Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 20

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Hai friends here is the 20th Episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful. Please suggests any changes you want in the comments so that I can correct them in future updates . Let’s go to the episode now

Kartik: I Love Naira…wow…I’m in love…omg 

He gets up on the bedand starts dancing and suddenly he falls down on the floor.

Kartik: Ouch…is this falling in love… 

He rubs his head and lies down on the bed and sleeps. Scene freezes

It’s morning in Vadhera house. Jeevika and Viren’s room is shown. Viren is still asleep. Jeevika is standing in front of the mirror with something in her hand. It is revealed that it a pregnancy home test kit it is showing two lines in it. Jeevika jumps with joy

Jeevika: Hurray…ye ye 

Hearing her shout Viren wakes up. He rubs his eyes and yawns and looks at Jeevika

Viren (in a sleepy tone) : Kya (again a yawn) hua yaar Jeevika. You seem excited 

Jeevika blushes and : Viren Ji…woh…woh…

She gets shy and turns away from him

 Viren gets up and goes near her. He holds her by her shoulder and turns her towards him. He looks down to see the test chord with two lines in it. Tears drip out from his eyes

Viren: Really….Jeevika Hum mummy papa bane wale hai kya

Jeevika: Han Virenji 

Viren: Wow…(shouts)

He lifts her and starts to dance. 

In few moments Maa, Papa and Prerna reach their room. As door was open already they get inside. Seeing them Jeevika gets shy and hides her face in Viren’s chest.

Maa: Viren..early morning you are carrying her and shouting is everything normal 

Jeevika in a whisper to Viren: Virenji please let me down.

Viren: Maa nothing is normal…if you know what it is you will shout louder than me

Papa:  Viren don’t scare us tell what it is

Jeevika is still nudging Viren to let her down

Prerna: Atleast let her down , she is so shy, Maa papa see Jeevika’s face it is red with shyness

Viren: Hone wale bua ji it’s not shyness 

Prerna : Then what it is…wait…hone wale bua..that means Jeevika is….Wow 

Maa: Arrey that means Jeevika is … she starts crying

Papa: Arrey it is not a matter to cry. Be happy we are becoming grandparents.

Maa: Viren you cannot carry her like this.Let her need to be careful beta

Jeevika at last gets out from Viren’s arms. Maa and Prerna hug her and shower her with love. Viren and Papa share a moment of emotions. Scene freezes.

It’s evening 6pm darkness has slowly started to consume the sky. Naira is walking out from the library. She goes towards the gate waiting for Naksh. She calls Naksh but his line is engaged so she starts walking on the lane leading outside to the front gate. She feels that someone is following her. She turns around to see no one behind her. Thinking that it is her imagination she walks further on way where there are very few lights and 0 human beings.

Naira: It’s just 6 and no one is here. Maybe I should have stayed back in the library waited for bhai. But it’s ok just few metres more I’ll reach the hospital then it will be safe. 

Suddenly she feels someone touching her shoulder. She turns with her heart beat getting fast. It is Vikrant 

Naira: Tum….what are you doing here

Vikrant: Nothing till now but planning to do something with you

Naira: Haat hatao. 

She brushes his hand off and turns to leave. Vikrant holds her hand and twists it.

Vikrant: Only today I got chance to extract my revenge. Other days that Kartik is like your shadow following you everywhere. 

Naira feels his breath near her ears and feels disgusted. She tries to leave 

Kunal : Arrey kya jaldi madam.

Naira realises that in addition to Vikrant 5 others are there around her. In her mind she curses herself for leaving alone without waiting for Naksh. Her phone rings it is Kartik but before Naira could see the display Kunal grabs the phone and throws it away. Accidentally the call gets accepted.

Kunal: Badi attitude Dhika rahe hai tum dono. Kya tha Voh..Han Jai Veeru..freshers mein dance , claps attraction…

Naira: Mujhe jaa ne do

Vikrant: Not so soon babe. We have planned this and got a wonderful opportunity without you friend that too precisely at this spot knowing that you came alone to the library 

Kunal: Haahaa he is your friend make us your boy friends. 

He pulls her dupatta….


Naira : Chodo mujhe.(shouts)

She punches Vikrant with the elbow of the hand which is free with all her might. Vikrant let’s go off her hand and cups his nose with his hands.

Naira starts running leaving her phone there. Kunal stays with Vikrant while other chase Naira. 

Naira’s leg stumbles on a stone on the way and she falls down. A screeching sound is heard. Naira looks up to see Kartik in his bike.

He hurriedly gets off the bike and helps Naira stand up. 

Kartik: Naira..are you mad. Why did you come alone in this way. Ok get on the bike let’s go to those idiots

Naira: But Kartik 

Kartik: Take me to the spot where those idiots surrounded you. Vikrant and Kunal will be waiting for these guys to get you back.

Naira gets on the bike with Kartik and they reach the spot where Naira was surrounded by Vikrant and others

On reaching the spot Kartik gets down from the bike with Naira but no one is there.

Kartik: Seems like they fled knowing that I saw you

Naira: But how did you were

Kartik: I completed the research data collection in hospital that is when I called you to know whether you did your exam well. 

Naira: was your call

Kartik: You didn’t know it was me❓

Naira: Before I saw the display that Kunal grabbed it and threw it away.

Kartik: Fortunately the call was attended. I heard everything they spoke to you. How dare they. Initially I was helpless as I didn’t know where you were but luckily he mentioned that you are somewhere in a lonely spot and you leaving from library. I somehow guessed that it is somewhere here. I took my bike and came as fast as I could

Naira: Kartik…if you had not come…

She starts crying 

Kartik puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her closer to him and consoles her.

Kartik: Naira it’s over now. But tell me why did you come alone. You could have called Naksh to the library nah

Naira: I actually told bhai that I will call him once I complete the note making at the library and he could pick me up. When I called him his phone was engaged so I thought of reaching the main gate in the meantime and call him.

Kartik: Pagal ladki…you could have stayed back in the library…no one is gonna push you out. Or if you wanted to go you could have called me. Acha you don’t need me nah

Naira: Not like that Kartik your research work is going on how can I disturb you that is why

Kartik: You are much more important than my research. In my presence no one care dare to harm you. 

His hold on her shoulder tightens in anger

Naira looks up at him and: Kartik chill …chill…

He takes his hand off her shoulder and holds her hands and looks into her eyes. 

Kartik: Naira don’t repeat this..your safety is important for me than anything else in this world. If Naksh is busy don’t do like this just call me I’ll come. We can talk about teaching guys to behave properly with girls but many guys don’t know how to behave properly. That Vikrant is such a spoilt brat..huh I was with him I know that he is fuming with anger against you for …for showing his real colours and foiling his plan. He will go to any extent to hurt you. But Naira I care for you I don’t want you to get hurt. I know you are a Sherni but please don’t take risks. I’m there for you. I’ll always be there for you. I don’t say you should take me everywhere. You go anywhere you want but once you are out of home without family members please inform me about your whereabouts 

Naira: Bas..hogaya na..sorry na for not calling you. Hereafter I won’t go without informing you. Shall we go now

Kartik : Han..

Naira: I’ll ask bhai to come to main gate 

Kartik: No need. I’ll drop you. Inform Naksh

Naira: But..

Kartik: Naira I said nah I’ll drop you.

Both get on the bike and leave. Scene freezes.

It’s Anurag’s office cabin.Time is 7:40 pm He is working on his laptop when his phone rings. He sees Prerna’s name on the display. He picks up the call

Anurag: Prerna

Prerna: Anurag are you free I have trying to talk to you from morning 

Anurag: Oh sorry Prerna from morning I had back to back meetings so I wasn’t able to attend the call. I’m so sorry 

Prerna: I understand so don’t feel sorry. 

Anurag: I’m lucky to have you as my wife

Prerna: Wife❓

Anurag: Arrey I know that our shaadi isn’t over yet. But you told that your soul belongs to me after the engagement then why should I wait till shaadi to call you my wife

Prerna blushes.

Anurag: Arrey what happened why are you silent, Acha I know that you are blushing. You know something I love the way you blush. 

Prerna: Hmm. Arrey Bhagwan I totally forgot the reason for calling you

Anurag: What is it

Prerna: Aap fufaji banne wale hai

Anurag: Sach

Prerna: Han Jeevika pregnant hai

Anurag: Wonderful. 

Prerna: I’m so excited for the baby to arrive

Anurag: Tab tak toh humari shaadi bhi hojayega. 

Prerna: Haann

Anurag: You know there are 2 months 29 days 4 hours 15 minutes for our wedding.

Prerna blushes hard. Anurag smiles. The scene freezes.


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