Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag cares for Prerna

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Anurag saying sorry. Samidha says it was Prerna’s mistake to blame you. She asks him to give a rose to Prerna. Komolika thinks I will lay thorns in Prerna’s life. Tera chehra hai…plays…. Komolika comes to take Prerna with her. Prerna signs Samidha and goes. Suman asks Samidha if she will have sweets. Samidha says I will have icecream, anything in excess isn’t good, not even fights. Anurag nods. He thinks there is no other option. Mohini asks Komolika to apply Anurag’s name mehendi. Komolika thinks to do it to make Prerna jealous. Prerna says I m seeing the mehendi designs. Suman asks for icecream bricks for kids. Prerna says I will go and see.

Monu says you don’t love me. Kaushik says I love you the most. Monu asks more than Kuki, its good if its a misunderstanding, you love Kuki, you tell her that I leaked the exam papers. Kaushik says I don’t love her, its just guilt. Kuki gets his broach and goes to give it to him. Monu says you are in love with Kuki. Kaushik says I called her, she isn’t a bad girl. Monu says my gut feeling isn’t wrong, I will go jail. Kaushik says no, we are Basus. Kuki comes. Monu asks him to be honest, he loves Kuki. Kaushik says yes, I like her. Shivani sees Ronit and smiles. Komolika messages him and asks him to just behave madly in love with Shivani. Moloy sees her and thinks why is she making faces, is she angry on Nivedita. Moloy thinks Ronit has got the message. Ronit goes to be with Shivani. He acts lovey dovey. Moloy looks on. Prerna gets hurt by a thorn. Anurag cares for her. He sees her wearing the anklet gifted by him. She says you are wrong, its nothing like that.

He says you are thinking wrong, just shut up. They argue. He says you had saved me at construction site, let me help. Kaushik says I thought Kuki is arrogant, she isn’t like that, Anurag has made me capable, I thought Kuki is spoilt, but she isn’t like that, I see sadness in her eyes, don’t know why, I can’t see her sad, trust me, I feel hurt seeing her tears. Kuki hears him and recalls their moments.

Ronit compliments Shivani’s mehendi. Suman and Kajal smile. Komolika thinks not bad Ronit. Kajal teases Shivani. She asks Ronit to wait for some time, he can praise Shivani after marriage. Moloy thinks Komolika messaged him to do this, so he is behaving like that. Ronit says I want to get S, Shivani’s initial on my hand to know how much she loves me. Suman writes S on his hand. Moloy goes to Mohini and says I want to see how much you love me. He asks the girl to apply mehendi to his hand. Komolika thinks old people get mad. Moloy says just one dot is enough. Mohini stares and says Moloy… He acts like Mohini. He says fine, its too much, shall I go. She says yes. He goes and shows his mehendi to Ronit. He takes Ronit’s phone. He says very nice and goes. Shilpa comes. Shivani goes with her. Ronit looks tensed. Komolika thinks what happened to him. Anurag asks Prerna to bear the pain and not act like Samidha, its poisonous thorn, trust me. Prerna screams. Anurag asks her to wait. He removes the thorn and says now settles are equal.

Anurag apologizes to Prerna. He says give me two mins, I will tell you the truth, why did I do all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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