Jee le zaraa…Live a little…RoshAn SS Part 2

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Jee le zaraa…Live a little…Part 2

Dedicated to Palchan2995 for giving a jodi name to Vivek Vanita-VivIta.
Dedicated to Piyali for giving a jodi name to Vivek Vanita-VanVek.

Vanita and Roshni were chatting. about your education?
Roshni:I completed B.COM.Uncle and aunt did’nt let me work.
Vanita:Do not worry about that.You work in our family company.Aman is also working there.

Roshni was very happy to hear it.
Roshni:Thank you so much aunty.

Roshni joined their company.Vivek introduced her to the staffs.
Roshni was working on the laptop.
Roshni:Oh no…why this is not working out?
Aman heard it and came near Roshni.
Aman:What is the problem Roshni?
Roshni:See this Aman.I am not able to solve it.
Aman:Don’t worry.I am there na.
He stood close to her taking the mouse in his hand.
Aman:See this…
Roshni was not able to concentrate as their close proximity was affecting her.
Aman looked at this..
Suddenly he got lost in her eyes.
They shared a romantic eye lock unknowingly.

They both came back to senses and broke the eye lock shyly.
Aman:Roshni…I know that I am handsome.Infact in college all the girls used to praise my attractive eyes.But if you stare at my eyes like this my precious eyes will fall down.
Roshni opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape.
Aman felt like laughing.
Roshni:Then what about you?You were also staring at my eyes.
Aman:Don’t blame if your eyes fall down.Because already your eye balls are bulged out.
They both ended up laughing.
Roshni:Aman…can I ask you something?
His heart beat faster.He looked at her deeply:Yes Roshni..ask.
Roshni:Can you please explain this again?
Roshni asked cutely:Please…I promise..I won’t ask this again.
Aman just smiled:Not just once..but ask me many times.It will be my pleasure to explain you again and again.
Roshni smiled:Why?
Aman:Because I like spending time with you.
They both smiled at each other.

After a few days…
Roshni remembered her parents and shed tears.
Roshni:Today is my birthday.I wish baba and Maa were with me.I miss you both.

Roshni took bath and came out.Suddenly she saw paper note and a cover on the bed.She took it and read.
“There is a dress in the cover.If you wear it I will feel nice..Aman”.
She smiled.She opened the cover and saw the dress.Her face blossomed.

Wearing the dress,she went out of the room.
She could not believe her eyes.
The whole house was decorated.
Vivek-Vanita sang:Happy birthday to you….
Roshni was overwhelmed.
Aman came from behind singing looking at her :Happy birthday Roshni…Happy birthday to you.
Roshni was surprised.Their eyes were locked onto each others.
Roshni:How did you all know that today is my birthday?
Aman:I was coming to your room and I overheard you talk to yourself.
Vanita:Roshni…we cannot replace your parents.But trust us.We will make you happy just like your parents.
Roshni became very emotional:I don’t know how to thank you all. is your birthday.Be cheerful.
Aman:Dad is right.You look prettier when you smile.
Roshni smiled.
Aman:That’s it.
She kept smiling.
Vivek:Cut the cake Roshni.
Vanita:I baked the cake specially for you.
Roshni was surprised:That’s so sweet of you aunty.
Aman:Trust me.Though mom is not a good cook, her cakes are not bad.
Vanita:Aman..your tongue…
They all laughed.
Vivek:The truth is that Vanita’s cakes are yummy.You will know that once you taste it.
Roshni smiled.
Roshni saw the candle fixed in the cake.
Roshni:Wow..the cake looks so beautiful.
Aman:As girls do not like to reveal their age I bought only one candle.So that you will not be sad about ageing.

Roshni burst into laughter.
Roshni:You are so funny Aman..
Aman smiled:Thanks for the compliment.
Vanita:Of course yes..our house is lively because of Aman.
They smiled.
Aman lit the candle.Roshni blew it out

and cut the cake.

She tried to feed it to Vanita.But Vanita made her eat it.
Vanita:How is it?
Roshni:This cake is too good because of the love you added in it.
Vanita was so touched by her words that she hugged her.
Everyone smiled.
Roshni fed the cake to Vanita,then Vivek.Then she moved towards Aman.Aman smiled.
He opened his mouth.She put the cake piece in his mouth with a smile.
Aman fed the cake to Roshni.
Aman:Happy birthday Roshni.Be happy always.
Roshni:I will be always happy Aman as I got such a nice family.
Aman smiled.
His phone rang.
Aman:It’s a client’s call.I will attend and come back.
Aman went to his room.
Vanita came near her.
Vanita:Roshni…did you like our family?You are happy here.Right?You can tell me honestly.You can share anything with me.
Roshni:I am really happy here aunty.I love you all so much that I don’t want to leave this house ever.
Vanita caressed her face happily.
Vanita:Then marry our son and live with us forever.
Vivek was surprised to hear it.
Roshni became shy.
Vanita:Otherwise one day you will have to leave this house as I will get you married to another Prince.
Roshni became dull.
Vanita:Just kidding Roshni.Marriage is the most important decision of our life.So don’t take any decision in haste.
Roshni was silent,but there was a smile on her face.
Vanita:No pressure from me.You don’t need to marry our son to be with us.Without becoming our daughter in law itself you are a part of our family.We will be always with you.
Roshni smiled.
Suddenly Vanita noticed Vivek standing alone.
Vanita:I will come now Roshni.
She went towards Vivek.
Vivek:These days you are not giving me enough attention.
Vanita smiled:Vivek…
Vivek:I praised your cakes before Roshni.But you did’nt give me what I want.
Vanita:But Roshni already fed you cake.
Vivek pulled her closer.
Vivek:But you did’nt feed me cake with your hand.
Vanita blushed.

She took a cake piece and fed him with his hand.He also fed her cake.
Suddenly somebody started hooting.They turned back.
It was Aman who was hooting.Roshni who was near him felt like laughing.
Aman:College romance in middle age.
Vanita was shy.
Vivek:Our love’s worst enemy is our own son Vanita.Since childhood he is like this.In childhood he used to cry whenever I tried to romance Vanita.I thought now we can romance peacefully as Aman is grown up.But his habits won’t change.Instead of crying now he hoots.That’s it.
Everyone started laughing.

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