Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Moloy slaps Anurag

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Prerna and Anurag arguing. She blames him. He says you are right, how am I right, did I ask you to worship me, girls get sensitive and come in my words, I tell them how much I love them and they agree, not everyone is smart like you. She says you will find someone now, you will get on roads. He says wow, you will get rich, can we make a new start, you love me a lot, I m ready, Prerna listen. She pushes him. She falls. He holds her hands. Tum na hue…plays… He makes her feel his heartbeat. She says don’t dare to touch me again. She goes.

Moloy asks Veena what is the matter. Veena says Prerna has managed her life with difficulty, she has much love, respect and faith on few relations, on you also, don’t talk about Anurag, I was always insulted and I had no problem, you are like Prerna’s dad, respect that relation, Prerna just got pain, she never got peace, I don’t want anything to happen that she respects you less, you understand it. He asks how did you feel that I m going to talk about Anurag. She says I m a mum and dad for children, you are worried for Anurag, he had tried to kill Prerna. He gets shocked.

Veena says on their marriage day, he had pushed her down the bridge, don’t defend him. She goes. Moloy gets angry and asks Kaushik to send Anurag to room. Mohini asks did you see Nivi. Anurag comes to Moloy. Moloy slaps him. He asks what did you do 8 years ago, what did you do with Prerna. Anurag asks who told you. Moloy says you tried to kill her, why, how could you do it. Anurag says listen to me. Moloy says you told me that Prerna left us to avoid the marriage, you lied, truth is something else. Anurag says I didn’t lie, I was wrong, listen to me. Moloy says don’t call me dad, I m going to police station to file complaint against you, I will ask Prerna why did she let you go, I thought you married Komolika to show Prerna that you don’t need her, truth is something else, I feel ashamed to call you my son. They cry.

Moloy coughs. Anurag gets water for him. Moloy throws the glass. He says I will go to police station. Anurag says I didn’t do wrong. Moloy says like you are my son, you tried to kill Prerna, she is like my daughter. Anurag says listen to me, it was imp, I can’t tell you. Moloy says you told me the story of thorn birds, I thought you are a thorn bird, you can end yourself in love, but you tried to kill Prerna, I m ashamed of you, I wish I had died in that accident. Anurag says no, I did that to save Prerna, if I didn’t push her and break her trust, she would have never left me, I had no option. Moloy asks why, tell me, will you lie again. Anurag says no, I didn’t do wrong, it was imp to do it, I m your son, you think I can do wrong, I will always worry for Prerna, I swear, don’t ask me why I did that, I can’t tell you, sorry, look into my eyes, you think I can kill someone, did you see me happy in 8 years. Moloy says no, I have seen sorrow in your eyes, but I thought you are missing Prerna, but truth is something else, you tried to kill her, tell me why.

Anurag cries and says sometimes, its right to let bring the truth out, trust me, I swear, I didn’t do wrong, my intentions were never wrong. Prerna comes there and looks on. Anurag says trust me, I swear, I worry for Prerna and will always do, I m your son. He cries. Moloy hugs him and cries. Prerna asks why didn’t you tell me. They turn to see. Mr. Bajaj asks what. Prerna says that you are coming back, I would have kept things ready. He says I thought not to do this business, something here stopped me, I can’t stay in London, its imp that I stay here. She asks what’s so imp. He says imp than my life, I will explain it later, I will change and wear something traditional. She goes. He says you are the most imp person in my life, I want to support you. Komolika sees Moloy and Anurag.

She asks what’s happening here, you said everything will get fine. Moloy taunts her and goes. She thinks they were crying, what’s the matter, Anurag is hiding something, but what. Kuki falls over Kaushik. Anushka says how do you fall always. She takes Kuki. Kaushik says she didn’t turn. Monu jokes. Kaushik says we are just friends. Monu says I hope I m not thinking it right about them. Anurag goes to attend call. Moloy thinks poor Prerna, she would have undergone a lot of sorrow.

Samidha says I want to get my mum and dad back. Anurag says you will meet them for sure. He hugs her and recalls his baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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