Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Chapter 50 – Part2)

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Hey guys, here comes the second part of 50th episode. Thank you all for the wishes and support. Do give your thoughts about this episode.

Episode 50:- (Part 2 )

Shocking Revelations!

Goons tie them all to chairs including Samika and leaves them alone inside the house . But they remove cloth from their mouths. Raichands go out leaving goons to keep an eye on them. Kashyaps are worried.
Chotu (scared) – “ Will they kill us all ?”
Samika – “ No .. they won’t!”
Mr.Kashyap – “ When did you both did all this ?”

Mr.Kashyap – “ Samrat .. Samika .. what will we do now ? Will that person help us ?”
Samrat – “ There is no such person.., the only one I given those evidence was Dhruv.. “.
Samika – “ Bhaiyya.. I don’t know what to do .. everything got messed up. I thought that we will escape from here but … Iam sorry.. I made a mistake by believing him “.
Samrat – “ He is a cheat … you need not say sorry. Afterall you were going to sacrifice your life for all of us “.
Mrs.Kashyap – “ Samrat .. what are you saying? “.

Samika signs Samrat not to say anything but Samrat tells them everything.
Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap gets emotional.

Mr.Kashyap – “ Samika, my dear .. how could you think about sacrificing your life ? “
Mrs.Kashyap – “ Meri Bachi.. “.

Samrat – “ Actually our plan was something else… she made 2 copies of that all evidences and copied it to 2 memory cards.. one of which I given to Dhruv and other is with her only… she didn’t told me before but I had doubt . Thus we made this plan.
She kept one with her. She thought give this evidence directly during court trials after surrendering “.
Samika – “ Leave it .. lets think how escape from here .. now “.
Samrat – “There is a way “.
Samika – “ What ?”
Samrat – “ Samika, you will go with them . You have to take them to some crowded place and should make them caught there . You will give that memory card to that Inspector Shekar who agreed to help us “.
Mr.Kashyap – “ But how will she manage it , alone ?”
Samrat – “ Iam saying this because when a girl shouts people will gather .. we can use that to save all of us . Thus we can save us and get them arrested for their sins . Can you do that ? “.
Samika – “ Bhaiyya.. But how can I leave you all here ? “
Samrat – “ We don’t have any choice… this is our last hope … don’t worry about us … you have to un tie me before you leave … then I can un tie Ma, Papa and Chotu and we will get out of here … “.
Mr.Kashyap – “ This seems to be a better plan … Samika beta.. we can’t let them win… they will not spare us even if we hand over these evidence.. atleast we can try to escape and get justice to Maheshwar’s family .. promise me ..Beta you will do it “.
Samika – “ I promise! “.

They nods ‘yes’.

After a while ,Raichands come back . They ask about their decision .
Samrat – “ Will you spare our lives if we give them to you ?”
Dev – “ Yes, we will ! “
Samrat – “ Samika will take you to the person and will give you those evidences“.
Dilip Raichand – “ How can we trust you ?”
Samika – “ My family is here … what big guarantee do you want?”
Dev – “ Okay … I will .. “.
Roma Raichand – “ No .. Dhruv, you go with her “.
Then Roma Raichand points gun on a tied up Samika . Samika gets shocked.

Roma Raichand- “ If this is your plan to double cross us then you will not get a chance to live “.
Then Trisha unties Samika .
Dhruv nods .

Samika hug Samrat before leaving and looses his tie over hand secretly.

It’s night ,
She leaves along with Dhruv. They leave in a car . Samika gives him directions and Dhruv drives as she tells . Samika see a procession coming and see a house nearby .
Samika ask him to stop there and she tells him that she will get from person without creating any problem. She ask him to wait and she assures that she will bring it soon. She goes to that house and rings the bells. A man comes out and Samika ask him to give some water . Dhruv is waiting inside the car for Samika . He can only see her and couldn’t hear what she is talking. She then comes out to the road . Dhruv’s car is on the other side of the road. Just then a huge group of people of a procession comes .

As they leave , Dhruv get to see that Samika is missing. Samika gets into the procession to escape. Dhruv gets angry understanding that she fooled him.
Dhruv gets call from Roma Raichand.
Dhruv- “ Mom, she is missing “.
Roma Raichand- “ What ?”
Dhruv explains what happened.
Roma Raichand- “ Go find her … “.

Samika is in between the procession and puts her shawl over her head . She tries to hide . Samrat gets into his car to follows the procession .
Samrat reaches near to the procession then he parks his car on a side and gets down. He goes into the crowd to find her. He see a girl wearing same shawl as Samika’s covering the head . He goes and checks but it turns out to be someone else.
(Few moments before… Samika exchanged her shawl with some other girl and she left the place secretly)
Samika reaches a telephone booth and she calls the police officer.

He ask her to wait where she is , he is on the way . He agrees to collect evidence from her. Samika waits there , the police officer rushes to reach the place.
Samika waits for the inspector. Dhruv reaches the place looking for her . He looks around. Samika see Dhruv looking for her and hides . Dhruv reaches the telephone booth and he show her photo to the owner of the booth. He recognize her and tells him that she is there. Dhruv goes to check but by the time Samika runs away . Dhruv goes in search of her.

Samika reaches a lonely road . A car stops infront of her . Headlight strikes her eyes sharply, Samika stops . She closes her eyes with her hand. Then she looks and gets shocked seeing Dilip Raichand and Roma Raichand coming out from the car. She turns to run back but a car comes there and blocks the way. Dev and Trisha comes out of the car. Daksh comes there in a bike along with Dhruv. They get down. Everyone surround her .

Roma Raichand – “ I must say she is really daring .. she thought that she will escape“.
Dilip Raichand- “ Like brother like sister … She thought that she will loosen her brother’s tie and he will fight with us by then she will hide till they reach her… “.
Dev – “ That is her problem… in fact her family’s problem they have misunderstood us so much .. I feel pity on Kashyaps “.
Trisha – “ I thought that there is a limit for foolishness but these people has proved me wrong… “.
Daksh – “ What to do .. God did bad with her .. he gave her beauty but not brain.. “.
Dhruv – “Correction, She has brain but don’t know how to use it .. “.

Samika gets worried and scared. Then she notice that Dilip Raichand has wound on the left side of his forehead . They all eye her angrily. Samika look around to find space to run away. She tries to move but she collides with Roma Raichand. She hold her and gives a stern look to Samika.
Roma Raichand – “ Where are you going ?”
Trisha – “ You are planning escape again“.
Dev – “ Give us that evidence..Samika “.
Samika – “ I don’t have it “.
Dilip Raichand – “ Don’t lie… “.
Dhruv- “ I saw you talking to that person “.
Samika – “ I was just fooling you “.

Trisha gets angry. She holds Samika’s neck from the back.

Trisha- “ She won’t understand by words … tell us were are those evidences .. tell “.
Samika- “ No.. I won’t.. “.
Roma Raichand- “ Daksh , just show her the film.. he will speak “.

Daksh brings a tablet and opens a video. He comes towards Samika but Dev takes it from him .

Dev goes near to Samika. Dev shows her a video. Trisha leaves Samika. Samika looks the video as Dev plays it.

In the video- Kashyap’s are tied up on the chair but they are wounded. Samrat seems to be unconscious. Then some people pour kerosene around her house .
Samika gets shocked, Raichands smirks .

Samika – “ No… no .. you can’t do this. How could you hurt my family?“.
Daksh – “ We aren’t saints who won’t hurt people who hurt us .. Your brother dared to hit my Dad.. so he had to be punished “.
Dev – “ We can do anything… if you don’t give us those evidence… I will be forced to burn my sasural and my in laws”.

Dev smirks. Samika gets scared .

Dilip Raichand- “ We will give you just 5minutes , bring it “.
Roma Raichand- “ If you fail , your family will be burned along with your house “.
Samika – “ No! Please don’t be so cruel”.
Dilip Raichand- “You and your family is forcing us .. your time starts now .. “.

Samika gets panic and start to shiver. Dev shows her the video to make her more helpless. Samika gets helpless . Raichands smiles and they waits her to give the evidence being helpless. Samika closes her eye and she takes out pendant from her neck. She looks it and she forwards it to Dev . Dev looks it with surprise.

Samika – “ Open the pendant… “

Dev opens it . He finds a memory card inside it . Roma Raichand take it from Dev’s hand. Dilip Raichand smiles. Samika looks Dev with tearful eyes.

Dilip Raichand – “ Good, Samika ! You did a right thing for first time “.
Dhruv – “ So we are done … let’s finish all for now “.
Roma Raichand- “ You are absolutely right … Dhruv! Now we should not leave anything behind us “.

Samika gets shocked. She looks them and they smirks.
Dilip Raichand calls someone .

Dilip Raichand – “ Just finish them “.
Samika – “ No .. No ! You all told me that you won’t hurt my family if I give you the evidence “.

Dilip Raichand and Roma Raichand laughs .

Roma Raichand- “ Why should we leave threat behind us ? We will make promises but it’s we who decide whether we should fulfill them or not “.
Dilip Raichand- “ Kashyap family has to die for our safety and for our bright future“.
Samika starts to cry and she see Dev standing there with no expression.

She goes to Dev and pleads.

Samika- “ Dev, please let my family live… I will take the blame on myself… take me to the police station… I will confess that I did all those murders… but please leave my family… Please tell your family to spare my family… Please… Dev … Dev please”.

Samika hold his hand for mercy . Dev looks her but then he smirks . Then she gets to see someone setting her house on fire .

Samika (screams)- “ No… No !!! Don’t do that … “.

Samika catches Dev’s neck in anger. She looks him furiously.

Samika (angrily) – “ If my family die in that fire , I will kill all … Ask them to extinguish the fire “.
Dev – “ You can’t do that! “.

Trisha hold Samika and make her leave Dev. Dev tries to be normal , as Samika choked him . He looks her angrily. Trisha and Roma Raichand holds her back. Dev shows her burning house. Samika cries aloud seeing her family dying.
Trisha and Roma Raichand leaves her . Samika becomes totally devastated and falls on her knees on the road.
She sits silent for sometime, then she remembers her family. She remembers her promise to her father , that he will not get these Raichands escape from punishment. She looks them.

Dilip Raichand- “ What to do with this girl now ?”
Dev – “ Mental hospital cell is waiting for her , she will leave her life inside that cell”.

They look her her. Daksh keeps hand over Dev’s shoulder.

Daksh (sarcastically)- “ How cruel you are Dev ? You are going to let your beautiful wife be a mental person for lifelong … I feel pity on her .. “.

Samika gets up and pushes Roma Raichand , who was standing front of her. Roma Raichand falls down. Samika runs and Raichands gets shocked.

Dilip Raichand- “ Catch her , she shouldn’t be spotted anyone.. “.

They run behind her . Trisha and Dev leaves behind her in their car. Samika runs .
Samika (thinks) – “ They won’t able to escape.. I will not let them succeed. Before I die , I will get them punished”.

Raichands desperately looks for Samika. Samika runs as fast she could but she is crying thinking about her family’s tragic death.

She takes many turns to escape from getting spotted by Raichands. Then a car comes and hit her . Samika gets heavily injured and falls down . The car stops. Trisha and Dev get down from drivers seat and front seat respectively. Samika is bleeding heavily after the accident. Dev runs towards her . Trisha is smiling.
Dev sits near a bleeding Samika who is lying on the road.
Dev – “ Samika! “
Samika’s eyes are open and she is conscious but she bleeding heavily. She looks him with hate. Dev looks her emotionally. Trisha comes near to Dev and pats on his shoulder. Then his expression changes. By then Dilip, Roma , Dhruv and Daksh reaches the place.
Samika is in Dev’s arm. They look her as if they succeeded in their mission.
Roma Raichand (sarcastically)- “ Bye.. Bye .. Bahu !! “
Dilip Raichand- “ Be thankful that we are now sending you to your family members…. bye !”
Dev smirks & says – “ Ishq kabhi jaan lewa bhi hoti hain.. (Sometimes love can be fatal ) goodbye “

Samika ( in trembling voice )- “ Agar ek …bhi ..saans ..bach gayi meri…. toh .. Yaad rakhna… tum logon…ki… barbaadi meri haathon hoga!!! ( If I have a single breath.. then just remember this .., that I will destroy all of you) “.

She smiles and becomes unconscious.


It’s morning, the burnt house of Kashyap’s .

Sameeksha is standing there looking the burnt walls . Her eyes is filled with tears and anger.

Sameeksha – “ Yesterday, You were feeling hurt when some warm water fell on your palm.., then think how much pain did my family gone through when you burned them along with house … Dev Raichand and your family will suffer… I haven’t forgot anything… I will keep up my promise… You all made a mistake by leaving me on the road to die .. Iam here for your destruction..
I promise you Dev Raichand… I will make your life hell !! You will get to see my hatred that will cross all boundaries… Dev Raichand your count down has started the time when I survived”.

She gets flashes of past and gets more furious. She hits her hand on the wall.

Sameeksha – “ Suna tha pyaar mein rab hota hain , kiya toh jana pyaar yeh sab hota hain.. pyaar ne woh kiya mere saath jo kisi ke saath nahi hona tha .., ( It’s heard that there is god in love but when I fell in love got to know that these things happens.. love has done that to me which shouldn’t have happened with anyone)
This time I will show Dev Raichand how fatal can falling in love can be ! Samika is Sameeksha now .. Samika was helpless but Sameeksha isn’t… “.

In their cottage,
Dev gets up and searches for Sameeksha . But he doesn’t find her and he see the servant ( Raju)
Dev – “ Raju , did you see Ma’am anywhere?”
Raju – “ Madam , has gone out for jogging..that’s what she told me “.
Dev – “ Did she told where is she going?”
Raju – “ She didn’t told me “.
Dev – “ Okay “.

Dev gets worried.
Dev ( in mind) – “ Where did she went ? That too so early! “

Just then Sameeksha comes there with a smile .

Dev – “ Where were you ?”
Sameeksha – “Jogging and exploring the place a bit.. what did you thought?”
Dev – “ Nothing “.

They go in. Dev brings a cup of coffee for her and gives it to her. She takes it.
Sameeksha – “ Thank you… how is your palm now ?”
Dev – “ Its Okay “.

Sameeksha drinks the coffee. Dev looks her.

Dev – “ For us , this day will be special.. please get ready we have to go out “.

Dev goes to his room. Sameeksha gets surprised.

Sameeksha thinks – “ Your life will get interesting, Mr.Dev Raichand! “.

They get ready and leaves the cottage in Dev’s car. They reach a snow filled cliff.
” />
Dev stands there looking to an unseen end. Sameeksha is standing behind him.
Dev is silent.

Sameeksha – “ Dev , What happened ? Why are you so silent? “
Dev – “ Life doesn’t go as we plan , Sameeksha. This place is really close to me .. I mean Shimla.. This place has given me so much … I did my first independent project here..”.
Sameeksha thinks – “ I know you got many things by destroying my family and my life “.
Dev – “ My life changed from here .. some people brought a new person in me .., thus this place is really close to my heart .. that’s the reason why I brought you here”.

Dev turns to her and Sameeksha looks him.

Dev – “ I know , you are wondering why Iam saying these things “.
Sameeksha – “ Yeah .. “.
Dev – “ I want to share my bitter past with you… something you never expect “.

Sameeksha looks him with surprise.

Precap :- Dev and Sameeksha/Samika is looking eachother. Sameeksha – “ Life isn’t so simple… sometimes words can fall less infront of the action. I believe in deeds than words”.
Dev – “ What to do you mean?”
Sameeksha – “ I mean what I said “. Sameeksha smirks.

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