Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber thinking this is not just about loving Guneet? He gets tensed. Nia starts her presentation. Amber calls her. She rejects his calls. Kabir brings caramel tea and gives to him. Amber says he don’t need. Kabir asks him to help him with song selection and plays the song. Amber says when Nia will come? Kabir says she has gone for work, she will come. He says I can understand your nervousness, this is normal. Amber asks how many times did you marry? Kabir says I didn’t marry but. He asks him to vent out his nervousness. Amber hits Kabir. Kabir feels pain. Pammi tells Amber that she wants to talk to him about something. Amber asks if she wants dowry. Pammi says no and tells that they want him to look good like Guneet. Amber tells that he will wear lehenga and come to mandap. Lovely Bua asks him to dye his hairs. Kabir asks what are you saying? Lovely says he has many white hairs, will look like groom’s father. Kabir says he has style. Lovely says he shall look young. Amber says they want young groom and asks Kabir to go to side.

He says I will return your young days back to you all and is about to put dye on their hair. They run away from there. Amber throws the hair dye pack, thinks he might do something wrong and thinks Nia pick my call. Kajal brings the mehendi, bangles and other stuff box. Kabir says it is so good, asks Pammi and Lovely to go and come for sangeet. Kajal asks what happened? Kabir says uncle has done something. Amber continues to call Nia. Kabir says we shall keep eye on him.

Jhanvi and make up designer make Guneet ready. Amber calls Guneet and tells that her Maa and Bua are irritating him. Guneet asks him to understand. Amber asks her to come and meet him. Guneet says I can’t come now. Jhanvi takes the call and asks him to dye his hairs. Guneet asks him to just refuse. Amber says you are ashamed of me and asks her to tell what to change in him. He asks him to bring some black hair guy. Guneet says she would have searched understanding guy. Amber asks shall I become bald or apply two colors to my hairs. Guneet tells him that she has no problem with his white hairs or color hairs, she just wants to be with him. The call gets disconnected. Guneet says I will go and meet him. Jhanvi stops him. Amber gets irritated. Guneet asks them to get her charger and says he might be worried. Amber sends voice message to Nia that his BP is increasing and asks her to inform Guneet that….

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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