Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 18

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Hi friends here is the 18th Episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful.


The flash back continues.

Though Geetanjali left the family Manish keeps on collecting information about her. It is found that one year later Geethanjali married her boyfriend Mihir and they have shifted to Lucknow. When Dadi and Manish try to meet her she insults them and sends them away. Later Geethanjali and Mihir leave for London and Dadi and Manish lose total connection and never knew their whereabouts.

Dadi cries and Flash back ends.

Keerthi: Da…sorry Nani Ji Maa is so stubborn I know that very well

Manish: This much stubborn that she didn’t tell her daughter about her maika

Keerthi: Mamaji …..

Swarna: Keerthi beta when did you people come back to India 

Keerthi: When I was 6 yrs old we came back to Lucknow Mamiji. We were so happy but …..she starts crying

Naksh intervenes and: 5 yrs ago in a road accident Mama and Papa passed away. 

Dadi and Manish cry too. Kartik and Anurag console Manish while Prerna and Swarna console Dadi.

On seeing Prerna Dadi kisses her forehead. 

Dadi: You are so lucky for us beta. On your engagement ie., union of you in our family we found our long last treasure. 

Naira: Dadi Ji agar kushiyan hi hai toh rona kyu. Jo Naseeb mein nahi ta woh chalagaya Aur hum ab  kuch nahi kar Sakte hai uskeliye . But we can be happy with what we have right. Now Keerthi bhabhi has found her family. Let’s celebrate the engagement function 

Dadi smiles. Kartik goes to Keerthi and hugs her. 

Kartik: Keerthi di…I called you the right way..

Keerthi: Han…Kartik you were right…I somehow found a connect with you and it is right now

Anurag comes and hugs Keerthi. 

Anurag: I have got a chotu sister at last

Swarna laughs

Swarna: Han Keerthi beta Anurag always wanted a chotu sister. But when Kartik was born Anurag literally spoilt him by showering love like he was his sister.

Akshara: Keerthi you always felt bad for not having siblings,though we consoled you then, now you have your bhais. I’m so happy.

Dadi: My granddaughter is lucky to have a family like yours. 

She sees the watch and: Hey Bhagwan muhurat time is near. With all happiness let’s start the engagement ceremony.

Kartik takes Anurag with him to the Dias

Kartik: Keerthi di you too come with us let’s accompany bhai for his big moment.

Keerthi too joins them. Jeevika and Viren take Prerna with them to the Dias.

Once the couple are on the Dias the lights in the room are dimmed and the stage is lit. Prerna glitters in yellow lehenga. Anurag is unable to take his eyes off her.

Kartik gives him the ring but Anurag doesn’t take it and keeps on looking at Prerna

Kartik in a whisper: Bhai…bhai…(he shakes him)

Anurag realises the situation and swiftly grabs the ring from Kartik. Kartik and Keerthi laugh. 

Keerthi: Lagta hai bhai has his eyes stuck on bhabhi

Kartik: Han di

Keerthi: But nothing wrong in that Bhabhi is so pretty.

Anurag and Prerna blush.

Dadi: Arrey you can buck buck later. Muhurat is on do exchange the rings.

Anurag holds Prerna’s and ring is exchanged. Prerna blushes.

Kartik turns around to see Naira glowing in a pink lehenga. She looks like a princess to him. Kartik is unable to remove his eyes from her. 

Meanwhile Jeevika gives the ring to Prerna and she exchanges the ring with Anurag. 

Everyone clap and congratulate the couple. This sound only distracts Kartik from Naira and he gets back to Anurag.

Kartik hugs Anurag and they share an emotional moment. Seeing Keerthi left out they include her in the hug and have a good moment.

Jeevika hugs Prerna. Kartik then goes to Viren and hugs him.

Then Kartik goes to Prerna and: Welcome to our gang bhabhi. Han the day we saw you , you became a part of our gang yet a deal is signed now and your place is much more strong. 

Prerna smiles. Kartik again looks at Naira who comes to Keerthi and is lost at her looks.


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