Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 22

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Naira is dressed in a pink Shifan saree. There is snow everywhere around her. Kartik runs towards her dressed in a pink shirt and blank pant and goes on his knees near her. He extends his hand to her. Naira holds his hand. Kartik gets up and dances with her.

Aaa aa….

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon

Tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon

Kya yeh sab ko hota hai

Hum ko kya lena hai sab se

Tum se hi sab batein ab se

Ban gaye ho tum meri dua 

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon

Tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon

Kya yeh sab ko hota hai

Hum ko kya lena hai sab se

Tum se hi sab batein ab se

Ban gaye ho tum meri dua 

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun

Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya

Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai

Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda


Plays in the background 

Suddenly Kartik screams. He has fallen down from the bed. He then realises that it was all a dream. He gets up and checks the time on his phone.

Kartik: OMG it’s 7 am,these two months have been like this. Pehle Raat mein dher tak neendh nahi aata hai Aur Phir subah dher hojatha hai. I’m not able to join bhai for a jog too

Two months have passed away. Only one month is left for Anupre’s wedding. 

Kartik looks at Naira’s picture in his mobile wallpaper

Kartik: Hayee Naira..everyday I see dreams like this but I haven’t confessed my feelings to you yet. Before Bhai and bhabhi get married I’ll confess my feelings to you.

He hears a knock on the door and goes to open it. Anurag is standing there with sweat dripping from his arms and face.

Anurag: Kya Kartik aaj bhi sogaya na tu

Kartik: Bhai…Voh….

Anurag: That is why I told you to confess your feelings to Naira..

Kartik: Kaisa bhai hai aap,asking a younger brother to propose

Anurag: Good girls are rare Kartik that too if that is someone who understands us then we shouldn’t hide our feelings for so long

Kartik: Sab ladke Aapke tarah lucky nahi hena 

Anurag: Matlab

Kartik: Aapka arranged marriage hai,family made it easier 

Anurag: Not like that Kartik,you met Naira through college I met Prerna through family that is the only difference 

Kartik: Means you proposed bhabhi..kaisa kiya aapne..what didi she say

Anurag blushes and his face turns red.

Kartik: Waahhh Anurag Goenka is blushing if someone wants to see they can

Anurag: Shut up Kartik. 

Kartik: Bhai.

Dadi:Arrey Chinnu …Kittu get ready and come soon. Hume Keerthi ke sasural jaana hai

Anurag: Haann Dadi. Kartik go get ready. We are going to Naira’s house only.

Kartik has a huge smile on his face. The brothers go to get ready. The scene freezes.

The Goenkas reach Singhania Sadan. Akshara and Keerthi welcome them. They are seated in the sofas. Naira and Naksh come with Naitik. Kartik’s eyes are fixed on Naira. He admires her and without knowing he starts blushing. Naksh notices this

Naksh: Kartik what happened,why are you blushing

Kartik comes to senses and his face gets blank not knowing what to reply. Anurag notices Kartik blinking blank.

Anurag: Naksh..woh..he is into some romantic movie he saw last night

Kartik: Han…Han…

Naksh: Aisa kya movie tha

Kartik: Woh..woh…..

Anurag: Vaise Naksh I need your help

Naksh: I was do anything possible 

Anurag: Sangeet preparation. 

Kartik: Han Naksh .. let’s discuss the songs and start practice soon. We need to discuss with Jeevika bhabhi and Viren bhai regarding the theme.

Naira: Wow I’m so excited. Let’s do it.

Kartik: We need to do it faster. Only two weeks left.

Naira: Sure. Let’s go up and discuss

Naira,Kartik,Anurag,Keerthi and Naksh go upstairs 

Kartik calls Viren

Kartik: Hello Viren bhai

Viren: Hey Kartik..

Kartik: How is bhabhi

Viren: Which bhabhi

Kartik chuckles and: Jeevika bhabhi..Prerna bhabhi toh daily connected hai humari ghar ke saath

Viren: Han..Jeevika is good. Just some issues like vomiting but she is coping up well

Kartik: I understand bhai..vaise sangeet is fast approaching we haven’t decided the theme

Viren: Hmm yeah we should.wait I’ll call Jeevika too

Viren connects the video call.

After a long discussion the theme is Decided as Pyar. 

Naira: Kartik we will win. Ladke side will rock

Keerthi: True now Naira and Kartik are you pairing up

 Kartik is silent . Naira: Of course bhabhi. Ours is a Winning pair.Am I right Kartik 

Kartik smiles and nods his head. 

Kartik in his mind: Waah Kartik beta nice opportunity to propose. I’ll better propose her during this time. 

Anurag: Then it is settled. Decide the songs first

Naira: We should discuss and should do something different from the ladki side

Keerthi: Yeah..what to do

Kartik: Bollywood has so many romance stories which one to choose

Naksh: Evergreen romance

Naira: One evergreen and one new age romance.

Kartik: That’s settled. We will search and discuss l

Just then Swarna comes there with Akshara

Swarna: If your talks are over shall we leave

Kartik: Maa we have lot to do

Swarna: Do it over phone Kartik..we have havan today. Have you forgot 

Kartik: Oh yeah yeah..

Anurag and Kartik get up to leave

 Naira: once free for discussing. We need to win

Kartik: Oh my the sherni mode is on. We will win undoubtedly bhai.

Everyone laugh. The scene freezes.


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