Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet hug each other in party

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber staring Guneet’s rashes and tells that she is looking beautiful. He says I will take this tray and asks her to make another tray ready. She asks him if he can become Nodramaplz for today. Amber says ok and asks her to make the other tray ready. He comes out and tells that Guneet’s face has turned red and asks if they shall take her to hospital. Dr. Pandey says not necessary. Amber asks them not to let her know about rashes and asks them to hide all the mirrors and not to tell her anything. Guneet comes there and greets everyone. She gives juice to Dr. Pandey. Dr. Pandey looks at her rashes and says no problem. He takes the juice. Pammi comes there and tells Guneet that her face is having rashes on her face. Guneet checks her face in the mirror and asks why nobody told me. Dr. Pandey says I told that there is no problem. Amber says he will bring the ointment. Guneet says she will bring and asks him to come with her. Shukla aunty tells that it is in downstairs room. They go there. Amber guides Guneet to apply the cream. She tells that she has to go and searching house since 3 months. She says who sings kishore kumar songs early morning in melodious voice. Amber thanks her for compliment. Guneet says then you shout Nia and then Shanti. Amber says no as Shanti is not coming. She says your cooker whistles a lot and asks him why don’t he get it repaired. Amber says shop was closed for 3 months due to lockdown.

Guneet says I slapped you, didn’t talk to you since 3 months, scolded you so much. She says what did you do in return? You made the stars and tent. She says you made good tea for me. I was staring at you while drinking tea and tells that the letter which was so nicely written and she didn’t know that someone sees her with a beautiful sight. She says if you do this, then how will I go from here? Amber asks her not to go, from his heart, home and neighborhood. She says you didn’t ask me not to go. Amber says I wanted to say, but you asked me not to do drama. She says I had worn saree for you, applied make up. Amber says goldway make up is good. Guneet says Jhanvi had applied it. She says you would have applied cream on my face, but had said left right left.. Amber holds her hand and says that Anjali used to say that when two people hug each other then their heat beats are heard. Guneet says Anjali was right. Amber hesitates to hug her and opens his arms wide. Guneet feels shy. She makes him hold her waist and makes him hug her. Amber breaks the hug and asks her to wait for him to handle himself. He says he is not habitual to hug and asks if she felt bad. Guneet says no. They sit closely. Saathi song plays…..Guneet holds his hand and says when someone learns to love then never forgets to love, like riding the cycle. Amber says actually I am old model car. He takes ointment from her hand and applies on her face with his finger. Dr. Pandey calls Amber and asks if ointment is found. Amber says I am searching poison for you hakeem.

They come out. Seema sings jai mata di…Pammi tells that they have come for party and not for jagrata and asks them to sing song with e..Shukla uncle and Jhanvi ask Amber to sing. Amber sings ek roz main tadapkar….Guneet smiles…Everyone claps for him. Seema aunty asks Guneet to sing the song…Amber signs her…Guneet sings the song gum hai kisi ke pyaar me….They all dance. Jhanvi makes Guneet fall on Amber intentionally. They smile. Seema aunty cuts the cake and makes everyone have it. Amber takes the cake piece and silently makes Guneet takes a bite. He then eats it and cleans pastry from her lips with his finger. Guneet smiles.

Jhanvi brings samosas for them. Guneet signs Amber. He keeps the plate and signs her to take samosa. She takes samosa. He also takes a samosa. Kora kagaz tha yeh mera….plays….While posing for Pic, Amber keeps his hand on Guneet’s hand and then keeps his hand on her shoulder. Shukla uncle takes the selfie with them.

Precap: Amber calls Guneet and asks her to let her hair open and says you look very good. Guneet frees her hair. Amber smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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