Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag finds the papers

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Anurag saying I will convince my wife and get her for dinner. He goes to Komolika and says sorry baby, I just want to say, I talk rudely to you in anger. Komolika smiles. He says no use to lie now. She says you got sense now. He says yes, whatever I feel for Prerna, you have supported me as a good wife, you helped me in business, I got many projects, my reputation got better, thanks. She asks why are you saying this truth today. He thinks she is smart and will understand everything.

She says you are calculating, because I m smart. He says no, our relation is such, you will not understand, Prerna always misunderstands me, she wants to insult me. She says okay, you can talk to me, I came to call you for family dinner. She says I thought you will take me for date. He says fine, but we will have a family dinner together, they think you don’t want to dine with them. She thinks finally, you couldn’t get saved from my magic, when a man is sad, woman should hug him, I know he is hurt by Prerna’s words, so he got this big change. They go for dinner.

Kaushik calls Monu. Monu asks what are you doing. Kaushik says I m kidnapping you, there is a surprise. They leave. Anurag acts sweet to Komolika. Moloy thinks what is Anurag doing. Anurag says so much is going on, Rakhi went to London, I thought to have dinner together. Komolika thinks why is he doing this, but I will appreciate it. Anurag says my wife loves me a lot, what else do I want. Mohini, Nivedita and Moloy looks on. Moloy says we will have a drink. They go. Mohini asks how did this happen. Komolika says I told him that Prerna came to insult him, he can’t tolerate someone hurting his ego. Nivedita thinks no, he is planning something.

Moloy asks Anurag. He says I just wanted Komolika to be happy and planned the family dinner. Moloy says I can’t believe it. Anurag serves the curry to Komolika. He drops some curry on his pants. He says tissues, its not here, don’t worry, I will go and change. He asks Komolika to have food. Anurag goes. Nivedita thinks I m sure that he is after the papers, I know him, I can’t tell anything, else Komolika will doubt my intentions. Kaushik says we have come to college, its our responsibility to fix things. Monu tries to run. Kaushik stops him. Monu says I will stay here. Kaushik takes him along. Anurag locks the door and checks the folders. He thinks I had to tackle Komolika like this, I think Nivedita lied to me about papers, where are the papers, maybe I know. He checks well. Kaushik and Monu enter the college. Guard says something is wrong, but who will come at this time. Kaushik and Monu enter the college building. Guards come to check. Kaushik and Monu unlock principal’s cabin. Moloy says you stay busy in games, I mean your work. Komolika taunts him. She says I will go and get Anurag. She goes. Mohini argues with Moloy.

Anupam calls Nivedita. She thinks how dare he calls me after many years. Komolika thinks to keep an eye on Kaushik, Mr. Bajaj and Prerna will be shocked to know the children’s love story of Kuki and Kaushik. Anurag sees Komolika and his pic. He gets the papers from the frame. He checks the agreement. He thinks 51% stake in Bajaj city project, its Prerna’s signs, how can she be so stupid, how did she sign. He calls Prerna. She says how can you give away stake without any reason. Prerna goes to answer call. Shivani says Mr. Bajaj is calling you. Prerna thinks he maybe angry, he doesn’t know I did this for Samidha. She says I gave the big stake to Anurag, I didn’t inform him, he maybe hurt. Anurag thinks she isn’t answering, there will be some strong reason, but what, Komolika is doing again, I feel helpless, I will sort it out, I will not accept such fate, Prerna is mine.

Chandrika says Prerna’s daughter is alive, Sneha got saved from the fire. Komolika asks what. Anurag asks Nivedita why did Prerna sign the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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