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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with florist, Pandit ji and decorator are all costing extra. She tells that she can’t handle everything, she has to meet the client also as RB is outside. Kabir asks her to relax and says there is no competition in which you will get prize. He says the idea is to enjoy. He tells that we have to job delegate and asks her to appoint him as her assistant. He tells that he will handle all the work and asks her to concentrate on her job. Nia says so you are my boss. Kabir says no. Nia says you used to trouble me a lot when you was my boss. She teases him and tells that she wants everything to be perfect. Nia says don’t know if Guneet ji is happy or not, how to find out. Kabir tells that first she will cry, laugh and then cry…she is getting married, big thing for her and she has to go through all these stages, when she turns and looks back, she will remember all this and will feel happy, it will be memorable for her. Nia tells that everyone shall remember and shall feel that how marriage happened! Kabir tells that she is special to get her father’s marriage done. Nia says yes, I am special. Kabir says you can see your appraisal.

Pammi’s relatives come and dance in their house. Guneet comes down and dances with them happily. She hugs Lovely bua and says I thought you will not come. Lovely says she has to come. Guneet meets her sisters. Lovely tells that much money is spent on sanitizers than the tickets. Pammi says it is good that you came. Guneet’s cousin shows her the dresses that they have brought for her. Lovely tells that Pammi is very happy today. Pammi gets emotional. Guneet asks her not to cry. Pammi says it is the tears of happiness and says it would have been doubled if the guy was younger. Guneet says her happiness is big as the guy is older. Nia messages Guneet and asks her to come out. Kajal asks if Guneet will come out. Nia says don’t know. She recalls Amber giving him necklace. Guneet comes there and asks what happened? Nia asks do you have to share something with me. Guneet says yes and tells that she has to handle the guests, tells that it is not auspicious to come out before marriage. Nia tells that if she wants to share something with her then say. Nia and Kajal tell that bachelor party. Guneet is surprised and says what people will say. Kajal tells that Kabir told Nia that she shall make the marriage memorable as very few organized their dad’s wedding. Guneet asks what will happen in the party? Kajal says we will call Male dancers. Guneet says what Amber will do and tells that they will do jagrata. Nia tells that they will have party, only girls and asks her to call Jhanvi, and they will call Swara. She says she will send Dad out with Dr. Pandey. Guneet says ok. Jhanvi asks who wears saree in bachelorette party. She asks her to wear something western in which she is comfortable and feels good. She shows her dress. Guneet says it is very small. Jhanvi tries to convince her and says you will look good. Amber comes to the shop to buy lehenga and tells Dr. Pandey that he never bought saree for Anjali and came today to buy lehenga. Salesguy asks if he came to pick lehenga for his daughter. Dr. Pandey says it is my friend’s marriage. Salesguy says wonderful to marry in this age. Amber asks if it will be wonderful to die in this age.

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