Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber’s meeting with Guneet’s relatives goes berseck

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Guneet that he likes link colors. Guneet asks how bride will look in light colors. Amber says you should have seen Anjali and tells that she was looking so beautiful in pink color and she told that it was lavender color. Guneet looks at him. Amber asks the designer that if he has any bridal dress in lavender color dress. Nia asks him to go and change for the video call. Guneet says I want to talk to you. Amber says you can talk to me whenever you want. Guneet says I am coming to your room. Nia selects clothes for Guneet. Guneet comes to Amber and asks if he is ready for the video call. He says yes and tells that if she wants then he will drink kada, gargle his mouth etc. Guneet asks him to think that he is best and is best always, he knows his strength and weakness. Amber says you are afraid of your Pra ji. Guneet says I didn’t want him to…Amber says reject me..He asks what she will do then? Nia tells that Dad looks good in kurta. Guneet says we want you to look good. Amber says I have decided what to wear. Nia gets happy and says he has thought already. Amber tells that he will wear his marriage suit and tells that Anjali used to say that he will look pataka in it. Guneet says it is old and asks if he can handle her relatives. Amber says yes, everything will be sorted.

Guneet meets her relatives on video call. The relatives greet Guneet and tell that the sweet are good. Guneet tells that these clothes, turban and sweets were Nia’s idea. They ask who is Nia? Pammi says Nia stays in his house. Guneet says Nia is Amber ji’s daughter. Manjiri and Nia come there and greet Guneet’s relatives. They wonder where is Pra ji? Praji comes on video call and the video gets stuck. Manjiri asks Nia to call Amber. Nia asks Amber to come out. Amber says I don’t think that I can wear this. Nia asks him to come out. Pra ji scolds the Servant and asks him to zoom the video. Everyone greets Pra ji. Pra ji says I am seeing computer alliance for the first time and asks where is the groom? Nia says Dad must be coming. Amber comes ready wearing suit. Nia asks what did he wear, it is so tight. Everyone sees his tummy as the laptop is in her hand. Everyone laugh seeing his tummy. Amber sits on the chair. Pra ji asks if he is the groom and says he is looking elder than me. Guneet says he is just 50. Praji says he should have dyed his hairs. They joke that parlour is closed. Amber sits on the chair again and his suit button tears and falls down. Pra ji tells that joker has become the groom. They laugh. Amber greets Praji and others. Pra ji asks him to sit. Amber says I am good. Pammi’s sister laughs.

Pra ji shouts at them and asks them to be quiet. He asks Amber if this house is his. Amber says yes, it is 30 years old house. Pra ji asks if he has any debt and tells that Pammi was telling that his business is not going well. Amber tells that he will manage. They ask him many question. Amber tells that he does yoga, but doesn’t go to gym. They ask him if he knows cooking. Guneet says he makes tasty food. Nia pauses the call. Amber tells that let her relatives ask me. Nia connects the call again and asks what are you saying about Dad. Praji says girls don’t speak infront of us and says this girl’s tongue is running like knife. Amber threatens Pra ji that if he says anything against his daughter then he will not bear. Guneet takes Amber’s stand and tells that they have asked wrong questions. They tell that they shall not speak? Guneet says we shall take 15 mins break and come back to call again.

Guneet comes to Amber’s house. Manjiri signs Nia to talk to her. Nia says what shall I talk? Pammi also comes there. Guneet says the way my relatives talked was wrong so I am sorry, I am really sorry. Pammi asks what did Pra ji say wrong? Guneet says even lovely bua said wrong. Pammi tells that she had an argument with one sister in law before and tells that she can’t upset other sister in law. Manjiri says if Jija ji had come in Raj Kapoor clothes then this wouldn’t have come. Pammi scolds Amber. Amber tells that he was breathless since a long time due to the tight clothes. Pammi asks Guneet to come home. Nia says we shall talk to the relatives together.

Guneet likes her idea and tells Nia that she is not Raj Kapoor’s fan, but of his grand son. She removes his suit. They choose a kurta for him. Later Amber comes wearing kurta without Pajama. Guneet says why you didn’t wear pajama. Nia asks him to go and change it. Amber goes. Nia and Pammi goes to change. Amber comes wearing pant…Guneet smiles looking at him. tu tu hai wahi….plays……She smiles.

Precap: Nia tells Amber that every girl wants to start her new life without any shadow. She asks him to make place for Guneet and tells that if he keeps Anjali in his heart then it would be unfair to Guneet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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