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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with RB telling Nia that her dad and best friend saves her from him always. He says it is my mistake that I thought you smart, matured and confident, but no and asks her to leave the mentorship. Amber comes there and asks what are you doing here? RB asks her to handle her small company with her small mind, till then get lost. Amber gets angry on RB and asks how can you talk to my daughter like this. Nia asks Amber to calm down and tells him that she can handle him, asks why is he interfering. She goes. Amber thinks what happened to her. He comes behind her. Nia asks him not to talk to her. Amber goes and calls someone asking to meet him. Guneet hears the song oh mere dil ke chain and recalls her romantic moment with Amber. Amber is about to message her, but stops. She opens the cartoon and takes out some stuff. He thinks he shall message and thinks after 5 mins. Guneet decorates the flowers in the vase. He thinks he shall message her right now. She checks her phone for his message. She thinks it is just 7 am and messages him good morning. Amber also messages her good morning. Guneet laughs. He calls her. Guneet picks the call. Amber says you woke up early today and asks if she is going to radio show. She says yes, thought to inform the world. Amber laughs and says what type of love is this? Guneet asks him to wait for the right time. Amber says he is 50 years now and asks until when he shall wait. They make tea in their respective homes. He tells that he used to stare her from his window and used to think that this woman sleeps so much. Guneet asks did you talk to Nia? Amber says I will tell you later and tells that he needs to make something fine, time and location. Guneet laughs. Pammi comes and asks with whom is he talking to? Guneet says she is talking to a representative and ends the call.

Nia tells Kajal that she has lost mentorship with RB. Kajal says you will not work with RB and tells that he has destroyed Karan’s career. Nia tells that he has made many people careers and tells that neither Kabir nor her shall interfere.

Kabir comes to meet Amber. Amber gives him coffee and then starts yelling at Kabir for leaving his daughter and choosing Swara. He tells that Nia is upset all day. Kabir tells that if I tell you RB’s truth then you will kill him. Nia talks to Kajal and tells that she will not leave her mentorship and asks if she will leave the mentorship if she gets. Kajal asks do you think I am jealous of you and tells that Kabir had asked her to enquire about RB as the latter wanted to take her (Nia) to Bangalore. A fb is shown for the same. Kajal enquires about him and comes to know some bad facts about RB. Kabir asks Kajal to meet Nia and warns her. fb ends. Kajal asks if she thinks even Kabir is jealous of her and ends the call.

Amber tells that he had doubt on RB from the beginning. Kabir says we need to keep Nia far from him. Amber says RB is gone now. Kabir says I will choose who will stay in my life. Nia comes there and asks what happened? Kabir says your dad thinks that your problems in life is because of me. He leaves. Nia asks why did you shout at him? She says he is not your son, just my friend. Amber says if he will do mistake then I will shout at him. He says I made him drink my coffee and have the right to scold him. Nia looks tensed.

Precap: Amber comes out of his house. Guneet also comes out of her house. Nia asks if she didn’t go. Guneet says I am not going anywhere, will stay in Shukla’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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