Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Mrs. Chaubey asking Ranbir where is Maya? Ranbir asks her to see this way and tells that the Chandelier is really good, Maya told me that it is her favorite chandelier. He signs Prachi. Prachi thinks he might asking me to hide Maya and thinks how to hide her. Mrs. Chaubey says yes, it was Maya’s favorite chandelier. Ranbir then asks Mrs. Chaubey about the painting. Maya’s mother says it is her choice. Ranbir says the painter wants to convey some message through this painting. Mrs. Chaubey asks what he wants to convey. Prachi hides Maya. He picks Maya’s bridal dupatta and throws on Maya, but it falls on Prachi’s head. He hopes that Maya’s head gets covered. Ranbir gets shocked to see the ghunghat falls on Prachi. Mrs. Chaubey turns and sees her, thinks she is Maya and asks her to come. Prachi sits down behind the bed. Mrs. Chaubey asks why did you sit down? Ranbir tells her that Maya had an argument with him and taken a swear that she will not talk to anyone, you or me, until everything becomes fine. Mrs. Chaubey asks what did you swear Maya? Ranbir tells that Maya is doing right and tells that if she tries to break her fast, as she has taken second swear that if anyone tries to make her speak then her marriage will break. Mrs. Chaubey asks what is this swear and tells that she will slap her. Ranbir says how you will slap a other’s girl? He tells that she will be other’s girl after marriage.

Mrs. Chaubey says I can scold her right now. Dushyant calls them. Ranbir thinks she will get consciousness in 2 mins. She asks what do you mean? Ranbir tells that she has told me that she will break her marriage with me, if anyone tries to make her speak. Dushyant aims gun at Ranbir and tells that Maya always wanted to marry him, but he was he who wanted to ignore her. Ranbir gets scared. Mrs. Chaubey asks Dushyant to remove the gun and tells that Ranbir will marry Maya. She asks them to get ready and come out and goes with Dushyant. Prachi comes out and asks what to do? Ranbir says you have to marry me? Prachi asks have you gone mad? Ranbir tells that she has to marry him for sure. Mrs. Chaubey asks Dushyant why did he interfere between them and says such things happens between husband and wife. Dushyant says they are not husband and wife till now. He shouts calling Ranbir asking him to come out else he will kill everyone. Ranbir asks Prachi to marry him, else they will kill everyone. Prachi says I can’t marry you. Ranbir says you have to marry me and sit in the mandap until chief comes here, he will stop the wedding. Dushyant says I will count till three, if you don’t come out then I will kill you both. He starts the countdown. Mrs. Chaubey comes inside and asks Ranbir and Maya to come. She asks where is Maya?

Prachi comes ready in Maya’s clothes. Ranbir says Maya has agreed. Dushyant asks when you will come down. Ranbir says he will use the washroom and come. He asks them to take Maya. He messages Aryan and thinks thank god, you got two set of clothes ready. He says let’s wait and watch, marriage will happen. Aryan comes there and says Maya is here. Ranbir says your real bhabhi went to mandap. Fb ends. Ranbir thinks Aryan shall take care of Maya. Dushyant tries to take out the mobile, but the gun falls down from his pocket. He asks Mr. Chaubey to keep the gun. Mr. Chaubey asks Vikram to keep it with himself and take it as a gift. Vikram says I don’t need it, I don’t know how to use it. Ranbir asks him to take it, thinks atleast you will be safe. Pallavi tells Beeji that she would have taught him to fire the gun. Beeji says she wanted to make him businessman, but not the goon. Prachi thinks she couldn’t tell Shahana and Sarita behen, they must be searching me.

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