Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Priyanka reveals Sneha’s truth

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Anurag saying I didn’t know this, how shall I apologize to you, I hurt you so much, sorry, I misunderstood you that you want revenge on me, I thought what did I do, I didn’t know that you are in pain since years, now I know why you behave so rudely with me, why you get angry, I swear, I didn’t know, I thought Sneha… He cries. Prerna looks at him. He says I thought she is alive, she is in hostel, she is with you, you are hiding her, I came in Shivani’s sangeet to see Sneha once, I wanted her to call me Papa, I would have forgot the pain and hugged her in a second, you don’t know there is no day when I didn’t think of her, I always thought to tell her that I m her dad. He says sorry Sneha, I promised I will always protect you, I will do anything for your happiness, I couldn’t keep it, I didn’t know she won’t come back, I deserve it. Prerna hugs him. They cry. Kasauti…plays… doctor comes to them.

Kaushik gets Monu’s call. He answers. Monu says Anushka called and told me everything, how is Kuki. Kaushik says she slipped in coma. Monu says very sorry, your love will end before starting. Kaushik says no, I will love her always, even if she doesn’t respond, she will be my first and last love, I will always love her. Kuki hears him and opens eyes. She recalls talking to doctor. She says I m fine. He says I will give the good news to Anurag. Nurse asks shall I give the good news to Kaushik. Kuki says wait, tell him that I m in coma, I want to keep him away, I feel he is lying to me, if he loves me, he will wait for me, else not, truth will be found. FB ends. Anurag and Prerna come to see her. Kaushik thinks I can’t tell them that Kuki slipped in coma. He goes to call nurse. They ask how are you now. Kuki says I m fine. Kaushik goes to nurse and says Kuki’s mom has come, I can’t tell her that Kuki slipped in coma, can you tell her. Nurse says Kuki told me say that to you, don’t you know she isn’t in coma, listen to me. Kaushik feels bad. Prerna says I will drop you home. Kuki says I will go home with Anushka. Anurag calls Kaushik and asks what, you could have informed me. Kuki asks where is he. Anurag says he suddenly left for home. Nurse says I told him, sorry, nothing. She goes.

Prerna says I will send driver. Kuki says you go, I will go with Anushka. Prerna goes. Anurag says take rest. He leaves. Kuki thinks he knows that I want him away, he would feel bad. Kaushik thinks of her. Prerna comes to orphanage and asks for adoption papers. She says I have to adopt Samidha. Chandrika sees Priyanka.

Shivani takes care of Kuki. Kuki says I don’t like guys, since they think girls are timepass, I misunderstood Kaushik. Shivani says you love him. Anushka asks when were you going to tell me. She says you liked him and saved him for yourself, I m very happy for you. She hugs Shivani. Shivani thinks of Prerna and Anurag’s love story. Chandrika says sorry, but someone already adopted her. Prerna asks who adopted her, tell me. She says give me the number once, I will tell them that Samidha is like my daughter, Samidha and Sneha are one for me. Chandrika says I can understand, but now its not possible. Prerna says please, I plead you, I will give you money and property, anything, give me Samidha. Chandrika says please, its late now. Priyanka says Prerna can check the register if you can’t say. Prerna takes the register. Chandrika tries to snatch it. Priyanka asks Chandrika to leave it. Chandrika slaps her. Prerna sees Komolika’s name. She gets shocked. Priyanka says Komolika… She scolds Chandrika. Prerna asks what are you both talking. Priyanka says Komolika has separated your daughter once again, Samidha is Sneha. Prerna gets shocked. Chandrika worries. Priyanka says Samidha is your daughter, her name was changed in this orphanage, she is your Sneha. Prerna happily cries.

Komolika says Samidha is a lovely girl, she was getting emotional, so I got her. Anurag smiles. Nivedita says own blood is own. Komolika says Samidha is Sneha, Anurag shouldn’t know it. She gets shocked seeing Anurag at the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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