Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Apologizes Shashikant

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Sonia enters Nutan’s room. Nutan and Bua get tensed seeing her and asks why did she come here? Sonia says she came to pick her mobile and leaves with mobile. They both relax and thank god that Sonia didn’t hear anything. Subhadra walks to Sonam and informs that Sheetal Bua crosslegged her and made her fall. Sonam angrily asks to Bua and asks why did she crossleg her and made her fall. Bua nervously asks who told her, she didn’t. Sonam says her mom heard their conversation. Other family members gather. Bua denies repeatedly. Sonam crosslegs her and makes her fall saying her leg casually fell on Bua and Bua fell like she fell with Bua’s leg. Nutan asks what did she do. Sona makes her also fall. Subhadra realizes it was her imagination and thinks if she informs Sonam about Bua’s scandal, she will take revenge, so its better she keep silent. She says she just came to check on her and walks away.

Dhruv comes to change Sonam’s dressing. Sonam insists him to first apologize his parents for his misbehavior and then change her dressing. Dhruv hesitates. Sonam says he looks s*xy with the 3 lines on his forehead when she gets tensed. Dhruv smiles. She finally convinces him and takes him to living room where Shashikant trashes Dhruv’s friend with slipper. Dhruv says he loves him a lot and apologizes for his mistake. Shashikant stands silently. Dhruv continues apologizing Shashikant. Shashikant gets Bua and Nutan’s video on his mobile, he fixes ear phone and hears their conversation. He then says until he is alive, only his decision matters in this house, so he wants this issue to stop right here. Dhruv and Sonam get happy hearing that. Shashikant tells Dhruv that he spoke a lot, but he is forgiving him.

Tanya informs Subhadra that Nutan forced Ankita to have green chilli for her mistake. Subhadra gets worried and says she doesn’t want Sonam to face same situation, even she saw something. Sonam enters and asks what did she see. Subhadra informs that she heard Bua informing Nutan that she crosslegged Sonam and made her fall. Sonam walks to Bua and hugging her asks why did she make her fall. Bua gets nervous and asks who told her. Sonam says her mother heard their conversation and asks the reason. Bua nervously says Sonam was about to break her wedding, so she was heading towards her to stopped, but slipped and crosslegged he; because of this Sonam’s alliance didn’t break. Sonam says she should change her dressing daily as a punishment. Bua says acts, but Sonam gets adamant and says they are friends now. Bua somehow changes dressing. Sonam shakes hands saying they are friends now and she will make her fall if she tries again.

Precap: Nutan asks Pratham to break the alliance and take his daughter from here. Sonam hears their conversation and confronts Dhruv that his mother doesn’t want them married. Dhruv says only he is insisting for this marriage, so let us cancel it.

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