LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 10

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CHAPTER 10: Kapoors

Romi was sitting near the window…. Today was her Tia Di’s wedding with the Shivaay Singh Oberoi…. Her Di was so excited for this wedding…. The smile on her Di’s face flashed in front of her face…. Tears flowed from her eyes…. Her Di was everything to her…. She meant the world to her…. From childhood she had spent all her time with her Di…. Her Dad’s sudden death had left the family devastated…. She was too small to understand that pain but she knew her mother and sister had suffered a lot…. Her mother had worked day and night to keep the family going and made Kapoors a well-known name…. Her Di was her family, her support and her lifeline throughout her life…. She could not imagine a life without her…. And now she was going to live her entire life without her Di…. When she had seen her sister lying lifeless in the pool of her own blood, Romi had felt her own life being sucked out…. She could not come in terms with the truth…. That her sister was not with her anymore…. A void had been created in her life and no matter what happened, this void could never be filled….

She was lost in her thoughts when the door opened and her mother entered the room…. Her mother looked unaffected by her sister’s death…. There were no traces of grief on her face…. No signs of any tears…. She had only mourned for her daughter’s death in front of the Oberois to seek their sympathy…. Her mother never expressed any love or care for them…. Throughout their lives she had used them for her own benefits…. Tia’s marriage with Shivaay was a deal for her mother…. She had put her daughter for trade…. After the wedding they were going to sign a deal…. A deal that would bring them huge profit…. But her Di’s sudden death had failed all her plans…. She wasn’t sad at losing her daughter but sad at losing the deal…. The money that they could have got was now all lost…. Her mother had said what not about Tia…. She had called her useless, not worthy and what not…. She felt immense rage when her mother had uttered those words…. When she raised her voice and stopped her mother…. All she got was a tight slap on her face and words that pierced her heart….

Mrs. Kapoor: For how long are you going to sit like this?

Romi: Mom, I miss Di. Why are you saying like this?

Mrs. Kapoor: That Tia has already proved that she is good for nothing and now you too are following the same path. Just leave all this mourning and help me in finding a new way to trap these Oberois. I cannot lose this deal and that money.

Romi: Mom, how can you talk like this, it has hardly been a day since Di’s death and all you care for is money and that deal.

Mrs. Kapoor: Shut up Romi, I don’t believe that being my daughters you both have no brains at all. That Tia was already a failure and now you too are the same. God knows how I got you both.

Romi: Mom….

Mrs. Kapoor: Don’t make me angrier with your nonsense talks. I already have given you too much freedom but now no more, you’ll do as I tell you, and we have to convince the Oberois not to back out from the deal.

Not waiting for Romi’s response she started thinking of ways to keep the deal still intact…. She had worked hard to convince the Oberois for the alliance as well as the deal…. With Tia’s death the alliance had no meaning left but the deal had to be kept going…. If this deal failed they would have to face huge loses…. They had already put in a lot of money for this wedding that had served nothing in return…. She couldn’t let even a penny get wasted now…. She had worked hard to make Tia an Oberoi bride but now all her efforts had gone in vain…. She had thought her daughter would become Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife and rule the Oberoi empire…. But Tia’s death had turned everything around and now that could not be achieved…. However she could still work hard to keep the deal intact….


Shivaay was sitting in the meeting room…. His attention was not on the presentation that was being presented but on Anika’s words…. “You have to trust me Shivaay, only then we can get through this”…. Her eyes were making him feel something, something he did not understand…. She was right that he had to trust her…. But how could he trust her…. He did not know her…. She was his friend’s sister for him…. How could he trust someone he did not know…. He closed his eyes and her eyes flashed in front of him…. Those hazel brown eyes were bringing some unknown feelings in him…. He could not let this happen…. She was his lawyer and working for him…. They were sharing a professional relationship and he had to keep it at that…. He could not let her wander in his personal matters…. He stood up from his seat and all looked at him surprised….

Tej: Shivaay, what has happened?

Shivaay: Bade Papa, I have an important work, I need to go.

Shakti: Shivaay….

Shivaay: Dad, I’ll talk to you both later, please handle this meeting for today.

Without waiting for anyone to say anything Shivaay left the room…. He took out his phone and dialed Ranbir’s number….
“We have to go somewhere, wait for me near my car. It is urgent.”


Shivaay walked towards the parking lot…. He reached to the parking lot and gave a slight smile…. Ranbir was standing there already…. This is why Shivaay had made Ranbir his personal assistant…. This man had impressed him in very less time…. Ranbir reminded Shivaay of himself when he had joined business…. The spark he had seen in Ranbir’s eyes, his confidence and his intelligence had made Shivaay respect him and trust him…. Ranbir also held immense respect for Shivaay…. He had joined Oberoi Industries only to be mentored by his role model Shivaay Singh Oberoi…. He had always dreamt of working with Shivaay and when he got this job…. He had decided he would never give Shivaay any chance to complain…. Ranbir had lived his words and Shivaay never had any complaints…. They both sat in the car and Ranbir started driving….

Ranbir: Bhai, is it necessary for you to go? I can handle it for you.

Bhai…. The word showed the bond they shared…. Whenever they were alone Ranbir would refer to Shivaay as Bhai…. Ranbir was the person Shivaay trusted the most after his brothers Omkara and Rudra…. Shivaay treated Ranbir just like Rudra…. Shivaay had given him full rights to call him Bhai even with people around them…. But Ranbir had clearly denied saying that he would use the reference only when it was something very important for them…. Something like their code word for important matters…. Shivaay had agreed…. So whenever Ranbir used the word Bhai, they knew that the matter was very sensitive and important….

Shivaay: I know you can handle it but this time I want to do it. Anyways you always get a chance to do it, this time I want to do it my way.

Ranbir: They are going to have a tough time then.

Shivaay: That is definitely going to happen.

They both shared a knowing look and Ranbir continued driving…. Ranbir had known Shivaay for years now and he knew when it is about family Shivaay doesn’t care about right or wrong…. Shivaay can do anything to save his family from all dangers…. This is why they called him the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi…. No one dared to face that wall…. How did someone gather so much courage and murder Tia, that too a day before the wedding…. The question was revolving in Ranbir’s mind…. He had known all rivals and enemies of the Oberois and none of them would dare to do this…. Then who could do it…. They had to find out….


Romi was looking at her mother who was busy doing some work…. They had lost a family member and her mother did not care…. How could a mother be like this she thought…. Was she even their mother…. Romi was lost in her thoughts when there was a knock at the door…. Mrs. Kapoor signed her to open the door…. She quietly obeyed and opened the door…. She was surprised to see Shivaay and Ranbir…. Mrs. Kapoor saw them and invited them inside…. Shivaay walked in his regular attitude and sat in one of the chairs…. Ranbir followed him and stood beside Shivaay’s chair…. Romi stayed behind and stood at a distance…. Although Shivaay was going to marry her sister, they did not share any such relation…. She barely had any conversation with him…. Shivaay signed Mrs. Kapoor to take a seat and she obeyed…. Shivaay did not believe in beating around the bush and directly came to the point….

Shivaay: Now that Tia is dead, the alliance has no meaning left but the deal can still be kept intact if you want, I can at least do this much for Tia’s family.

Mrs. Kapoor was looking at him surprised…. This is what she wanted and here it was happening without her even doing anything…. Romi looked at Shivaay in disappointment…. She knew Shivaay did not have any feelings for her Di but at least he could have some humanity left in him…. His fiancé had died the previous day and here he was making deals with her mother…. He was a true businessman and only cared about money, status and family name…. No one cared for her sister…. Everyone was busy with their own selfish reasons….

Mrs. Kapoor: Shivaay….

Shivaay: I haven’t finished yet; the deal can be kept intact on a small condition.

Mrs. Kapoor: Condition?

Shivaay: You have to give me the proofs.

Mrs. Kapoor: What proofs, I do not understand what you are talking about?

Her face did not match with her words…. It clearly showed that she knew what he meant and what he was referring to…. There was a smirk on Shivaay’s face and his intense blue grey eyes showed flames that would burn everything down…. Mrs. Kapoor gulped down in some fear as she looked into his eyes…. She could not fool him anymore she understood this….

Shivaay: Do you think I am fool not to understand your true motives, you very well know what I am talking about, give me the damn proofs and I’ll convince Bade Papa to keep the deal with you.

Mrs. Kapoor: I’ll give you whatever you want, but the deal should not be cancelled.

Shivaay: Good and don’t you dare double cross me; I will be forced to do things that you would regret messing with me.

Shivaay did not wait for her to reply and got up from his place…. He walked out of the room and Ranbir followed him…. Mrs. Kapoor looked at him shocked…. How did he know about it…. None of them had known about it…. Romi was standing confused, she did not understand what they were talking about…. Proofs for what…. What was that her mother was hiding…. Was this the reason she wanted to deal with the Oberois…. Was this the reason she was getting Tia married to Shivaay…. What was this trade that had just happened…. Romi looked at her mother with questions in her mind…. Her mother did not spare her a glance and walked away….


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello my dear readers, I hope you like this chapter also as you have liked the others.
There are many characters and couples in the story and I certainly cannot write about all of them in each chapter, I hope you all will understand this.
I know you all are curious to know about the story, and the murder and I promise the wait will be worth it. Please do not lose interest in the story and discontinue reading it. I have seen how the responses have decreased over the past chapters.
Also, my college has started and I have work load, still I promise that I will update regularly, and not disappoint you all in that. All I wish is for your support and some appreciation.

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