Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet speaks out her feelings to Nia during party

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi asking Guneet what is it? Guneet shows flower. Pammi says clothes, it is not there. Nia and Kajal says there are clothes on her and counts the frill of her skirt. Neighbor lady says Guneet is spoiling with girls. Pammi tells that Guneet is not old and tells that she will show them have to have fun. She asks the ladies to go to jagrata. Shuklayan tells that Guneet’s marriage comes once, Jagrata comes always. They all dance. Amber signs the waist size of lehenga. The salesguy says this size is of a girl. Amber tells that my waist size is 36. Hers must be 30. Salesguy goes to bring the lehenga. Pammi asks Kajal if the guys are called to party. Kajal says do you know that…..She tells that she has arranged the male dancers. Shri and Kabir comes there. Pammi says they? Kajal says dancers will come. They all dance and drink wine. Angrezi beat pe…plays….Guneet asks Pammi not to get drunk. Pammi says today is my daughter’s marriage. Shri tells Kabir that ladies are drunk…Kabir tells that let Nia be happy, I have never seen her happy like this. He says what she did to get her Dad ki dulhan, only she can do. Amazing….Shri looks at Nia. Swara comes to Kabir while dancing. Nia thanks Kabir for the arrangements. She asks them to go and says please. Kabir says marriage is remaining. Nia announces the game and tells that music will be played, when it stops, whoever gets the lazer light on them shall play true or dare. Pammi tells that they know the game. Shuklayan and other neighbor tell that they used to play the game. Nia plays the music and the light stops on Swara. Swara chooses truth. Kajal asks are you jealous of Nia? Swara looks on.

The salesguy tells that the lehenga will be ready in 10 days, as this design s not in stock. That customer had bought it. Amber sees the girl and her mother buying the lehenga. He tells Dr. Pandey that they will get this lehenga only.

Swara says ofcourse…I was…and I was very angry too as I thought she is coming inbetween us. Nia says I tried, but…Swara tells that now she has understood that it is impossible to throw Nia out of his life. Kajal says Kabir will get jealous seeing you both. Music plays again. Lazer lights stops on Guneet. Jhanvi says we shall make Guneet do Cabre on old song. Nia asks her to say truth. Guneet asks her to stop. Nia says I am trying to know the truth. Guneet asks you know everything. Nia asks her to say the truth. Guneet asks what?

Nia asks her to say truth. Guneet says truth. Nia asks Kajal to play music. Amber tells the lady that they have chosen the lehenga which her daughter has tried. The lady tells that we have chosen this lehenga and asks him to take some other lehenga. She asks if he wants for his daughter. He says I want it for my bride. The lady says you are getting remarried. Amber says yes. She says don’t you think that you shall marry in a simple marriage and says you have grown old. Her daughter asks her to be quiet. Amber tells that she is not saying wrong and tells that he has a daughter of her age, but the lady whom he is marrying, it is first marriage for her and she likes this lehenga. He says just as you wanted that lehenga, but you took this lehenga for your mother. The girl gives her lehenga to Amber. Amber thanks her. Guneet thinks about KK ditching her, Anurag breaking the and Amber’s argument with her.

Nia asks Guneet if she is feeling bad? Guneet tells that when two times her relations broke, everyone blamed her. She tells that she has lived life like a joker and then she fell in love with her boring dad. She says I am jumping in the valley even after knowing. Nia says you are doubtful that if he will be a good husband or not. Guneet says no and tells that I am doubtful that he is not interested in marriage. Nia says no. She says he gets worried whenever he starts something. Guneet asks did I ask him to marry me, and tells that she is happy to talk to him in balcony and having a secret meeting outside the trees, hiding from you. She says he told that Anjali liked light color, but I like bright color. She says that day he called me to room and said that….she says your maa Anjali..and says I think that Amber ji will never give me or anyone, as his wife’s Anjali place. Nia says may be he can’t give, but why do you need someone else place. She says you like dark color, so wear it. She asks her to dance and tells that Dad met only two people. She says when he came to know that you are Baawra Mann, he reserved a special place in his heart for you and asks her to handle Dad’s life and make it exciting. Guneet says swear and they drink. Nia asks if she will wear the necklace, given by her Dad. Guneet says I will not wear and says I know that he will not feel bad. Nia asks her not to change else she will not marry her. They hug and dance….They dance together on the song daru peeke dance kare….

Precap: Nia asks Amber if he has bought the lehenga. Guneet gets happy and likes it. Nia empties Anjali’s almari and gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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