Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Prerna’s unexpected revelation

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Kaushik saying I had leaked the papers using her phone, I used to feel guilty when I came in front of her. Monu says Kaushik wanted to save her. Kuki goes out and cries thinking of Kaushik’s words. Prerna hugs and consoles her. Kuki says I didn’t know he will do this. Prerna asks her to stop crying. Anurag says they both did mistake, rusticate them. Monu says no please, sorry. Anurag scolds them. Mr. Bajaj and Komolika look on. Mr. Bajaj says fantastic performance, your nephew was ruining my daughter’s life, you think one slap will reform him. Anurag says you are right, rustication won’t change him.

Komolika says relax, children make mistakes in this age, he is rectifying the mistake, he has care for Kuki, he was feeling guilty so he wanted to make it right. Anurag asks what benefit do you have, why are you behaving like this, shut your mouth if you don’t want me to publicly humiliate you. He says Kaushik is close to my heart, I will be hurt if he gets punished, but I want him to change. Mr. Bajaj says Anurag doesn’t know how to talk to his wife, he can’t handle children. Anurag says you shouldn’t interfere in our matter, you should have trusted Kuki, you accused her, she was just asking for Kaushik’s help. Principal says Anurag told me that Kuki is innocent, he knows her. Mr. Bajaj asks really, then why did you rusticate her. Komolika says they are just children, Kaushik likes Kuki. He says I had enough of this. He leaves.

Kaushik goes to Kuki and says I did this because I love you. Monu says he didn’t wish to do this, I blackmailed him, my friend was depressed, he wanted to commit suicide, I asked Kaushik to steal the papers, I did cheating, I had the papers copy, Kaushik wants to help you, he is guilty, I m the real culprit, I did this. Kaushik says sorry. Kuki asks him to leave. Anurag comes and asks him to go home. He says I have informed your mom, you better go to US. Prerna says don’t do this. She takes Anurag aside. She says I don’t know if you are aware, can’t you see, they love each other. Anurag asks what…. He sees Kaushik and Kuki.

He asks how do you know. She says I can see it, you look at them, Kaushik did that for love. He thinks like I did that for love. She says Kuki will realize Kaushik’s intentions, they are in love. He says we had love between us. She thinks I wish you did that for love. He thinks it was for love, I did that to keep you alive, to keep my daughter safe.

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