Lockdown Ki Love Story 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam Panics Hear About Lockdown

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Dhruv and Sonam’s family watch Modiji’s 21-day lockdown announcement from 12 midnight tonight and stand tensed. Sonam asks if her prewedding and wedding shoot and rituals in whole Prayagraj will not happen? She starts crying. Dhruv and whole family rush to her. Her mother Sumitra says this is just a lockdown, she need not worry. Her friend also consoles her. Nutan tells Sashikant that this duty will be theirs soon. Sashikant says Sonam is tensed. Dhruv tries to cheer up Sonam. Sonam says all her relatives and friends have booked their tickets from US and she is dieting since 2 months to fit in her favorite designer lehanga, how will Dhruv know her feelings as he never diets. She stands up and shows her waist. Dhruv and his family feel shy noticing it. Nutan taunts Sashikant again. Sashikant tries to cheer her up next. Sonam says her lehanga was pink, what if someone copies her design; how would Nutan maaji feel if her wedding is stuck in this kind of situation. Nutan comments in her days, this wouldn’t have been such a big issue and they used to respect elders. Dhruv asks Sonam to stop now as lakhs of people marry in our country and even their wedding is stuck, like them even we will do something. She says her wedding is very important to her and walks away crying. Dhruv stands fuming. Dhruv’s brother pours water on Dhruv’s head and says there was no need to react like this, he should go and console Sonam now. Dhruv walks towards Sonam’s room. Sashikant asks Pratham to go and rest with his family and takes Nutan to their room to chat.

Sashikant takes Nutan to their room and says they should let Sonam’s parents stay in their room. Nutan says what is the need for that, anyways Sonam and Dhruv have fought, if Sonam’s family starts traveling now they will reach Mumbai by evening. Sashikant scolds her and says they should respect son’s in-laws, so he and servant Batasa will sleep outside while Nutan can sleep in servant’s room. Nutan shouts why should she sleep in servant’s room. Sashikant says she has to do it for her son. She picks jewelry and says all her jewelry is in this room, he didn’t even fix strong locks. Sashikant says Pratham’s one month’s salary is more than her total’s jewelry’s cost, so she should trust people. On the other side, Pratham also throws tantrums and says let us cancel this wedding and return to Mumbai. Sumitra warns that nothing of that sort will happen. Daughter also backs Pratham and says this family is too downgrade for Sonam. Sumitra scolds even her.

Sonam in her room chats with her friend and says she is designing her wedding lehanga since she became designer and its very important to her. Dhruv walks in calling his friends and ordering them to search all designer lehanga shops in whole Prayagraj and bring the best lehangas and lock the one Sonam likes and not let the design copied till wedding finishes. He then walks to Sonam and consoling her apologizes her. She calms down. Nutan calls everyone for lunch.

Both families gather at dining table. Ankita serves food to everyone. Sonam says she will serve, Ankita can sit. Sashikant asks Sonam and Ankita to join them and enjoy Nutan’s prepared matar paneer which is world’s best and stars praising Nutan. Nutan feels shy. Sonam asks Ankita again to go and sit with her husband. Nutan says in their culture, wives have food only after husbands. Sashikant says she is right. Sonam asks why is that so, having food together will increase their love for each other. Sashikant says she is right and insists Nutan to sit with him and Ankita/Sonam to sit with their life partners.

After dinner, Pratham and Sumitra occupy Sashikant and Nutan’s room. Sumitra tries to switch on AC. Pratham says it will not work like this family, so its better to cancel this wedding for their daughter’s betterment. Sumitra warns him that she will not cancel this wedding as there is lots of love between Dhruv’s family which their family lacks.

Precap: Sonam and Dhruv meet on terrace. Whole family gathers hearing sound and thinking a thief has barged in. Sashikant rushes with gun, they are all shocked seeing Sonam and Dhruv together there.

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