Lockdown Ki Love Story 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Nutan and Pratap join hands

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Sonam talking to Milky and laughing. She says you have interesting stories. Milky says I had come to take dad’s inhaler, I will go, Dhruv didn’t invite me, I shouldn’t be here. Nutan says you won’t go anywhere. She asks Hulchul to send the inhaler. Dhruv asks Milky to sit and not argue with Nutan. Dhruv and Sonam’s haldi goes on. Everyone is happy. Sheetal says Dhruv and Milky would be a good pair. Nutan says yes, Milky is BA pass, she is good natured and pretty, I also want to match them, but its better to accept Sonam, I promised Dhruv. Sheetal says but I didn’t promise him. Nutan asks what are you saying.

Sheetal says if Dhruv marries Milky than Sonam then… Nutan asks how will this happen. Pratap says I wish to stop this marriage, how do I save my daughter. Sheetal and Nutan come. Pratap gets angry seeing Nutan and argues. He says you know I don’t like this marriage. Nutan asks what happened now. He says I don’t like you people and your lifestyle. Nutan says I also don’t like you all, I just agreed to Dhruv, Dheeraj is smarter than him, he married the girl of my choice, he got a good wife. Sheetal says your fight is same, why don’t you join hands and fight together, then you will win. He asks what can we do now when everyone is ready for the marriage, something can happen if anyone falls ill or dies. Sheetal says like your wife was dying. He asks what nonsense. She says I m joking, Dhruv should marry Milky, not Sonam. He says the girl who came in haldi.

She says yes. He asks how is this possible. Sheetal says I will handle it, join hands now. Nutan says no, it will be wrong with your brother. She asks Pratap to help them in stopping the marriage. Pratap says I m with you in this, you also make sure the marriage stops. Sheetal says the bride’s dad and the groom’s mum, both want the same thing, now I shall stop the marriage, Dhruv will marry Milky. He asks will Milky agree. She says its my work to convince her, you both just stay determined, I will manage the rest. She smiles. She goes to Milky and stops her. She says I have seen you since childhood, you love Dhruv, right, I know it. Milky says what can happen now, he is marrying Sonam. Sheetal says just think if he marries you. Milky asks her not to joke.

Sheetal says I know you are the right girl for Dhruv, maybe his mum also thinks so, you just stay in this house, I will ask Batasa to get your clothes and stuff, Nutan will inform your family, leave everything on me, I will complete your love story, support me, I will get you married to Dhruv, do you agree. Dhruv asks Amber to keep his stuff, he will manage. Dhruv makes his bedding on the floor. Amber says Sonam will not leave me now. Dhruv says its fine, just do your work. Sheetal and Milky look on. Sheetal says Dhruv won’t change soon, he is still the same, I want his wife to be rooted too. Milky asks but how will this happen. Sheetal says leave it on me, where will you sleep. Milky asks for Sonam’s sleep. Sheetal says you want to kill her, right. Milky says no, I want to see what did Dhruv see in Sonam. Dhruv says I m doing a tapasya, I want to lie on the ground and have a mannat, you are seeing the troubles in the families, I don’t want the marriage to break. Amber looks at him.

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