Kundali Bhagya 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: karan and Preeta are married again

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The circling is processing with Preeta walking in front of Karan, she relapses of the moment when she was married at her mothers hall, the Pandit asks them to sit as the circling is complete, they both sit in the Mandap for further rituals, Sameer wonders where Shrishti is as it has been a long time.
Shrishti is preparing the dupatta to tie the feet of Maira before she wakes up not knowing that Maira has already regained conscious and she hits Shrishti with a vase and tries to escape, Shrishti however does all that she can to stop Maira from going in the Mandap.
The Pandit asks Karan to place the Mangal Sutur in the neck of the bride, the ritual is completed but Kartika is not at all happy with it as she wanted Preeta to be the wife of Karan.
Shrishti refuses to let Maira go in the Mandap exclaiming that she will not let her ruin the life of Preeta her sister, Maira again hits her with a vase before running out of the room and locking Shrishti inside. She is hurt and thinks of what she can do so calls Sameer to come and help her, Sameer reads the message before running to help Shrishti.
The wedding is completed and the Pandit announces that they both are husband and wife, however Maira comes from behind saying that it could not happen, everyone is shocked to see that Maira is standing behind and they wonder who is behind the veil and has been married to Karan.
Sameer and Shrishti hear the scream of Maira, Sameer wonders what might have happened, Shrishti exclaims that it means that Preeta has been married to karan and the wedding has finished.
Dadi and Sherlin also reach the Mandap but are shocked to see Maira standing outside and wonder who is behind the veil, Maira is not able to control herself and so starts destroying the Mandap exclaiming that she doesnot want to believe this wedding and it should not have happened, Maira exclaims that she doesnot believe in this and so tries to hit Preeta but Karan hugs her, he protects her and himself gets hurt.
Sanjana exclaims to Ramona that she warned her that Preeta would ruin the wedding and she would not let them both married, Sherlin asks Karan if he knew Preeta was the one behind the veil, he hug her then he exclaims that when everyone was confused who is behind the veil, he knew it was her Karan says that he knows she was the one to do everything that she can to stop the marriage with Maira, she even tried to kill Maira in the hospital, he blames that Preeta is the one behind the accident of Mahesh.
Karan exclaims that she cannot be trusted and he can now trust a Nagin but Preeta cannot be trusted, Dadi asks karan to stop wasting his time because they all know what kind a girl Preeta is, Karina mentions that she always felt that Preeta cannot go lower but she always amazes her and now has gone a lot lower then their expectations, Karina towards Rakhi exclaiming that she always used to say that Preeta is an honest and true pe5rson and cannot do anything wrong so why is she quiet because Preeta has shown what she is capable off.
Preeta asks what has she done wrong as she has only married her husband twice, Karan raises his finger warning Preeta to not call him her husband as their wedding was only an act, Preeta thinks of how she heard Sherlin and Maira planning to kill Mahesh, she thinks that everyone is educated in the Luthra family even then they cannot see who is wrong amongst them, Preeta starts crying, Shrishti says to karan that Preeta is the wife of Karan and if anyone insults her then they would be insulting him, he exclaims that she is not his wife as she has deceived him, Shrishti mentions that he also married her by deceiving them all and it is said that a wedding only happens when both the families are present so they once got married in front of their family and now have married in his house.
Maira calls out to her demanding that she shut up as she cannot talk to karan like this, she goes to the Pandit demanding that he announce this wedding as void because no one would believe it anyway, and they all know that Mahesh uncle is in this condition because of her and she was the one to orcastrate the kidnapping of Rishab Luthra, they should all wonder what she can do when she is walking freely.
Rishab mentions that she should stop blaming Preeta because both blame, she is putting on Preeta is not true, Karan asks him to not talk in front of him as it is the matter of his life, Rishab mentions that this is why he ahs to speak today, Karan holds Preeta’s hands mentioning that she should witness that both of them have gotten in a quarrel because of her, Rishab asks him to leave her hand but when he refuses Rishab is about to slap Karan however Preeta stops him mentioning that he should not speak in this matter if he values their friendship.
Dadi asks Preeta to emotionally blackmail them and stop crying as it is not helping her, Shrishti asks Rakhi why is she quiet and not saying anything when her family is blaming Preeta, Dadi asks Shrishti to stop talking as she is the elder of this house and if she again talks in between then she would be scolded by her.
Shrishti says to Preeta that if she has married Karan then there would some agenda behind it, Karina says that she is true for the first time as her sister has an agenda and it is to get all their wealth, Dadi also agrees with Karina exclaiming that she also believes Preeta desires all their money.
Prithvi is in his house thinking what he has done because Sherlin is ticket to all the wealth and he should call to calm her down, he however thinks that she might be angry so he would wait for some time.
Maira starts blaming Preeta exclaiming that she only desired to marry Karan and knew that Preeta would not let it happen which is why she wanted her out of the house but not Preeta has ruined their wedding and she only wants the wealth for which she even sent the notice, Preeta gets shocked and mentions that she never sent any notice which leaves everyone confused, even Rishab looks at her with amazement when she mentions that she never sent any notice.

Precap: Dadi asks karan to hold her hand and take the circles and end the marriage, Preeta pleads with karan to not do this as she wants to stay in this house, Karan exclaims that he also wants that she remain in the house with him.

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