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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pammi tells Guneet that shifting guys couldn’t come here till this week. Shukla uncle says this is happening due to lockdown problem. Pammi says we will stay here for another week. Guneet recalls Amber’s words and tells that they will stay another week, will celebrate Seema ji’s birthday before leaving. She gives gifts to Seema. Seema gets happy. Shukla uncle tells that he will call the guests. Guneet asks him not to call many guests due to the situation. She says she will call Jhanvi. Shukla tells that he will call Amber and Dr. Pandey. Guneet asks him to call them and tells that she will come too. Pammi, Seema and Shukla uncle get happy. Guneet smiles.

Some guys keep the boxes in Amber’s house. Amber asks them to respect the knowledge. They tell that they are doing their work. Manjiri teases Amber. Amber teases her back and tells that she drinks his blood. She says Doctor asked me not to drink bitter blood else you wouldn’t have been saved from me. Amber says this is your planning. She tells that she don’t attack wounded tiger and tells that she has heard him talking to Guneet. She says Guneet is leaving and you can’t help yourself. She says you couldn’t see your daughter’s pain. Amber asks if RB has done something. Manjiri says not RB, but Kabir. Kabir is moving in with Swara in his house. Amber says how Nia will handle this situation, why this happens with Sharma. Manjiri says you people loves from heart fully. He says I started liking him a bit, would have made him drink more bitter coffee. He comes to Nia and asks why didn’t you tell me about Swara and Kabir. Nia says you have also not told me about letter for Guneet.

Amber asks who told you? Nia says Maasi. Manjiri comes there and says I thought you both must be fighting and crying. Nia says we were talking how you got settled in the house. Amber tells Manjiri that she did right by telling them about each other. Shukla calls Amber. Amber picks the call and tells that he is talking loudly. Shukla uncle invites him for Seema’s birthday party and Guneet’s farewell. Amber says he will try to come, but not sure. Nia asks him not to go. Amber goes. Nia gets worried for Amber. Manjiri asks her not to worry about Amber, as he knows to take the right decisions and knows to test the people. She says if he had chosen me rather than Anju then blood rivers will have flown here. Nia laughs.

Kabir brings Swara to his house while blind folded her and jokes that he will get ransom from her dad. He opens her blindfold and tells that it is her new house. He gives her key and tells that it is her new cupboard key. He asks if she will move in to his house with him. Swara says yes and hugs him happily.

Guneet checks her dresses. Jhanvi comes and asks if she is going out. Guneet says she wants to wear a good dress for Shuklayan’s birthday. Jhanvi says clothes shall be good. Guneet asks her to do her work. Dr. pandey calls Amber and sees him coming in suit holding bouquet in hand. Amber asks him not to let him do anything wrong today. Guneet asks Jhanvi to keep check on her, as she don’t want to do any mistake. Dr. Pandey sings song. Amber says I have a doubt on your degree. Jhanvi does Guneet’s make up and teases her. RB is grinding something in the grinder. Nia asks if he is fine as he got the news. He asks what? Nia asks if Naina was close to you, who had died. RB gets lost. Nia says I am so sorry sir, I was worried for you. RB says who asked you to worry about me, who are you? He asks what do you want and tells that he doesn’t like interference. Nia says sir. He asks her to go. She goes.

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