LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 5

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CHAPTER 5: Raichands

Anika entered her house…. Her anger on Shivaay’s statement was still visible on her face…. Her eyes had immense anger and irritation that would burn that Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s pride and attitude…. How could he say that he would find someone better…. What did he know about her that he said it all to her…. She despite of not wanting to fight the case had made up her mind to fight for Shivaay owing that he was her Bhai’s best friend and what did he do…. Instead of being thankful he had dismissed her saying that she was not needed…. She had heard it right these Oberois had too much of a pride….

She walked into the living room and sat on the sofa…. Her parents who were busy discussing something saw her and were surprised that she returned so soon…. Usually she would take hours to return whenever she went to meet a client…. But looking at her they understood that something had happened that had upset their darling daughter….

Shekhar: Annie, you came early, you had gone to meet your client naa?

Anika: Don’t even ask about him, he is such an egoistic man I would never ever fight a case for him.

Sumitra: Whom did you meet, who made you so angry?

Anika: Shivaay Singh Oberoi….

Shekhar: Shivaay, I thought you had gone to meet a client. Why did you go and meet him?

Anika: I do not wish to talk about him. What does he think of himself that he dismissed as if I am his employee or something. He has too much of a pride and I’ll definitely break that pride one day.

Sumitra: Will you stop with these talks and tell us exactly what has happened?

Anika told them about Omkara’s call to Arjun…. About Tia’s murder…. Shivaay been taken for enquiry…. He needed a lawyer to look after the legal matters and solve the case…. Arjun was busy with some other important case so he had requested or say emotionally blackmailed her to take up the case as Shivaay is his best friend and he could not trust anyone else…. Unwillingly Anika had accepted to take up the case because she could never deny her Bhai…. And then she narrated whatever happened at the police station….

Anika: I went there to help him and that Shivaay Singh Oberoi told me that I was not needed. He insulted my abilities and walked out with his attitude.

Anika’s anger was clearly felt in her voice as she narrated everything to her Maa and Papa…. Shekhar and Sumitra exchanged some looks not understanding how to calm down their daughter’s anger…. She was right at her place…. But they knew Shivaay also, he had some pride but he would not dismiss someone especially his friend’s sister just like that…. Sumitra asked Shekhar to handle Anika while she would call Arjun…. They both know that only Arjun can make Anika understand and could also talk to Shivaay about his behavior…. Sumitra walked to the other side to call Arjun…. Shekhar stood and walked towards his daughter…. He kept his hand on her head and she looked at him…. He smiled and sat beside her…. He caressed her hair lightly….

Shekhar: Annie, calm down baccha. So much of anger is not good for you and also for others around you.

Anika: I know Dad and you know me, I do not get angry just like that but this Shivaay, he just said all that and I am angry for those words he said. How could he say all that? What does he know about me that he questioned in fact insulted my capabilities?

Shekhar: Annie, I know that whatever he said and the way he said are not correct but you should understand his situation too, his fiancé who was going to become his wife today is murdered, his family is in a mess and he doesn’t know you, maybe he meant he needs someone he knows better, that is why he called Arjun naa.

Anika listened to whatever her father said…. His words did make her think…. The situation is which Shivaay was; maybe anyone else at his place would have also said the same…. Tia was his would-be-wife and he loved her…. He was going to get married today…. A very important day in his life had been ruined and he had lost the most important person of his life…. What all he must be going through…. Then his family would also be in some danger after the murder…. He would have to handle the media also from publishing any fake news…. And yes he did not know her, how could he trust someone unknown to him for such an important matter…. All that he said must be the consequence of the problems he is facing…. But still somewhere she was still little upset with Shivaay…. He should have talked to her…. He should have given her a chance to understand everything and then she would have helped him…. He needs to keep his pride aside in such situations….

Anika: Papa, I understand what you are saying, you are right that I should have understood his situation also. But he also did not give me a chance to understand his situation and his problem. I would have given my best.

Shekhar: I know my daughter would have given her best but what can we do if Shivaay did not know this. He misses his opportunity to meet such an amazing lawyer, his lose.

Anika smiled a little at her father’s words…. Her Papa would never ever leave a chance to praise her…. Whatever topic they would talk about he would find some way or the other to praise her…. This would always bring a smile on her face…. She knew how much her Papa loved her…. Being the younger one always had an advantage for her over her Bhai and being the daughter just added to her privileges…. She was loved and pampered by both her father and brother…. Her Maa would always complain that they had spoiled her with their extra love, care and freedom….

Anika: You always find a way to praise me, hai naa.

Shekhar: Well what can I do my daughter is so amazing that I get reasons to praise her every day.

Shekhar and Anika started laughing…. Sumitra who had come hearing the laughs looked surprised at the father-daughter duo…. It was rare that Anika would calm down without Arjun pacifying her….

Sumitra: So all has cooled down here.

Anika: No, some anger is still been reserved for Bhai, he’ll have to pay for this.

Shekhar: Of course, he should also do some hard work.

“I do work hard Papa”

The three of them turned to the voice as Arjun walked in…. He was looking at his father giving a fake hurt look…. The trio smiled at his antics…. He was the elder one but would take his own chances to behave as the younger one….

Arjun: Not fair Papa, whenever it is about Annie, you take her side only.

Anika: Of course he would, I am worth taking side for. And don’t you dare change the topic; you have to pay for your friend’s deeds.

Arjun: C’mon yaar Annie, spare me for today, I am really tired. And moreover Shivaay also needs me; I do not know how to handle all this.

Anika: That you should have thought before asking me to take up his case. I should have not gone there only. That friend of yours needs some lessons in mannerism.

Shekhar: Annie, now only you said you understand his situation and now this.

Anika: Papa, I understand his situation but not all will understand naa. He needs to learn few things.

Sumitra: Then why don’t you teach him those things?

Anika: Maa, why should I teach him, he should learn himself, he handles a business empire, definitely can learn a few things on his own.

Arjun: Annie, please do not back out yaar, I would have recommended someone else to Shivaay, but this is very serious matter and he needs someone trustworthy that is why I asked you to take up the case.

Shekhar: Arjun is right, Annie. You should give Shivaay a chance and meet him once again.

Anika: Papa, you also, why do you all want me to fight for him?

Sumitra: Because we know our daughter is capable of doing that, and she will definitely help Shivaay and the Oberois to get out of this problem.

Arjun: Please Annie, do not say no, and I’ll talk to Shivaay and explain him also. Please do not back out.

Anika looked at her family members…. When the three of them of them agree on the something and you have no one to support you…. You have to give up…. She let out a sigh and looked at her Maa, Papa and Bhai…. A rare moment when the three of them agree on the same thing and she has to give up….

Anika: Fine, I’ll meet Shivaay once again but on one condition.

Arjun: Condition accepted.

Shekhar: Let her say the condition at least.

Arjun: I know her very well and so I know what will be her condition, Annie, I promise you if this time also Shivaay doesn’t agree and behaves rudely with you, I’ll find someone else for him.

Anika: Yeah Bhai, I am telling you, if he doesn’t keep his pride in his pocket naa, I’ll do something he will not imagine also.

Sumitra: Okay, do whatever you want but first you both talk to him.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello everyone, I thought to post this chapter to give you a outlook about the Raichand family as they will also play an important role in the future of the story. The story may seem to be a little slow for now but I don’t wish to rush things as I really wish that you all know the characters and their life, how they are, what they believe and how they live. And don’t worry, the mystery will also be continued as it is the main theme. There will be everything, love, life and many secrets.

Keep reading, commenting and smiling!!!

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