Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna get locked

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Mr. Bajaj asking Patra to get all info about Ronit. Patra thinks there are many secrets in their hearts, its my work to find the secrets. Prerna thinks Anurag, Sneha and I could have been together, but it was my dream, I wanted to spend my life with them. Samidha comes. Prerna asks did you eat sweets. Priyanka says she had it. Samidha jokes and laughs. She says I told Anurag that I m leaving. Prerna says we will meet again. Samidha says I will come, and goes.

Anurag passes by Prerna. Her dupatta gets stuck to his coat. Dil ki lagi….plays… Mr. Bajaj looks on. Prerna tries to remove the dupatta. Her finger gets hurt. Anurag cares for her. He says don’t worry, I didn’t intend such. Mr. Bajaj comes and asks are you fine. Prerna says yes. He takes her. Komolika looks on and takes Anurag. She asks are you dreaming for Prerna. She says I feel you were with Prerna, answer me. He says you can separate two people, but end their love, you created hatred in her heart for me, but I still love Prerna.

She says don’t forget she is married now, like you are married to me. He asks did anything change between us, you won’t understand, you aren’t a woman, loving someone and being close to someone are different things, I m glad that I still love Prerna, you can’t take her place, when she is in front of me, I can’t see anything, not even Mr. Bajaj, my eyes are looking for her, she is my first love and final as well, you would remind me the deals, let me tell you the deal, I will forget Prerna, she doesn’t love me, you had to marry me and come to my house, there was no condition that you reach my heart, you asked me to leave Prerna, there was no condition that I stop loving her, anyway, people are watching us, focus on your beauty, its Ronit’s sangeet, focus on it, okay wife…. He goes. She thinks I will have a problem with it.

Prerna says it was a small injury. Mr. Bajaj says I know, else you would have been in hospital, you got emotional for Samidha, I know your emotions for Anurag, if you express it then Anurag will take advantage of it, I can’t lose you now, I got you by much difficulty, I mean you got yourself by difficulty, I don’t want the old weak scared Prerna to come back. She says that Prerna is dead. Komolika sees them and thinks I m sure that she does some black magic, Mr. Bajaj is mad for her, he trusts her, its tough to break it, not impossible, if Anurag sees them close, then he can’t see it. She spoils Prerna’s dress. Prerna goes to clean it. Komolika thinks I have to send Mr. Bajaj to his room, so that he is there when she changes the dress, I will take Anurag there, I m so lucky to find Mr. Bajaj. She says Prerna was crying, something fell on her dress, she went to change, I don’t want Sangeet to spoil, I think you should be there with her. Mr. Bajaj goes to his room. Komolika locks the door. She thinks where is Anurag, I want him to see Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s romance. Mr. Bajaj asks are you fine. Prerna says yes, I m fine, I m cleaning my dress. He thinks why did Komolika say it, maybe she wanted to trouble me. She asks him to go, she will come. He finds the door locked. He knocks. Nivedita opens the door. He says someone shut the door. She says maybe some servant has done it. He thinks Prerna is in washroom. She thinks I need his time, Prerna should get locked here. He goes.

Komolika looks for Anurag. He goes upstairs. Mr. Bajaj gets a call. Nivedita thinks to shut the door so that Prerna doesn’t disturb them. Anurag goes to the same room. He uses the washroom. Nivedita shuts the washroom’s door and also the room’s door. Prerna asks what are you doing here. Anurag says I came by mistake. She argues. She finds the door locked. She says you want Mr. Bajaj to see us together, you did this intentionally. He smiles. She says you came to kill me.

He says I came here by mistake. She says you are lying, you planned to come here for revenge, yes. He says you think you have taken over my project, so I have come to bathroom to take revenge. She says you have lost, you made Kuki a target. He says no, I didn’t do it. She says accept it, I m saying the truth, I hate you, I feel suffocated. She knocks the door. He thinks I want her to hate me, I can’t tell her that I m helping her.

Prerna cries and says why did you snatch everything from me, you didn’t think of Sneha. Anurag hugs her. Komolika and everyone walk in. Mr. Bajaj says Mr. Basu…. and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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