Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna dance

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Anurag hugging Samidha. He recalls Sneha and gets emotional. She goes. Shivani says I m not getting my engagement ring. Prerna says calm down, I will find it. Shivani says Ronit gave me that ring 7 years ago, I wasn’t sure and refused to him, he gave me the same ring, he kept it for 7 years and I lost it in two days, I m so stupid. Prerna finds the ring. Shivani hugs and thanks her. Prerna thinks she is so happy, I hope her happiness stays the same, I m thinking wrong about Ronit. Shivani asks won’t you dance in my Sangeet, come.

Moloy meets Patra and says I just thought of you. Patra adds some alcohol in the drink. He jokes. Moloy laughs. He asks from whose side did you come. Patra says Mr. Bajaj, but I met your daughter. Moloy says I have some work, will you help me, I have to find the truth. Patra asks what. Kuki and Anushka laugh. Anushka asks for something. Kuki gets juice for her. She says everyone was dancing so much. Anushka says I noticed that Kaushik was seeing you dance. Kuki says its fine. Kaushik comes and hides from them. He hears them. Anushka says I feel he loves you or he will fall for you. Anushka says you got mad, I can never like him, he can’t be my friend, I m leaving. Kaushik thinks she isn’t ready for friendship, what will happen if she knows the truth. Patra says promise, I will do my best, Anurag is like my son. He goes to attend call. Moloy asks Kaushik what happened, is he in tension, results came good. Kaushik says I m getting bored, can we leave. Moloy says we will go home together. Nivedita says I will call Mr. Bajaj. Mohini says he has come, he is there, he is seeing you. He waves to Nivedita. Mohini says go.

They see Mr. Bajaj talking to Prerna and Shivani. Shivani says I m very happy, how is Ronit working. He says his work is good. Shivani asks Prerna to dance for her sake. Prerna asks since when did black become a light colour. He says no, I didn’t wish to hurt you, I have worn the one you selected, your eyes show you are very happy. Prerna says its because of Samidha, I feel attracted to her, there is a connection between us. Shivani announces their dance and claps. Prerna asks Mr. Bajaj for dance. He holds her hand. Shayad….plays…. They dance. Anurag looks on and recalls their dance. Samidha smiles. Komolika says if we stay away, everyone will feel that we aren’t a happy couple, lets go dance, come. Anurag says no, I m actually hurt, carry on. Samidha hugs Prerna and dances with her. Mr. Bajaj goes on call. Apna hi apna…plays… Samidha takes Anurag for dance. She makes them hold hands and makes them dance. Moloy smiles.

Komolika says when I asked him for dance, he was hurt, he is fine when he has to dance with them. Nivedita thinks if Mr. Bajaj sees Anurag and Prerna together, then my chances to impress him will increase. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Samidha hugs Priyanka. They leave. Prerna goes. She thinks Samidha and Anurag, I felt I always wanted this moment. Mr. Bajaj says you and Samidha looked nice. She goes to Veena. Anurag sees her. Mr. Bajaj sees Anurag. Nivedita thinks I also want to talk to you. Komolika taunts Mr. Bajaj. She says you want to unite Anurag and Prerna again, you either blindly trust Prerna or you are much foolish. He asks her to mind it. She says you can’t see the truth, they call each other rivals and got comfortable on the dance floor. He says I just saw them dancing, you are insecure, sorry, there is no cure of doubt. He goes.

Prerna goes to Anurag. Her dupatta gets stuck to his coat. She gets hurt. He worries for her. He says I still love Prerna. Prerna asks what are you doing here. She argues with Anurag.

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