Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet meet on a special date

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Pandey asking Amber what happened? Amber says you don’t know what happened in night. RB comes there on cycle and says good morning. Amber asks him to go and says this is my house. RB says it seems you spoke to your lover and she agreed to meet you. Amber tells Dr. Pandey that the cat will be found soon. Dr. Pandey says ok and tells that he will call him when free. Amber tries to stop him. RB says bye and stop cycling. He tells Amber that he is very excited to meet the cat and asks him to be careful, says that cat might go from your life forever. Amber says you have much experience. RB asks Amber to let the cat show her love first and then show her how he loves her. Amber gives the letters to RB and says I know your intention. Guneet tells Jhanvi that she is ready to meet Amber. Jhanvi gets happy and asks her not to tell that she is unsure and says she gets nervous always. Guneet says I think it is a bad idea to meet him. She says he had taken care of my mother when she broke her leg. She says I was reading NDP’s message, got emotional and said yes. She asks Jhanvi to meet Amber and give him an envelope. She tells that she is not giving up soon. Nia asks Kajal to get file from Kabir. Kajal says you are giving up so soon and asks if she gets such feelings seeing him. Nia smiles. Guneet asks Jhanvi to give the envelope to Amber. Jhanvi thinks she is romantic and will not give. Nia comes inside house and talks to Manjiri. She sees letter for RB and gives him. Manjiri asks him to have dinner with them. RB agrees. Just then he reads the letter and goes out of house. Amber tells Nia that he is going to meet Pandey and will have dinner there. Manjiri says this happens in old age. Amber asks what is it? Manjiri says this happens in old age, one doesn’t feel hungry, it is quite normal. Amber comes to the dining table and finishes his dinner fast. Nia and Manjiri laughs. Amber says to Manjiri that old man must be your dad and goes. Nia eats the food and tells that she is enjoying life. Manjiri tells that she has to praise Amber Sharma, he gave good upbringing to my Nia.

Jhanvi tells Guneet that Amber was not in the office. Guneet says where did he go? Jhanvi says he must have gone to Salon and asks her to get ready and go to meet him. She thinks Guneet will thank him for this. Swara comes to Kabir’s house and thinks to serve breakfast to him on bed. Just then door bell rings. Swara hides. Kabir wakes up and goes to open the door. Kajal is on the door and tells that Nia asked for project file. Kabir asks if Nia didn’t come? Kajal says do you think that she will come. Kabir says Nia was silent, when I used to love her all these years, but when I am with Swara, she expressed her feelings to me. Kajal asks him to decide between Nia and Swara. Kabir tells that Swara is mature and can handle him. She is sure about her feelings towards him. Kajal says so you are sure that you loves Swara and not Nia. Swara hears them. She drops something. Kabir and Kajal see her. Swara says surprise breakfast on bed. Kabir asks Kajal to have breakfast. Kajal says she is not hungry. Kajal tells Nia and asks her to meet her in the café, says she will give her hot gossip. Nia says ok.

Amber comes out of his house and waits for Guneet to come. Guneet comes out and looks at Amber. They walk towards each other. Guneet asks where are we going? Amber says home, our home. He says it was yours too, sometime back. Guneet asks if Nia will not have any problem. Amber says Nia is not at home, will come late. Infact nobody is at home. Guneet asks if you want me secretly in your house, will we sneak in? Amber says no, we will go inside through door. Guneet says I am not scared of anyone, we shouldn’t have met. Amber says you are not scared, but I do. He tells that he don’t want anything to get ruined and that’s why he don’t want to go out and talk infront of people. Guneet asks if he doesn’t want to be seen with her. Amber says no and pats on his face. He says we have met inside this house, this is the witness of our love story, if we are meeting then we shall meet here. He opens the door and gets inside with Guneet. He closes the door. Guneet recalls dancing on her side of house and enjoying the time with Amber, Pammi etc. She gets surprised to see romantic decoration. Amber tells that this decoration was not possible on terrace due to rain, so he decorated it here. He asks her to sit. Guneet sits. Amber sings song and serves cinnamon coffee. Guneet smiles and looks at the coffee. Amber asks if she remembers coffee and tells that he didn’t make since she left. Guneet says even I didn’t make.

He plays Kishore Kumar’s song. Guneet smiles and asks yeh shaam mastani song is available. Amber plays the song. She stops music and asks what he wanted to say.

Precap: Guneet tells Amber that she don’t want to go from here with bitterness. Amber asks her to go and calls her coward. He says you are acting as if your heart is broken. Guneet says she don’t run from relations, she loves him and wanted to be with him. Amber looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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