Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 21

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Hai guys here is the 21st episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful.

It’s Kaira’s college. Time is 10 am . Interval time is on. Kartik meets Vikrant and Kunal at the canteen. 

Kartik: How dare you think of hurting Naira

Vikrant: What, us hurting your Naira. No Kartik though you don’t consider us as your friend we consider you as our friend then your friend is our friend. We can never think of that

Kunal: Han Kartik. But why are you saying so

Vikrant: Did Naira tell you tales on us

Kunal: From the first day she is planning to break our friendship and she has succeeded.

Kartik: Shut up you morons. Naira need not tell tales. I myself heard you both. 

Kunal: What

Kartik: Do you remember throwing Naira’s phone when it rang. It was me and luckily the call got accepted so I heard every word 

Vikrant laughs: So you knew it…yeah we did. We lust her..

Kartik: How dare you

Kartik punches Vikrant and they get into a brawl. Hearing the sound students gather around them. Naira comes from the lab and sees the commotion. Her friends ask her not to intervene but  Naira hears Kartik’s voice and gets through the  crowd. She holds Kartik by his arm and tries to pull him apart 

Naira: Kartik …..Kartik stop it…bas Ruko…(she shouts) 

Kartik: I won’t leave you

Naira: Kaaaaarrtikkkkk come away

Kartik pushes Naira away and starts beating up Vikrant and Kunal. Naira leaves from there with tears in her eyes. Kartik and Vikrant and taken away by their batchmates. Kartik tries to meet Naira but the interval gets over and they reach the classes.

In the evening Kartik meets Naira at the cafe. But Naira avoids him

Kartik: Naira why are you avoiding me

Naira: My friend told me not to talk to rogues

Kartik: Am I a rogue

Naira: Yes Kartik…what behaviour was that…brawls and all

Kartik: It was for you…he dared to harm you

Naira:Shut up Kartik…don’t bring me into your rogue behaviour. Don’t talk to me anymore. You haven’t prove to be their friend. Even when I tried to calm you,you pushed me away.

Kartik: But that was in a rage I didn’t mean to. If that’s your problem you may leave.

Naira walks away towards the car where Naksh is waiting. Kartik stands still.Once the car moves he notices a Pepsi tin near his foot. He shows his full anger on it and crushes it.  Scene freezes.

It’s Goenka house. Kartik enters the house with full anger . When Swarna tries to stop him he pushes her and rushes to his room and bangs the door.

Swarna: Maaji seems like he….

Dadi: Swarna don’t overthink…Bacha hai

Anurag enters the house just then..

Anurag: Maa 

Swarna: Anurag…Kartik….

Dadi: Arrey Chinnu go and fresh up

Anurag: Maa what is it about Kartik

Swarna: He ….came in such a force and rushed to his room. I think he is back to his previous behaviour 

Anurag: He has promised me Maa. He won’t do so…I’ll check in him. Where is he

Swarna: Room mein hai

Meanwhile Kartik is standing in front of his mirror 

Kartik: Yesterday only you realised that you love her now … have broken her heart….that Vikrant spoilt everything…why doesn’t she understand my anger….I did it for her…

He gets angry and throws his hair brush on the floor and screams…

He hears a knock on the door.

Kartik: Whoever it is leave me alone

Anurag: Kittu it is me, please open the door we will talk and 

Kartik: Bhai please leave me alone

Anurag: I cannot do it. Open the door and talk to me. I’m still your secret keeper

Kartik rushes to the door and opens it. On seeing Anurag he hugs him and cries.

Anurag: Kartik…what happened why are you crying

Kartik: Bhai…..bhai…….

Anurag: Kartik tell me

Kartik states the happenings to Anurag including him feeling in love with Naira

Anurag: Naira is right. If you want to punish them do it by rules why are you behaving like them

Kartik: Bhai then they will ask silly questions like did he touch you and all. I don’t want her to face shame

Anurag: Do you think she will feel proud of your fight. This will create bad name more than proper way of dealing it.

Kartik: She said she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore do I prove my love and affection to her.

Anurag: She told that in anger Kartik….she too cares for you that is why she is teaching you a lesson in a hard way..

Kartik: Bhai won’t she leave me again for hiding that I love her and posing as a friend. Won’t she 

Anurag: Shhshhhhh….chup….you aren’t behaving in any wrong way with her…Love isn’t a sin Kartik…you love her that is not wrong..she will never you  for loving her.but you should make sure that if she loves someone else and considers you as friend you don’t force her to love you.

Kartik: I will never do so bhai…

Anurag: Wipe your eyes and get fresh. Then call her and apologise. If she doesn’t pick up don’t trouble her and give her some space. But make sure you apologise to her and confess your feelings before it’s too late.

Anurag pats Kartik on his shoulder and Kartik goes to freshen up. Scene freezes.

Anurag is in his room and he is calling Prerna 

Prerna is in her room watching tv she sees her phone ringing and sees the display showing Anurag. She picks it up

Prerna: Ji…Boliye

Anurag: Prerna I’m confused I need your help

Prerna: What is it…please do tell me I’ll do all I can

Anurag tells her about his conversation with Kartik

Anurag: Did I do the right thing or did I misguide him

Prerna: You did the right thing. Loving isn’t a sin. It’s all about heart. 

Anurag: True but…I think …

Prerna: Anurag Kartik samajdhar hai…don’t worry and I guess Naira will understand him. Aap tension mat lijiye

Anurag: I wanted to hear this…Iove you Prerna

Prerna : …..(she blushes)

Anurag: Atleast say me too

Prerna: I love you too

Anurag: Waah…(he keeps his hand on his left side chest) 

Scene freezes on their smiles.

Kartik’s room is shown. He calls Naira but she disconnects the call. 

Kartik: I messed it up. Krishna Ji please help me. 

Kartik gets out of his room and leaves the house silently. He takes his bike and reaches Singhania sadan. 

Kartik: How do I know which is her room,beta Kartik if you land in a wrong then you are gone. Already Naira Is angry if I even go to correct room she will start hating me. I can’t afford it ..let me go back…Arrey you came this far to go back…no no I’ll go to meet her.

Kartik looks up to see lights in the room in first floor. He realises that Naira has her exams and he makes up his mind that it must be definitely her room. He goes towards the pipe leading to her room’s window. He climbs it and realises that the windows are closed. He starts to knock them. Naira who is studying in her table heras the knocking sound and takes a knife in the fruit tray and goes to open the door. She opens the window using one hand and she is aiming the knife in the other hand and almost brings it closer to Kartik

Kartik: Naaaiiirrraa…..

Naira realises that it is Kartik and drops the knife

Naira: Kartik …tum yahan …yahan kya kar rahe ho

Kartik is hanging from the window

Kartik: Naira first help me in

Naira helps him get inside and : Kartik why did you come here

Kartik suddenly falls on her feet with folded arms

Kartik: Naira please forgive me..I have no other way to convince you

Naira : Kartik uto what are you doing…

She helps him stand up

Kartik: Naira I’m sorry please I won’t fight anymore please please don’t stay angry with me. I didn’t say that to hurt you,I was trying to prove my point,I should not have asked you to leave 

Naira : Oh you think I left from there as you asked me to. If you had said sorry Atleast once I would not have left even you asked me to..but

Kartik: Naira I know it was you who asked me not to talk with you. I actually wanted to convince you to make you talk with me but unintentionally I asked you to leave instead of apologising. I’m sorry. Please maan Jao na

Naira : Last warning . If you repeat your rogue behaviour then I won’t even see your face anymore 

Kartik: I promise i won’t repeat but please don’t leave me I can’t bear it because I lo..I consider you as my BFF…so

Naira: I promise I won’t leave you..but now you have to go

Kartik: Okay.

He walks towards the door..

Naira: Not through that way..everyone will wake up

Kartik: Then

Naira: Jaise aaye the vaisehi jaana padega

Kartik: BUT 

Naira: Kartik’s late in the night..

Kartik: Teeke teeke

He again gets down the pipe . Naira peeps at him through the window. Kartik slips a bit in the middle 

Naira: Kartik…sambhal ke 

Kartik gets down and stands there looking at Naira

Kartik (in a whisper) I love you Naira..I’ll tell you soon

He waves at her. She waves back. The scene freezes.


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