Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber gifts Anjali’s necklace to Guneet

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet asking Amber if he remembers musical night and tells that for the first time, I had seen you in kurta then. She tells that her heart beat had increased then. Amber says whenever I see you, my heart beat increases. Guneet says Jhoota. Nia comes there and tells that she will set the Tab so that no mishap happens. Pra ji sees Amber in Kurta and likes him. Everyone appreciates his looks. They ask Amber to sing a song. Nia says my dad sings well. Amber tells that his throat is bad. He asks which song to sing? Guneet says bade ache lagte hai….Amber sings hum tum kitne pass hai kitne….bade acche lagte hai. Everyone asks him to say more? Amber says and you…. Guneet’s cousin tells that Guneet dances well and you sings well. Pammi says he sings Punjabi song too. Amber says he doesn’t know. Pammi says he knows. Amber sings Punjabi song. Everyone likes it. Praji says even we can sing and asks Lovely to play the Punjabi song. Lovely Bua plays the song, while Guneet, Nia and Pammi dances. Amber joins them and dances. Everyone dances on the video call. Guneet’s relatives tell that they all will come and end the call. Amber and Guneet smiles.

Later Nia comes to Amber and says you made the sikkhas quiet. Amber tells that he is afraid that if he will keep her happy. He says Pra ji asked me about my work and tells that even her Nana asked him the same question. He says he was having confidence then, tells that he is not confident now, some things goes with age. He tells that Pra ji asked me if I can keep her happy or not, but I am not too sure, and felt if I am hurry up for marriage, we should have wait for more time. He asks what do you think? Nia says I have nothing to say, whenever I keep my head on your shoulder, I get relieved. She tells that she will choose his shoulder rather than bank balance. She says I am sure that even Guneet ji will choose this shoulder. Amber says you didn’t let my confident weak. She says you have much confidence, I have to remind you time to time. Guneet comes there and sits. She keeps her hand on their hands. Is Zindagi ka shukriya plays…….

Later Amber comes to room and asks Anjali, if he is hurrying up. Guneet tells that she is going. Amber says I need to talk to you. He makes her sit on the bed and holds her hand. He says I want to give you something. Guneet asks what? Amber says something which is very precious to me, with which years long memory is connected and I want you to handle it now. He shows the jewellery box. He says it was of Anjali and now it is yours. He asks if you are happy? Nia comes there. Amber says I want you to keep this. Guneet says I will leave. She goes out and sees Nia standing. Later Guneet of Amber’s words, that Anjali was looking so beautiful in Lavender’s dress, later he is giving her Anjali’s necklace and saying it is yours now. She gets restless and gets up. She takes the necklace in her hand and keeps it back.

Nia tells Amber that Manjiri Maasi noticed this. Amber says I gave Anjali’s necklace and not yours. Manjiri says I am not interested in necklace. Amber tells that he just wanted to give something to Guneet which is precious to him. Nia says yesterday she liked bright saree, but chose light saree as you liked it. She tells that no girl wants to be in someone’s shadow. She says I am sure that even Mamma doesn’t want anyone to wear her necklace other than me. She asks him to let Guneet do what she wants, even she has wishes. She says no doubt Mamma will be in your heart, but makes a place for Guneet too. Amber realizes his mistake. Nia says he has grown up. Amber says he has to do something big. Nia says Guneet said something to Maasi. Amber says ok.

Precap: Nia, Kajal and Guneet have the party. Amber and Dr. Pandey come to a shop to buy the saree. The sales guy asks if he is marrying in this age?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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