Lockdown Ki Love Story 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam-Dhruv’s Wedding Plans

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 5th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Pratham fumes shouting its too much, how dare Dhruv’s family is to test Sonam’s tea making and cooking skills, they are uncultured, etc. Subhadra asks Dhruv loves Sonam and cares for her and even Sonam chose to live in this house, that is more important. Pratham says love is nothing in life. She says he would say same as he never loved her as a husband and she is deprived of love her whole life, but as parents they want to see their daughter happy, so what problem he has. She gets her friend’s call who asks if Sonam’s wedding is postponed, etc.., and gets busy chatting in fake accent.

Dhruv’s friend calls him and inform him that Batasa spread the new everywhere that Dhruv’s would be wife doesn’t know to even prepare tea. Dhruv asks him to punish Batasa and asks where all he went. Batasa says only 1 place and requests to spare him this time. Sonam walks in and seeing Dhruv tensed asks reason. He says Batasa spread the news about her not knowing to prepare tea. Sonam says it doesn’t matter as when his family knows about it, let whole city know. He mimics in a funny style that people will taunt amma that her bahu doesn’t know to even prepare tea, one needs to have good fate to get good bahu. Sonam laughs.

Tanu walks into kitchen and searches ingredients to prepare salad for herself. Ankita asks her to rest while she prepares salad for her. Tanu yells at her not to call her ji as she feels old, they are of same age, so she can call her by name. Nutan with Sheetal Bua walks in. Tanu leaves. Sheetal provokes Nutan that Ankita is impressed by Mumbai people and wants to imitate like heroine. Ankita says she is thinking wrong. Nutan asks why did she help Sonam then instead of her saas. Ankita says Dhruv requested to help Sonam. Bua continues to provoke Nutan that her elder bahu is also not under her control. Ankita says she always stand by her family. Nutan says she will test her then and says she has to close her eyes and eat whatever she feeds.

Shashikant hears Pratham cancelling wedding planner services who is charging 25% deduction as convenience charges. He panics and asks to give him wedding planner’s number, he will force him to return money. Drama ensues. Pandit calls him and informs that there is no wedding muhurat in 2020, so they have to postpone wedding even after 2020. He calls whole family and informs same thing. Pratham gets happy. Nutan holding Bua’s hand smirks reminiscing ordering Pandit to do same and starts her drama. Subhadra says let us perform simple wedding then. She tells that she has many dreams about her son’s wedding and wants to see all the rituals. Bua continues provoking her and he continues her drama to break the wedding plan.

Precap: Sonam informs family that she will marry on the same date in Church, she doesn’t have to worry about rituals and just have to get white dress. Nutan angrily asks Dhruv if Sonam has gone mad or ate something wrong last night.

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