Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet speaks out her feelings for Amber

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber asking Guneet to say something and talk to him. Guneet says I have nothing to speak, I told whatever I wanted to say. She says I came here as I don’t want to take bitterness from here, and wants to take just good memories from here. She says I will leave. Amber asks her to go and says you are a coward, don’t have guts to speak your heart. She asks what did you say? Amber says coward, fearful, run away girl, may be all tree, that’s why KK and doctor couldn’t stay with you. Guneet asks are you blaming me as I am the woman. Amber says no, because you are a common factor, where the matter came for commitment and relation, you backed out. He says until you came to know who was NDP, everything was fine, when you came to know who is he, you wanted to back out. He says Nia is just an excuse, you wanted to go. Guneet says you are telling this to me. Amber says yes, nobody else is here. Guneet holds his hand and is about to take him out, but then she stops him and asks him to wait there. She brings something and tells that they are her memories. She tells that these CD’s and cassettes are your favorite old songs, his favorite book which she searched a lot and found somewhere, shows him Kishore Kumar Signature on his portrait etc.

She says I have kept all these things so that to give you when I met you. She says I was forced to back out. I never betrayed anyone, I was betrayed everytime. She says KK ran away with her money, Anurag was asking her to lie and she couldn’t marry him as she was in love with him (Amber). She tells you had made place in my heart, I started trusting you, you had left me in restaurant and calling me run away girl. She tells that day she couldn’t sleep and felt that she is not suitable for love, nobody wants to make relation with her. She says when I have slapped you, I felt utmost pain. when I came to know that you are NDP, do you know what I felt. She says you saw me in pain, but you didn’t tell that you are NDP. She asks him not to look at her with round eyes. She says now there is nothing left to say. Amber says you got tired of badmouthing about me. He tries to give her box. She says she don’t want it.

He says you was right, I was runaway guy, betrayal, liar etc. He says I was worried that I will lose you and that made me do this. He says when you come infront of me, I feel the high volts. He says when you say something, I feel good about myself. He says these books, CD’s cassettes etc. he says I am afraid that I couldn’t compete with you. Guneet wipes her tears. Amber says there is cookies too with coffees. Guneet says she don’t eat cookies. Amber says it is chocolate chip cookies and asks her to drink it with cookies and then vent out her anger. They sit to have tea and cookies. Tu Aagaye ho plays…..She asks did you make it? Amber says who else will make? He says it is fun to eat cookies under these stars. Guneet says you let me speak and vent out my anger. Now I am feeling that I can move on. Amber asks if she wants to move on from her past or from him. Guneet says it is same.

Amber tells that he thought to let her talk and will give her whatever she asks for. He says he don’t have anything, but one thing he will give, ie blessings. He says wherever you stay, you shall be happy. He says don’t look back due to the disappointment. He holds her hand and gives her clutch to her. Chalte Chalte song plays….He holds her hand and takes her to door. Guneet gets emotional and looks at him. Amber smiles and gets sad. She goes to her house. Amber closes the door.

Precap: RB asks Amber, how was his meeting with the cat? Nia says Dad. Guneet sees Amber and says you are here. Amber says I thought you are going today and asks if she is not going.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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