Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 28 – HALDI CEREMONY

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Hai friends I’m back with another episode. Sorry for late updates. From tomorrow I’ll make sure to upload by afternoon. Lets go to the episode.

Swarna hugs Naira. Kartik is so happy to see their bonding

Kartik (in his mind): Thank you Krishnaji

Manish: Kartik… We need a promise

Kartik: Han Papa..Tell me what it is

Manish: Actually Naira aur tum,tum dono ko hi promise karna hoga

Naira: Unlce tell us what it is,we will do it for sure

Manish: You both are still in initial years of your graduation,your love should only make you better in your career. You can’t marry till you both…

Kartik : Papa you have accepted our love without a single question. We understand your concern regarding our career and life. Our marriage will not happen till we graduate and create an identity for ourselves

Naira: Uncle…We promise that we wont get distracted because of love on the contrary we will make our love as a strength in our life

Manish: Not uncle anymore. Call me Papa

Naira: Okay Papa

Manish: Naitik ji did I tell anything wrong

Naitik: Nahi ji. Kyu?

Manish: I wanted to know as you were silent

Naitik: As you told everything I wanted to tell I kept quiet

Dadi: Bhagwan has given us so much happiness. Lets thank him and start the wedding preparations

Akshara: Bilkul maaji

Kartik: Dadi I think we must take your leave. Its getting late for college

Dadi: Okay sure

Naksh: Naira I’ll drop you

Kartik’s face turns sad.

Naksh: Arrey Kartik I was joking. You take her with you.

Kartik has a huge smile on his face. The scene freezes.

Kartik and Naira are travelling in his bike. Naira rests her head on shoulder

Naira: Kartik do you know something?

Kartik: You are so happy . Am I right?

Naira: Yes Kartik Im so so so happy

Kartik holds her hand and kisses it

Naira:Kartik see the road and drive

Kartik: Naira..when you are near me how can I see somewhere else?

Naira pats his cheek and gestures him to drive. Kartik smiles and rides the bike. The scene freezes.

Anurag’s cabin is shown. Anurag is talking to someone on phone.

Anurag: Mr.Oberoi I want this work done within tonight. Make sure you complete it without excuses

He cuts the call and throws the phone on his table in anger. His phone rings again and it is Kartik.

Anurag: Kartik what happened?

Kartik and Naira: Families accepted our love

Anurag: Arrey Naira you are there too

Naira: Haan jiju. We are in college

Anurag: I already told you na they will accept

Kartik: Bhai I’m so happy

Anurag: I’m very happy for you both.

Kartik: Bhai I’ll call you later we are getting late for class. Bye

Naira: Bye Jiju

Anurag: Okay bye. Take care

Anurag cuts the call and dials Prerna

Prerna is in her room trying outfits when she sees Anurag calling. She picks up the call

Anurag: Prerna I have a good news

Prerna: The families accepted Kartik and Naira’s love

Anurag: How did you…

Prerna: Anurag what other good news will make you so happy.

Anurag: what if it was some business related good news

Prerna: That wont make you as happy as this. Your voice reveals how happy you are and this happiness will be something regarding our family

Anurag: Our family…That sounds so comforting

Prerna: Anurag my soul already belongs to you. Then why wont I call it as our family

Anurag: Prerna you were actually right , I was getting tensed without reason

[ Flashback rolls on: The previous night Kartik leaves Anurag’s room after telling him the decision to tell the families about him and Naira.

Anurag calls Prerna

Prerna: Anurag you are calling at this time is anything worng?

Anurag: No no Prerna. Kartik and Naira are going to tell the families about their love tomorrow.

Prerna: Thats a good decision.

Anurag: Prerna they wont get disappointed right?

Prerna: Anurag don’t worry. Kartik Naira and their love will be accepted undoubtedly.

Anurag: I wish the same.

Prerna : Anurag sleep..its already late. Everything will be good…Faltu mein tension mat huyiye

Anurag smiles…] Flashback ends

Prerna: Anurag there is nothing right and wrong in love. Your tension was regarding the happiness of your brother there is nothing wrong in it. It just shows how much you love Kartik

Anurag: Prerna it is surprising to know that you have understood me so much in such a short span

Prerna: When someone becomes a part of us we wont take a long time in understanding them

Anurag : Prerna I wish these 10 days go faster. Its too difficult to refrain myself from meeting you or seeing you. I don’t think you feel like that

Prerna: is difficult for me too..but..

Anurag: You are shy to express it

Prerna: Haan (she blushes)

Anurag: Kash I could see you now. You will look much pretty when you blush

Prerna turns red in blush

Anurag: I know that your face will be red as an apple now. Can I video call now?

Prerna: Anurag I want to follow every ritual with full…if you dont mind

Anurag: Arrey Prerna why would I mind it..I’m actually happy to know that you are like my Dadi and Mom . Every guy wants a wife like his Mom and I’m happy to have you in my life. It is difficult but I will also follow this ritual for the happiness of the most important women of my life

Prerna: Thank you Anurag

Anurag: I love you

Prerna: I love you too ..

The scene freezes.

Its Anupre’s Haldi today. 1 day to go for their wedding.

Goenka house is shown. The Sighanias have reached there to celebrate the function. Anurag is made to sit in a cushion in the porch

Dadi: Swarna you go and apply haldi for Anurag

Swarna goes to apply Haldi followed by Manish , Keerthi, Akshara,Naitik Naksh and Dadi.

Menwhile Kartik takes Naira with him behind a tree

Naira: Kartik…what are you doing

Kartik shows his palm with haldi

Kartik: Haldi lagane jaa raha hoon

Naira: Kaa..rtik.. dur jao

Kartik: Kyu? Pap lage ga hai kya?

Naira: Kartik..if someone sees what will they think of us?

Kartik: Naira till now we were fearing as they didn’t know about us but now we have got their permission nothing can stop me from applying haldi to you

Kartik pulls Naira closer.

Their eyes seize each other.

Kartik slowly moves his hand towards her face and applies haldi on her cheeks.

Naira leans forward and rubs her cheek against Kartik’s cheek thus applying Haldi on his cheek.

Dadi calls Kartik. Hearing this Naira pushes Kartik

Naira: Kartik Dadi is calling..go

Kartik: Okay…okay I’ll go

Kartik runs towards Dadi wiping off the haldi from his cheeks

Dadi: Kittu where were you?

Kartik: Dadi..woh..

Swarna: Kartik go and apply haldi to your bhai

Kartik smiles sheepishly and goes to apply haldi to Anurag. He smears Haldi all over Anurag’s face

Anurag: I wont spare you Kartik

He gets up and chases Kartik

Kartik: Catch me if you can

Everyone laugh at them. Naira comes there after wiping the haldi on her cheek. Kartik dashes on her. Then he hides behind her

Kartik: Naira …naira save me

Naira moves aside thus making Anurag catch Kartik. Kartik stares at her. Naira jerks her shoulder. Anurag laughs at this and hugs Kartik.

Dadi: If the brother emotions and fun is over can we leave forPrerna’s house. They will be waiting for us

Swarna: Maaji can we take Naira and Keerthi with us ?

Dadi: Is there any doubt Swarna?

Swarna, Dadi, Keerthi, , Naira and Kartik reach Vadhera house.

They are welcomed by Viren and made to sit in the garden where Haldi arrangements are done. Prerna dressed in a beautiful white salwar is led to the venue by Jeevika

Kartik: Woah…bhai should have seen her now

Keerthi: He would have fell unconsicious

Kartik: True

Swarna: Like how you become on seeing Naira

Keerthi laughs. Naira gets shy

Swarna hugs her and: Arrey Naira it was just pulling his leg. You dont get awkward

Dadi: Swarna go and give the haldi to Jeevika. Prerna’s maa you start the ritual

Maa: Nahi Maaji let Swarna ji start

Swarna: I cant snatch this right from a Mom

Everyone apply haldi to Prerna. Kartik clicks pictures to shown them to Anurag.

{Prerna dreams of Anurag who enters the venue dressed in a white kurta. He smiles at a blushing Prerna .

Slowly he gets near her and applies Haldi on her cheeks. They are lost in each other’s looks}

Prerna is brought to reality when her Papa comes to apply Haldi to her.

Papa gets emotional while he applies Haldi to Prerna. Prerna’s eyes too become wet in this emotional moment.

Seeing them emotional Kartik goes to them

Kartik: Uncle I know its hard for a father to send his daughter to some other house all of a sudden but I promise you that I will make sure of bhabhi’s happiness in her new family and house

Papa gets happy and hugs Kartik. The scene freezes.

Kartik goes to Anurag who is in his room.

Kartik shows his phone to Anurag and: Bhai I havegot something for you

Anurag: What is it Kartik?

Kartik: I clicked pictures of bhabhi in today’s function.

Anurag: I cant see it

Kartik: Why?

Anurag: Your bhabhi wants us to follow all rituals properly

Kartik: Riual is you cant see each other right,but now its you who is going to see her. If not its your lose. She was dazzling today.

Kartik opens the gallery to show the pictures to Anurag

Anurag is totally lost into Prerna. Kartik chuckles

Anurag: Kartik..why are you laughing now?

KArtik: Now I know why you didn’t want to see the pictures. It is not for bhabhi but its selfish

Anurag: What?

Kartik: You very well knew that you couldn’t resist yourself from getting mesmerised and then you can’t wait till tomorrow right

Anurag turns red in blush

Kartik: Bhai..I understand..but just less than 24 hrs of wait..then bhabhi will be with you forever

Anurag: Don’t have any other work?

Kartik: Acha..okay I’ll go..

He gets the phone from Anurag

Anurag stares at him

Kartik: Its my phone by the way.

He turns and leaves . Anurag’s phone buzzes.

Kartik: I have messaged the pictures to you so that it will be useful till you reach the shaadi mandap.

The Scene freezes on their happy faces.


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