Lockdown Ki Love Story 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Defends Sonam

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Sheetal Bua defends herself laughing at everyone that people crossleg themselves by mistaake and fall, even if they find someone doing it by mistake, they cannot send her/him to jail, etc. Sonam tells Pratham that he wrongly alleged Dhruv and asks him to apologize. Dhruv says its okay as Pratham was concerned as a father and apologizes Sonam for all the mishap. Shashikant says more than saying I love you, saying sorry is more important, all well that ends well. Ankita says she will prepare dosa for everyone as a treat. Dhruv’s friend says he will not go without having dosa.

Bua provokes Nutan that her plan failed and instead of separating, they reunited; now see what she will do. Everyone sit in a living room. Batasha serves tea to everyone. Bua starts her drama and says everything is good so far, in future anyways Sonam and Dhruv will stay in Mumbai and not serve old parents. Drhuv asks why is she raising the same issue. Bua says wherever she goes, she tries to solve the issue, it is clear Sonam will not stay in Prayagraj. Dhruv says he will answer this question; if this kind of situation arises, he will stay in Prayagraj and serve his parents seeing his career also doesn’t affect, he has promised Sonam that he will not force her to sacrifice her career as its her childhood dream and he will not break her childhood dream. Bua says why should he sacrifice and not Sonam, she has to clear it right now. Sonam walks to them and says she and Dhruv will together serve paa and maaji and problem will be solved if they support her like they support Dhruv and consider her as daughter. Bua continues provoking and says Nutan sacrificed her life for this house and served family whole life, everyone want to know if Sonam can do that. Pratham says even he agrees with Bua and he will not send his daughter where she has to sacrifice her career and dreams.

Dheeraj asks everyone to stop as he is also alive to serve his parents. Shashikant stops him and says even he wants to know Sonam’s decision, like Dhruv is supporting his partner, even he has to support his partner. Bua signals Nutan next. Nutan says Sonam has to decide whether she has to become daughter or not with her decision, etc. Dhruv says a few people have problem with Sonam, so Sonam will return to Mumbai after lockdown; he will marry no one else than Sonam, he will serve his parents his whole life alone and will never marry, that is his final decision.

Nutan angrily walks to her room. Bua follows her and asks how was her plan; Sonam may be highly educated, but she cannot win over her, now she will return to Mumbai; Nutan has to think how to break this alliance as soon as possible. Nutan says she is waiting for same. Bua describes how she crosslegged Sonam and made her fall and rest of the incidents and asks Nutan to praise her. Door opens, and they both stand tensed.

Precap: Sonam says dhruv when he considers her parents and
his parents same, like apologized her parents, he should apologize his parents. Dhruv apologizes Shashikant, but he is busy hearing music. Sonam confronts Bua asking why she crosslegged and made her fall.

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