LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 7

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CHAPTER 7: We meet again

Ishana had talked to the hotel staff and the workers working for the wedding…. None of them could provide her any valuable information as they had not noticed anything different or doubtful…. There was no shout or sounds from Tia’s room…. No one had run away from the room nor had anyone seen anyone entering the room…. If Gauri had not gone to call Tia for the dinner none would have known about the murder early…. There was nothing unusual…. Ishana was walking through the corridor lost in her thoughts…. She had not got any vital information that was worth sharing with her readers…. She had to wait for Abir to give her any information that she could publish…. She was thinking about what to do when she heard a voice….

“Excuse me”

Ishana stopped hearing the voice and turned around to see Omkara standing there…. She was surprised seeing him…. Why did he stop her…. Will he also like his brother and father give her those threats of not writing anything against his family…. Will he also show her his pride and attitude of being an Oberoi…. Whatever it will be, she would also answer back just like she had done with his brother…. She was lost in her thoughts….

Seeing her not saying anything and being lost somewhere else Om snapped his fingers in front of her and she came out of her thoughts…. They looked at each other…. Before Om could say anything Ishana began with her talks….

Ishana: Look Mr. Omkara, I am doing what my job is, so if you think that I’ll get affected by your threats and all then that is not going to happen. I’ll do what is right, whether it is against or for your family.

Omkara looked at her surprised…. So she thought that he also like his father and brother would threaten her…. She had assumed herself that he would also show her his attitude of being an Oberoi…. Didn’t this girl think a lot…. Without hearing what he had to say, she had made up her mind to answer back…. He was thinking about her….

Now not seeing Omkara saying anything Ishana snapped her fingers and he looked at her….

Ishana: So….

Omkara: Will you let me speak or are you going to keep assuming things?

Ishana looked at him surprised and he continued with what he had to say….

Omkara: So, now that you have made up all your assumptions about me, I’ll only say one thing. I know this is your job to tell people the truth and make them aware and I am not going to interfere in your work. I just came to say that your job is very crucial and people believe whatever you tell them, so whatever you write about this case just make sure it is right and the truth. It doesn’t matter to me if it is against or for my family; it has to be the truth that is all that matters.

Om finished his talks and looked at Ishana…. She was looking at him surprised…. She had never expected that he would say this…. Wasn’t he an Oberoi too…. Then why did he not have that Oberoi attitude…. Why is he different…. Or was it all just a façade to make her not write certain things…. Was he just playing the good boy card…. She looked into his eyes and saw that whatever he said reflected in those eyes…. He was genuine in whatever he said…. But still she had some doubts that she would get cleared with time….

Ishana: Don’t worry Mr. Omkara, this is not the first time I’ll be writing about a murder case and I’ll definitely not publish anything until and unless I am hundred percent sure that it is true.

Omkara: Good then and please no need of Mr. Omkara, you can call me Om.

Ishana: Okay then, see you later Om.

Ishana and Omkara smiled at each other and then walked in their respective directions…. Ishana walked out of the hotel while Omkara walked back to his family….


Om reached the place where his family was sitting when he saw Shivaay entering…. Shivaay also saw him and passed his usual smile…. That indicated he would handle the matter…. Om was still worried, he knew Shivaay could handle the matter but he did not know the manner in which Shivaay would deal with this…. Many a times he had arguments with Shivaay on this topic…. He did not approve of the way Shivaay handled things…. But he could not do much to change Shivaay’s ways as Shivaay was just like his father Tej Singh Oberoi in many ways…. He did not hate Shivaay for this but he also did not appreciate some of his decisions….

They all settled in the lounge…. Prinku and Romi were sitting together, Prinku was consoling Romi…. Dadi was sitting with Janhvi…. Pinky consoled Mrs. Kapoor…. Shakti and Tej were discussing about something…. Gauri, Soumya and Trisha were standing at a distance not interfering in their personal discussions…. Rudra sat beside Shivaay and Om also went and sat near Shivaay….

Omkara: So, what are we going to do further?

Shivaay: First of all we need the best lawyer to handle the legal matters for us so that we can concentrate on the other issues.

Tej: But I heard that Arjun has arranged a lawyer for you, then why do you need another one?

Shivaay: He had sent his sister but I don’t think she can handle this case, so we need to find someone else.

Shakti: But I have heard Anika Raichand is a really good lawyer, and she is trustworthy, why look for someone else?

Omkara: Yeah, I agree with Chote Papa, we know Arjun very well, so his sister is the most trustworthy lawyer we can get who would genuinely help us rather than seeking her own profits.

Tej: Yes Shivaay, even I agree with them, we need a lawyer whom we can trust and I don’t think we’ll find anyone other than the Raichands.

Shivaay was thinking about what they had said…. They had a valid point…. He could not trust any outsider in this matter…. Arjun had been his best friend since years and he could trust him with his life also…. So his sister would also be trustworthy…. He should have talked to her earlier…. But now when he had dismissed her so rudely he would not go and request her to come back…. He was Shivaay Singh Oberoi and once he does something he does not regret it…. He will not ask her to come back and will find someone else….


The voice brought Shivaay out of his thoughts…. They all turned to the voice and saw Arjun standing there…. Beside Arjun stood Anika…. They all were surprised to see them…. Arjun walked towards Shivaay while Anika quietly followed him…. Arjun was well acquainted to the Oberoi family but Anika had only met them on a few occasions and did not know much about them…. She recognized some of them but others were unknown to her…. Arjun greeted everyone while Anika just passed a smile whenever anyone looked at her….
Her eyes then travelled to Shivaay who did not pay any attention to her as if she did not exist for him…. What is so wrong with this man…. He cannot see beyond his pride she thought…. She continued looking at him to gain some attention from him…. But why did she need his attention…. Why was she giving him so much of importance…. She quickly diverted her gaze from him and focused her attention on what her Bhai was saying….

Sensing her gaze away from him Shivaay gave her a slight glance…. Whatever caused her to come here did not matter; he would not ask her to take up the case…. He looked at her once again…. She did have a confidence as she stood there; she had an aura around her that reflected that she was a capable person…. She belonged to the family of reputed lawyers so she had it in her blood he thought…. Shivaay could never look beyond name, blood and lineage…. He brushed aside his thoughts and looked at Arjun….

Arjun: Shivaay, I know you want me to handle the case for you but I am really sorry yaar, I have another important case going on, so I think you should let Annie handle the case for you. Trust me, she will look after all the legal matters, you will not face any problem.

Shakti: I think Arjun is saying the correct thing, we should let Anika handle the case.

Anika: I know we all don’t know each other very well, so it may take some time for you all to trust me and I understand that very well, but you all can give me a chance to prove myself, I promise I’ll give my best to this case. I know that this is an important matter for all of you and you will need someone who’ll take care of it in the best possible way and I assure you all that I’ll do it. I’ll fight as if I am doing it for my own family. I can only assure you all with my words for now but I can also say that my work will assure you all completely. But of course the final decision will be yours Mr. Oberoi.

She said the last line looking at Shivaay…. Others were convinced by her words…. They felt they could trust her and her assurance did assure them…. Arjun looked at his sister with a proud smile…. He knew he would not have to do anything to convince the Oberois…. Anika was capable of that…. Now all were waiting for Shivaay to say something…. He felt everyone looking at him….

Shivaay: If Ms. Raichand has so much of confidence and assurance, then let us give her a chance.

What did he say he thought to himself…. Wasn’t this what he had thought he would not do…. Didn’t he say that he will not give her a chance and look for someone else…. Then why did he do the exact opposite of what he had thought…. Why did he say something different from what he had thought…. Shivaay just put a stop to his thoughts and looked back at Anika….

Anika: Thank you Mr. Oberoi and please you can call me Anika.

Shivaay: So you should also call me Shivaay then.

The Oberois looked at Shivaay in shock…. He allowed someone to call him by his name…. Wasn’t he the one who always preferred Mr. Oberoi…. Didn’t he always want to highlight his surname and not his name…. He would always want to be the Shivaay Singh Oberoi and did not like being Shivaay….

Anika smiled and forwarded her hand towards him…. He was not that bad after all…. Shivaay also brought on his famous businessman face and shook hands with her…. The touch did have an effect on them and they looked at each other…. His cold grey-blue orbs met her warm ones…. There was a slight pause in their lives when they looked at each other…. But soon Shivaay withdrew his hand and Anika also moved back….
Was this the beginning of something….


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