Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Special Promo )

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Hey guys , this is promo for the upcoming episodes – 49 & 50.  These two episodes are important that is the reason why I thought to add a promo for the same. Give your thoughts over the promo in the comment section. Thank you guys for your immense support. 


Turning point of the story !!!

Sameeksha and Dev at Shimla.

Wide view of Shimla . In car, Dev is driving the car , Sameeksha is seating in the front seat. Both of them look each other.


Dev – “ Yeh safar yadkar rahega”. (This journey will be a memorable one )


Sameeksha – “ Jab hum dono saath hain toh yeh safar ko dilchasp hona hi hain”. ( When we both are together, the journey has to be interesting)

They smirks.

Sameeksha and Dev is at coffee shop.

They are having coffee . They look each other intensely.

Dev thinks – “ Har Yadein taza hogi .. “. ( Every memories will be awaken )

Sameeksha thinks – “ Yaadein Taza Karne chakkar mein Tum ek yaad ban ke na reh jaye “. ( While trying to awaken old memories, make sure that you don’t turn into a memory)

They smile at each other.

They are at snow mountain.

Close up of Sameeksha .

She says – “ Har raaz se parda uttega“ .( All secrets will be exposed)

Flashes of Samika and her family getting attacked by Raichands.

Close up of Dev .

He says- “ Raaz ko bahar aana hi hain. Tum bach na paogi agar mere shak yakeein mein badl gaya toh.. “. ( Every secrets has to come out . You won’t escape from me if my doubts turn into true )

Sameeksha gets shocked seeing someone run away after being scared. Dev looks her .

Sameeksha and Dev sitting around a campfires.

Dev – “ Yahan kahani khatam bhi ho sakta… “ ( The game may end here too .. )

Sameeksha – “ Iss kahani ko khatam sirf mei hi karungi.. “. ( Iam the one who will end this game )

They smirks.

BG voice :- “ Ishq ka nahi .. yeh khel hain saazhish ki .. “. ( It is not a love game but it is the game of plotting )

Sameeksha standing close to Dev . They are looking each other intensely.

Flashes of past, Dev holding Samika angrily ;
Samika and Dev
Samika running on the road ; Raichands are searching for someone.

Sameeksha trying to close some box when Dev comes in. He gets doubtful.

BG voice – “ Jaan ka yeh khel roomanchak bhi hoga , har pal ke nayi chunoti hogi “.  ( This Game of life will be interesting, every moment will be a new test )

Sameeksha and Dev standing near the cliff end.  Sameeksha is standing behind.
Sameeksha looking at Dev angrily while Dev is looking far away.

( Ishq Mein Marjawan romantic tune played)

Dev holds Sameeksha in his arm as she slips . They look each other.

Background voice :-“ Kahani ki mod badl jayegi, jahan iss kahani ki shuruvat huyi thi “. ( Story will change it’s way from where it started )

Sameeksha and Dev look each other. Scene freezes.

Stayed tuned for the upcoming episodes. Episode 49 and 50  will be Special episodes.

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