Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet and Amber think about each other

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal telling that it is their mistake. Kabir says I was waiting for Nia since many years. Nia says then you have moved on. Kabir says what would I have done then? Nia asks if he couldn’t sense her feelings. Kajal asks them to stop fighting. Shri comes there and hugs them with social distancing. He says Kajal called them. Swara calls Kabir, but Kabir doesn’t see her call. Kabir takes a selfie with his friends. Nia comes home and finds Manjiri snoring and sleeping. She laughs. She goes to RB’s house. Nia sees RB drunk on sofa. She covers blanket on him. RB says in unconscious state, asks why did you leave me and don’t tell me. Nia hears him, finds the envelope there. She reads Naina Chali gayi on the paper. She finds painting there by Naina. Nia peeps in Amber’s room and sees him talking to the lamp. Guneet’s pic is fixed to the lamp. Khud se baatein plays…Nia thinks what dad is doing? That woman has made him mad, she don’t deserve your love. Manjiri asks Nia if he does these things before also. Nia says Dad used to talk to Maa after her death. She says he used to keep her photo on bed and sleep. She says I am very worried for dad. Manjiri says he might be cursing me seeing my pic and says I know how to handle such situation. Nia asks
Manjiri to keep eye on Dad. Manjiri asks how?

Guneet thinks of Amber’s words. Saathi mil gaya plays…..Manjiri asks Amber, what is he doing? Amber says cleaning. Manjiri says bhakti cleans the house. Amber says bhakti don’t come here to clean the house. She tries to see Guneet’s pic, but Amber keeps it in the almari and asks her not to peep in his room again. She goes. Amber takes out Guneet’s pic and keeps it in the drawer. Pammi calls Guneet and says she has to beg to get hot tea. Guneet comes and says she will give her tea. Pammi thinks don’t know what happened to her mind, she is in dreams. Guneet says she will give her tea in flask. Pammi says when we go to new house, then you will say asking me to give chole bature etc. Guneet thanks God. Pammi says I am with you since the beginning. Guneet hugs her and says that’s why I love you very much.

Kabir acts as Swara and says what is this drama, that you will not eat. He says you have done mistake and I will eat food. He tries to make Swara eat the food, but she ignores him and goes.

Manjiri asks Amber to take food. Amber refuses to eat food. Manjiri says if you don’t eat food then your sugar level will drop and you will faint. Amber takes the plate and eats the food. She says there is an Ashram and asks him to go there and stay some days. She teases him. Amber gets upset. Manjiri asks Nia to come and have food.

Guneet talks to Jhanvi on call and tells that she had told him that she will not meet him, but misses him. Jhanvi asks did you hear Sumit’s show. She says a man once called him and tells that he can’t express his love to his wife. She says Sumit replied that you are not listening to your heart, thinking about others and asks her to take a step. She says you will get your answers soon. Guneet asks what did you do? Jhanvi asks her to meet her.

Amber tells Nia that Manjiri’s husband was bad. Nia says even you was running after dash. Amber says even your dash ran away. RB says so this is the good morning of the dashing family. Manjiri asks him to have breakfast. RB says I will eat. Manjiri gives her paratha. Nia asks RB, how is he? RB says I am fine and asks Amber to pass the food. Amber asks Nia to give the agreement papers and asks if food is written in it. RB asks how was your meeting with the cat? Amber asks him to have food and leave. RB asks didn’t you agree to my suggestion. Amber says it was not written in contract that I will agree. RB says have a nice day and leaves. Nia asks Amber.

Precap: Amber looks at Guneet hidingly. He asks if she is not going today. Guneet says there is a problem and asks him to write something good about her, two lines. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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