Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 17

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Hey friends here is the 17th episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful. Thank you for your valuable comments and support. As I have my online exams going on and due to COVID positive of my family members and myself I couldn’t post till today.Sorry for delay let’s move to episode.

Kartik Naira and Prerna are talking while Swarna comes there 

Swarna: Kya kusurpur chal Rahi hai bhabhi Aur devar ki beech

Kartik: Nothing Maa by the way she is Naira my bestie

Naira touches Swarna’s feet and: Radhe Krishna Aunty

Swarna: Thank you beta for giving Kartik back to us. He is our special kid so lot of love spoilt him but you

Naira: Aunty your calling me beta yet you thank me,not fair Aunty

Swarna: I’m your bestie’s Maa yet you don’t call me Maa and stick on to Aunty,so it’s fair na

Naira gets awkward. Kartik laughs out loud..

Kartik: Maa…you are awesome…Naira my Maa nah so she has got my swag

Swarna hugs Naira

Swarna: Arrey beta I meant that I want you to call me Maa

Naira: Okay Aun…..sorry sorry Maa

Naira and Swarna hug. Kartik and Prerna smile. Swarna realises that she has left out Prerna so she includes Prerna in the hug. Kartik smiles at them.

Just then Dadi arrives and smiles seeing them hug

Dadi: Arrey Swarna laad pyaar hogaya toh function shuru Kare

Swarna , Naira and Prerna get away. Naira goes to touch Dadi’s feet. 

Kartik: Dadi she is bestie

Dadi : Kush raho beta. You are an angel for giving us our Kittu back. 

Just then Keerthi comes in search of Naira

Naira points Keerthi and: Dadi Maa yeh hai meri bhabhi Keerthi

Keerthi gets their blessings. Suddenly Shankari taai enters. She sees Keerthi and: 

“Arrey Suhasini Ji is she your grand daughter 

Dadi: Nahi Shankari yeh

Akshara comes there and: Shankari taai she is my Bahu.

Shankari: Arrey Akshara beta you didn’t call me for the wedding planning

Akshara: Arrey it was a love marriage. Naksh himself brought home this Lakshmi

Shankari blesses Keerthi and: Lakhon mein ek hai ye. I couldn’t have found someone like this for your son. Vaise beta who are your parents

Keerthi: Mihir Sharma and Geethanjali Sharma

Dadi: Geethanjali…Keerthi beta which is your hometown 

Keerthi: Mumbai hi hai Dadi Ji par Mumma Aur Papa Lucknow mein settled the

Dadi: Manish….beta jaldi aao…Jaldi 

Manish comes there….Manish: Maa kya Huh

Dadi: Beta humari intzaar Katam hogay..we found my grand daughter, humari Geethanjali ki beti hai Keerthi

Manish: Maa….

Swarna: Maa Ji ho Sakta hai ki koi Aur Geethanjali ho

Manish: Haa Maa Swarna teek hai

Kartik: Maa Papa kya ho raha hai. 

Swarna: Kartik it’s nothing

Naksh : Aunty Ji what is it about Keerthi

Manish: Maa see you have made a confusion here nah. Why don’t you forget her

Dadi: How can I Mannu.Geethu is my Jaan. I can’t forget her.

Anurag: Papa what is it

Dadi: Keerthi beta do you have any pic of your Mom

Keerthi thinks a moment and takes her phone to show her Mom and Dad’s pic

Manish, Swarna and Dadi are shocked. Dadi sees the phone and cries. 

Swarna: Geethanjali ……

Keerthi: My mom is ur …….

Manish: My sister Keerthi beta…..

Dadi: Our Jaan. Where is she now beta..

Keerthi: Maa Aur Papa aren’t in this world . They passed away 5 yrs back. I grew up in hostel for 4 yrs till I met Naksh and we got married. Maa never mentioned about her family. 

Swarna: It’s because she hated us. She felt that Maa killed Papa Ji by…..

Dadi cries. Flash back rolls on.

It’s Goenka house. Pratap Goenka is diagnosed with brain tumour. He falls unconscious. Doctor suggests a surgery but Dadi on consulting the Pandit wants to do the surgery at 7 pm. Doctors demand immediate surgery ie., at early morning 5 am. Dadi is stubborn but unfortunately Pratap passes away the same afternoon.  

Geetanjali returns from hostel fuming with anger after knowing the happenings. 

Geetanjali: Maaa…..Dada….. You both have killed Papa. 

Manish: Geetu …

Geetanjali: If the surgery had occurred on time Papa would have been with me now. But you have killed him.. I’m leaving this house now. Don’t try to contact or search me. Good bye.

She takes her bags and leaves the house. Scene freezes on Manish and Dadi crying and a pregnant Swarna looks upon.


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