Lockdown Ki Love Story 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Stands His Ground

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Lockdown Ki Love Story 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

Sonia sees Amber struggling to fix his charger in electric port and helps him. He says thanks. Shashikant walks to Pratham and to entertain him says in lockdown he is sitting so seriously, let us play ludo. He asks Batasha to bring ludo board. Pratham says he just plays golf. Shashikant says in lockdown he will not find golf course, so he has to spend time with ludo. Pratham says he speaks a lot. He started his work as a scrap merchant and used to get scrap in exchange of Ramras. He demonstrates loudly, then show how he used to sell plastic items, then he set up small plastic factory. Nutun, Sheetal Bua, and Dheeraj rejoice seeing his excitement and happiness and say he reminded them of old days. Pratham stands fuming. Shashikant pushes him on chair and starts playing ludo. Dhruv with Sonam brings tea and says Sonam prepared it today without help. Sonam serves tea to everyone and asks Shashikant how is it. Shashikant says it will be very tasty if she has prepared. Everyone sip tea and make weird faces. Shashikant says its amazing. Nutan says it has less sugar. Shashikant says if she wants to enjoy tea or juice, if juice then she can add extra sugar. Nutan sits fuming. Sonam tells Dhruv that she is getting late for work from home and leaves giving him flying kiss. Dhruv catches it. Nutan angrily looks at him.

Shashikant says he has 2 grown up sons, one is married and one is about to marry, he is living a king’s life and feels he is enjoying in heaven; he is sure his children will be with him always. Discussion continues Pratham asks what if Dhruv has to choose between career in Mumbai and parents here. Dhruv says he will leave work and will stay with his parents. Bua also backs Pratham and asks Dhruv if he will choose his career or parents. Dheeraj says he will be always with his parents, so Dhruv doesn’t have to sacrifice is work and can visit Prayagraj anytime he likes. Bua asks not to support his brother and insists Dhruv to reply. Dhruv says obviously he will leave everything and will be with his parents. Shashikant says this is his sanskar/upbringing, he knows his children will never ransack him, even he will not force them to sacrifice their career and happiness for him.

Amber sees his phone battery draining and rushes up to Sonam’s room. Sonam is busy working when he informs her that there is a lot of problem here, but she has to stay in Prayagraj forever sacrificing her job. She twisting his ear asks who said this. He says Dhruv. She walks down to Dhruv and asks if he told they will sacrifice their job and career and will shift to Prayagraj. Dhruv nervously says he was just clearing his parents’ doubt, it is future and not sure about it. Sonam says their present will decide about their future and reminds him about their decision. She goes into flashback where she clears him that she wanted to become fashion designer since childhood and she loves her career; in the future if his parents get old, they will bring his parents to Mumbai instead of sacrificing career. Dhruv says of course. Out of flashback, Sonam asks how can he say this. Bua says it is future, but will Sonam also sacrifice her job and stay here. Shashikant says when Dhruv can sacrifice his job, he will ask Sonam also to sacrifice her job. Sonam says she loves her job and will not sacrifice it, she and Dhruv will serve them in Mumbai and they have to shift to Mumbai with them. Dhruv says nothing of that sort will happen, why is she speaking rudely with bauji. Sonam insists him to answer him. He says he doesn’t want to.

Precap: Dhruv says they will not discuss about it. Sonam insists to answer her. He says he doesn’t want to and walks away. Sonam slips and falls on glass table breaking it.

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