan . That’s the reason… I promised that I will take care of it. So please don’t search for him. I can assure you he has gone to do something important, very beneficial thing “.

Trisha smirks. She leaves. Roma Raichand stands there .

Roma Raichand thinks – “ I hope he is doing this all for our family’s good “.

Shimla , Cottage.

Sameeksha comes out after getting freshen up. Dev is sitting on the couch. He is smiling looking at his phone screen. Sameeksha – “ What happened?”

Dev shows his phone.  Sameeksha looks .

It shows that Mr.Chowdhary on a press conference. It’s an announcement of their new project which is of building a hospital which will treat patients with affordable price. A journalist ask about Sameeksha’s absence. Mr.Chowdhary tells them that Sameeksha has went for a business trip with Dev Raichand.

Sameeksha looks Dev with a embarrassing smile.

Dev – “ Your Dad is so intelligent! So now everyone knows that you are with me “.

Sameeksha – “ What to do? He is little possessive about me. This was already a planned press conference before our challenge, I skipped it to fulfill my promise to you . So he was upset, it is in a way answer to my mistake. I asked him to postpone but he didn’t agreed “.

Dev – “ So that’s the only purpose?”

Sameeksha – “ His daughter is with someone who he  doesn’t know much… he will be worried, right ? What if you kill me ? So he did this … now it’s your responsibility to keep me alive “.

Sameeksha looks him sternly. Dev gets shocked . She then smiles. He relaxes.

Dev – “ You are really, strange… I find it difficult to differentiate your jokes and serious talks “.

Sameeksha – “ It will take time… Iam little complicated “.

Dev – “ Yeah … But I think there a simple and sweet girl behind this complicated business woman . Trust me , my intuitions never failed “.

Sameeksha thinks – “ You won’t get to see that side of me ever because it’s not for you “.

Sameeksha smiles.

Dev – “ Okay let’s start our trip. Let’s have lunch first . There is a nice restaurant near the market .. the market we saw while coming here… let’s go there “.

Sameeksha – “ Okay “.

They locks the house . They get into the car. Dev drives . Sameeksha is looking at her phone.

After a while, Sameeksha looks the way . She gets confused. She looks her phone again.

Sameeksha –  “ Dev , you took wrong way. You should have took left turn… that is the way to market !”

Dev – “ No , this is the way “.

Sameeksha – “ No ! Iam telling you , it’s wrong way.  Take a U turn and go back to that junction… and take left turn “.

Dev – “ I know this place .. I admit that I

haven’t come here many times but I know “.

Sameeksha – “ It is an expert advice , do what Iam saying !”

Dev finally agreed to her and does as she says.

Then they reach the place. Dev looks her suspiciously.

Dev – “ You haven’t came here before?”

Sameeksha – “ I have came here before… during a vacation trip that was for 3 days but years ago”.

Dev – “ But that doesn’t mean that you will remember all this for long time. Then how did you .. “.

Sameeksha – “ Yeah.. my memory is not so sharp … but “.

Dev – “ But … What ? You were saying this full confidence like you are aware of every road here “.

Sameeksha keeps silent for a moment. Then she shows him her phone screen. He looks at the screen.

Sameeksha – “ Its  from Google Map … Iam not the one to remember the way but this app does it . When you told me about the market , I searched it on it and there is the result.. Sometimes I feel like you are too suspicious on me !”

Dev – “ No, it’s not like that . I was just amused ! Let’s get down “.

They get down. They walk towards the restaurant.

Sameeksha remembers opening the google map for just a formality when he took wrong turn.

Sameeksha thinks – “ I know this was a test for me … I know that you know all the places here .. Iam not that foolish you fall in your silly traps . Try something harder.. but still you won’t be successful “.

They gets into the restaurant. They order some food . They have it . Dev looks Sameeksha throughout during lunch. He watches the way she eats . He observes her carefully but still he doesn’t get any clue. They goes out after their lunch . They goes through the market. Sameeksha has worn her sunglasses , her attire is modern too. She looks everything with great interest. Dev is still observing her. He smiles at her whenever she looks him. He takes her to a saree shop.

This is the same where Dev and Samika went to shop for Menaka Raichand.

Dev – “ I thought to buy something for my Mom and Bua , would you mind helping me in that ?”

Sameeksha – “ What else can I do ? I have to spend two days with you “.

Dev looks at the counter .

He doesn’t see the owner who was there when he came there with Samika.

A young man comes to them and welcomes them.

Young man – “ What do you want , Sir ? Sarees , dress materials , Salwar suits … or any other dresses?  Is it for Ma’am ?”

Dev – “ No , it’s for my Mom and Aunty , We are looking for Sarees “.

Young man – “ Please come , I will show you “.

They goes to saree section. Dev looks for the man. They get seated. Dev still looks for him.

Young man – “ Sir , which material you prefer ? “

Sameeksha and the young man notice Dev looking at entrance.

Sameeksha pats on his shoulder. Dev turns to her immediately. She looks him suspiciously. Dev tries to smile.

Sameeksha – “ Are you waiting for someone? “

Dev – “ No “.

Sameeksha – “ He asking , Which type of Saree you want? “

Dev – “ I don’t know about such things.., that is the reason why I asked your help “.

Sameeksha – “ Okay , I will see . Any particular colour ?”

Dev – “ Any colour is Okay“.

Sameeksha – “ Okay then”.

Sameeksha check out sarees. She select some. Dev is looking at the counter. Sameeksha calls him- “ Dev , I have selected some.. see how is it ?”

Dev checks them.

Dev – “ I think this yellow saree and orange saree seems to be nice “.

Sameeksha – “ Wow.. same here .. even I liked them among these. I never expected that our likes can be same any day “.

Dev smiles.

Sameeksha – “ I think I should buy something for my Mom. Let me see “.

Dev – “ Yeah .. nice idea “.

Sameeksha checks the sarees . Dev finds her busy in checking out sarees.

Dev looks at young man .

Dev (casual tone ) to young man- “ Did this shop’s owner changed ? Actually, I came here sometime ago.. at that time the owner was an old man “.

Sameeksha hear him and pause for a second. But then she continues checking the sarees.

Young man – “ No, this is my father’s shop. He just gone out , he will come back soon. I joined the business few months ago. Do you know him ?”

Dev – “ Yeah, I know him. He use to show me the best whenever I come here “.

Sameeksha (whispers his ears)- “ So that’s the reason you brought me here … So you get special discounts !! “.

Dev ( whispers) – “ Yeah discount !!! “.

By the end of the shopping, the old man comes in. Sameeksha finish her shopping too. The old man sits on the counter. Dev see him and gets happy. They head towards the counter. Sameeksha hold his hand.

Sameeksha – “ I will pay for mine , okay “.

Dev – “ Okay “.

Sameeksha ask that young man to make separate bills.

As they goes to pay the bill, the old man see them . He looks them carefully. He then looks Sameeksha when she gives the money.

Old man – “ You ?”

Sameeksha gets tensed . Dev gets excited.

Old man – “ I know you but you use to look different those days … “.

Dev – “ What ?”

Sameeksha – “ Uncle , What are saying?”

Old man – “ I know you … “.

Sameeksha gets tensed but she keeps smiling.

Dev – “ Really.. then tell who is she ?”

Sameeksha – “ But I haven’t seen him before… then how will he .. “.

Old man – “ I got it “.

Dev stands happily while Sameeksha gets worried.

Sameeksha thinks – “ I hope he won’t say about Samika …. What if he tells anyone else about seeing my face ? If anyone gets to know about me … it will be tough “.

Old man – “ I know … but … Iam not able to remember “.

Dev gets shocked and Sameeksha relaxes.

Young man comes to them.

Young man – “ Papa , It’s okay “.

He takes Dev them aside .

Young man – “ Papa’s memory is losing… he doesn’t remember many … he is at first stage Alzheimer’s . He thinks that he know everyone who comes here .. please don’t mind “.

Dev gets disappointed but Sameeksha gets relieved.

Young man gives the old man some water to drink. Dev and Sameeksha comes out with their shopping bags. The walks towards the car.

Sameeksha thinks – “ Dev Raichand, What do you think ? Iam a fool? I know you are going to bring people who know Samika infront of me …. but trust me it won’t work on me . You will get to know this very soon “.

Dev thinks – “ Don’t think that you won. I won’t give up. You were lucky this time.. but won’t be lucky always “.

They keeps the bags inside the car and drives off. They reach the coffee shop where Samika took Dev for the first time. They goes in . They order for coffee and brownies. Dev gets a call and goes to a corner. There are 3 people excluding them. There is a young couple on a table and a man on other table. That man is looking at Sameeksha . But she turns her face when she see him looking at her. Dev turns to her while talking over the phone. He signs her that he will come in 5minutes. Sameeksha nods. She checks her phone.

Young couples leaves after sometimes. Another waiter brings the coffee and brownies to Sameeksha’s table. Dev is still talking over the phone. He keeps the tray on the table and then he notice Sameeksha . He looks her carefully.  While Sameeksha is looking on her phone.

Waiter – “ You …. But aren’t you dead .. “.

Sameeksha looks him and gets shocked over his remarks.

Sameeksha – “ What the hell! “

Waiter start to shiver. He moves back in shock.

Waiter – “ Ghost !!! “

He runs away shouting ghost . Sameeksha gets shocked. She feels weird. Dev turns hearing this. Other man looks her. Dev cuts the call. He smirks. Sameeksha stands up. He comes to her.

Dev – “ What happened?”

Sameeksha – “ I don’t know ! That waiter looked me for sometime and started telling that Iam dead … and then he started shouting ghost and ran away. What the hell ! Is he mad ?”

Dev – “ Its strange! Let me enquiry… you sit “.

Sameeksha sits there. Dev goes to the reception. Sameeksha smirks.

Dev comes back with the manager after sometimes.

Manager – “ Iam Sorry . He made a mistake… Please forgive us Ma’am , He is always in a dream world … Sorry for the inconvenience “.

Sameeksha (seriously)- “ Keep staffs who lives in reality not anyone who is unstable. Dev, let’s go “.

Dev – “ Sameeksha , let’s have it … then we will leave. Please“.

Sameeksha agrees . She is in an angry mood.

They have coffee. While having coffee , Dev looks Sameeksha passionately.

While Sameeksha mood doesn’t change. She just adjust her hair strands.

(Ishq mein Marjawan romantic version played )

She then in anger eats both the brownies. Dev doesn’t see that . His eyes are over her.

Sameeksha then realizes that she ate both of them. She feels embarrassed.

Sameeksha – “ Oho , Iam Sorry.. I ate them both… when I get angry … I feel more hungry. Let’s order it again “.

Dev – “ No need … my stomach is full seeing you eating “.

Sameeksha – “ What ?”

Dev – “ Its good to see someone who is special infront… you are feeling better? Then let’s leave “.

Sameeksha – “ But .. “.

Dev – “ Iam Okay “.

They walks out . Dev turns back and see . That man was looking them. As Dev turns , that man smiles. That man messages someone- “ I will clear it “.

Dev then gets a message. He checks it and smiles. They get into the car. He drives back to cottage as Sameeksha ask him . She gives an excuse that she has a meeting on video call. They reach back.

Sameeksha goes to her room and locks herself. She goes to washroom and splash water on her face.

She looks at the mirror. She touches her reflection on the mirror gently.

After taking shower she comes out. She looks at the mirror. Her eyes is red. She takes a cotton cloth and dips it in water and sponge it under her eyes. He gets a call from her parents. She keeps earphones and picks the call. It is a video call.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ How are you ?”

Sameeksha – “ Iam good “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ What happened? Did you cry ?”

Sameeksha – “ No … “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Iam your Mom… I can figure out a small change on your face . Sam! Tell .. “.

Sameeksha ( in low tone) – “ Iam feeling really bad … whenever that Dev does drama as if he loves me… I just feel to kill him on the spot … Bl**dy Cheater! “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ We know that you hate him but you can’t express it… even we hate them all for whatever they did … Whenever you lose your control just think about the real goal … it is the total destruction of Raichands . We have to be patient “.

Sameeksha nods.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Just focus. By the way, everything else is fine … “.

Sameeksha – “ Yeah everything is under control.. I will call tomorrow… don’t worry . I will take care of myself”.

She smiles at them. They smile back at her. She cuts the call .

She comes out of her room. She looks for Dev. Dev is inside the kitchen. Dev is cooking. Sameeksha gets surprised.

Dev doesn’t notice her as she standing behind him.

Sameeksha – “ Are you preparing dinner ?”

Dev turns towards Sameeksha.

Dev  – “ Yeah “.

Sameeksha – “ I hope , it won’t cut short the trip .., “.

Dev looks her and she chuckles.

Dev – “ Madam … you don’t about my cooking talent !”.

Sameeksha – “ Okay … let’s see “.

Dev – “ I need some more time… you please wait till then”.

Sameeksha – “ I want some warm water . You carry on .. I will take it “.

Dev – “ It’s in the flask “.

Sameeksha nods and goes to take the flask. She takes comes near to him . She takes a glass to mix the warm water with some normal water. She pours the warm water in the glass.

Dev looks her and she notices that. She looks him back . They share an eyelock.

(Ishq Mein Marjawan song played )

Sameeksha (looking at him) – “ When you are doing a work , you should focus on it . Nowadays, you are losing your focus “.

Dev – “ Its your fault , you distracts me “.

Dev touches her palm but Sameeksha takes off immediately. As result the warm water falls on Dev’s palm.

Dev – “ Ouch !”

Sameeksha see this and gets tensed.

Sameeksha – “ Iam so sorry … come with me “.

She takes him to wash basin and opens the tap. She shows his palm under the running water. Dev closes his eyes due to pain. After a while , she takes a bowl of water and adds ice cubes to it .

Sameeksha – “ Keep your palm inside the bowl ..  it will help to reduce the burn “.

Dev – “ Sameeksha … it’s okay . I will do it . Please relax “.

Sameeksha – “ Iam extremely Sorry! Don’t worry .. “.

Sameeksha blow air over his palm.

Dev smiles.

Dev – “ I will take care of it. Please take care of my gravy please… I don’t want them to spoiled “.

Sameeksha goes to check it.

After a while,

Dev is sitting in the dining table. Sameeksha brings the food and place it on the table . She serves the food for both of them.

Sameeksha – “ Dev , how are you feeling now ?”

Dev – “ Its hurting.. a little bit “.

Sameeksha – “ Actually.., “.

Dev interrupts- “ No more sorry .. please! It’s okay . Taste the food and tell me if you like it“.

Sameeksha taste it . Dev looks her and waits for her reaction. She smiles. Dev relax .

Dev – “ Thank god ! It’s said that good food can conquer any hearts “.

Sameeksha stops it eating and looks him.

Sameeksha – “ You want to conquer my heart ? “

Dev – “ Yeah … we should turn friends atleast.. so thought “.

Sameeksha – “ Mmmm…. friends … impressive! “.

Dev – “ Do like it ?”

Sameeksha – “ Yeah .. it’s good not like you “.

Dev (naughtily) – “ So Iam better than my food … so sweet of you “.

Sameeksha – “ Don’t you feel embarrassed to boast yourself always “.

Dev – “ I didn’t boast myself but just said what you want to really say about but won’t say that due to your ego “.

Sameeksha – “ I can’t do anything.. you are totally crazy !”

Dev – “ It’s all because of your entry to my life “.

He smiles. Sameeksha looks him sternly.

She continues eating . Dev looks her with a smile.

(Ishq Mein Marjawan song played)

They finish having dinner the dinner.

After that they goes out to . His servant lights the campfire . Since it is too cold outside. He signs her to come . She goes there. They sit near the camp fire. They sit near to each other.

As she see the wood burning, she start to become uncomfortable but tries to hide it with a smile .

Dev – “ Sameeksha , thank you for helping.., Iam sorry for that coffee incident.. even though it’s wasn’t my mistake.. I should have checked the place before . I know that spoiled your mood “.

Sameeksha – “ Please don’t apologize for a thing which you are not responsible off . It’s not good . It gives an impression that you are really responsible for that “.


Dev – “ But .. “

Sameeksha – “ No need to explain.. I know you are not behind that incident. So case closed “.

They sit silent for sometime. Sameeksha looks into the fire . Dev observed her in between. Sameeksha’s eyes become moist. She turns her face to other side . She gets uncomfortable and emotional. But she tries to control it. Dev looks her but doesn’t see her face.

Dev – “ Is everything okay ?”

Sameeksha – “ No.. something got into my eyes .. Let me go in and wash my eyes”.

Dev – “ Show me .. “

Dev makes her turn towards him . Sameeksha blinks her eyes continuously to prove her statement.

Dev – “ Open your eyes .. let me see “.

She opens her eyes. He checks her eyes. Sameeksha clinch her palm in anger as he is checking her eyes.

Dev – “ I don’t see anything.. may be some flies touched near your eyes or else it can be any small particle which may have gone along with your tears “.

Sameeksha takes off her eyes from him and blinks it. She gets up immediately and Dev looks on. He gets up too .

Sameeksha – “ May be.. sometimes you can’t see but can feel after affect of something that happened…  Okay.. good night! Iam feeling tired .. I think I should sleep “.

Dev – “ Okay .. good night “.

Sameeksha goes to her room and locks it from inside. She sits on her bed and tears start to roll down from her eyes.

Dev is in his room. He feels restless.

Dev thinks- “ I saw something else in her eyes this time … felt like there is a storm in her eyes … there is something for sure ! My intuitions won’t cheat me “.

Dev looks at his burned palm.

Dev – “ Sameeksha is not giving me any clue … her reactions are so natural. What do you want in real .. if you are not Samika ? What brought you near to me ? It’s not a coincidence “.

He opens a drawer. He see Samika’s photo inside it. He takes it out . He looks it.

Dev says – “ Samika … Samika Kashyap … my dear wife !!!  You won’t let me live peacefully.. right ? Iam sure I will get a lead if I look back to past “.

He looks on.

( Fb :-

6 years ago, Shimla.

It’s early morning. Samika and her family is waiting outside their home . Dev comes in a car . He stops near them. He opens the front door while sitting inside. They looks on .

Dev – “ Samika , you get inside my car . Rest of you can get into the car behind my car “.

They see a car coming. It stops . Samika stands still for a moment. Dev looks her.

Mr.Kashyap – “ Is it necessary?”

Dev – “ I told everything before! Please don’t waste time and do as  I say“.

Samika gets into his car with a bag in her hand . She closes the door. She sits sadly. Her family members get into other car. Dev starts the car and start to drive . Dev follow the other car.

Samika looks him.

Samika – “ Can I ask you something?”

Dev – “What ?”

Samika – “ How could you do this all without any guilt? “

Dev – “ I don’t find it necessary to answer your silly question “.

Samika turns her face. Dev looks her. They remain silent. Finally they reach the railway station.  They get down.

She ask her family to go to the platform. Samrat takes them all in.

Samika opens the bag and gives him some files , dvd with cctv footages and phone.

Dev checks it while looks her family walking away. Her father and mother turns back and look her. They turns and walks. As her family walks into the railway station, she walks but Dev holds her hand from behind. She turns back.

Samika- “ Don’t worry, Iam not going to run away. I will come with you to police station . I just want to ask them to get in without worrying about me “.

Samika smiles at him . Her helplessness is evident from her face. Dev could sense her pain to away from her family and to take up a punishment for a crime she never did. He holds her wrist tightly. She looks him. He suddenly leave her hand . This surprise her. She doesn’t understand what he is thinking. He gives her a ticket and her bag.

Dev – “ Samika leave , you deserve to live peacefully. You need not take up that charges on yourself”.

Samika – “ What ?”

Dev – “ You are leaving this place with your family. I will take care of every mess in which I put you all in. If possible, forgive me for everything I did . Don’t waste the time, go !”

Samika was surprised to see Dev like that. She could see his regret in his eyes. She walked inside. She turned back and looked at him. Dev stood there with a smile, his eyes was moist. He was looking , as she walked away.

Samika looks for her family, but she couldn’t see them. She wears her shawl over her head , she covers her face partially. She looks for them. She feels scared. She looks around for them desperately. She gets a call from a private number.

Samika – “ Hello “.

A girl speaks – “ Oho , are you in tension? You couldn’t find your parents, right ?”

Samika gets shocked. The girl is Trisha.

Trisha smirks.

Trisha – “ Samika, are you a fool or behaving like a fool ? How could believe that Dev will help you to get your family out of the town? Don’t waste your time , come back to your home “.

Samika- “ Trisha… Iam telling you I won’t spare any of you if you dare to hurt my family “.

Trisha- “ So you know to raise your voice , Ha ? But poor luck , you are wasting your energy , Darling. If you do anything against us now you won’t see your family alive “.

Samika – “ No , you won’t do that “.

Trisha – “ If you want your family to be safe , do as I say . Come back. If you have any doubt you can check whether Dev is outside the station. See you soon!  “.

Trisha cuts the call. Samika go outside to check . She doesn’t find Dev nor his car. Her eyes gets filled with tears. She gets angry too.

Samika shouts – “ Dev!!! “.

Samika reach her home and she unlocks door. She gets in but doesn’t see anyone. She looks around.

She gets scared thinking about her family. Then someone comes out from a room. She turns to see the person. She looks the person and gets shocked.

Precap :- Dev holds Samika’s hand in anger and looks her. Dev – “ Don’t think to be oversmart, Samika “.

Roma Raichand chokes Samika  in anger. She pushed her and Samika falls on the ground. She looks up . Roma , Dilip, Dhruv and Daksh is standing around her.


Dev and Sameeksha is standing near a cliff. Dev – “ I want to share my bitter past with you… something that you never expect”. 

Sameeksha looks him.

Thats all for the episode. Please do give your opinions about the episode. 

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