Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet asks Amber to tell Nia about their relation

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Manjiri that he has found vulgar thing in Kabir’s house. Manjiri says if you had found Swara’s bra in Kabir’s house which you are calling Vulgar. Amber says he will not leave that Kabir. Nia comes there and gives medicine to Amber. Amber makes Manjiri have medicine and asks her to get well soon as she needs to take care of many. He goes. Nia looks on. Kajal comes there and returns the gifts and things which Nia had given her. Nia asks if you are breaking up with me. Kajal says you doubted on me. Nia says I am already in trouble, I lost mentorship, Kabir and Swara moved in together, Guneet doesn’t want away from Dad’s life, plus you. Kajal says ok, I am sorry. Nia asks her to hug her. Kajal hugs her. Nia says I am sorry. Kajal says you should be. She asks about Kabir. Nia says he couldn’t go from her heart. Kajal asks about RB sir. Nia tells that she will get back mentorship and will go to Bangalore. She says Manjiri Maasi will handle dad and tells that she was surprised.

Guneet buys vegetable from the cart while talking to Amber. Amber asks her to take Turai. Guneet asks why shall I listen to crazy old man and asks why did you go to Kabir’s house. She says whenever Nia’s heart breaks then she will learn by herself, why don’t you understand. Amber is cleaning his car and asks her to take Dhaniya extra as he will make chutney. Guneet buys it. Amber asks did you shampoo your hair today and asks her to let it free, as she looks good in it. Guneet opens her hairs. Amber thanks her for calling her crazy and for Nia also. Guneet smiles. Aaj Mausam plays…..

Nia tells Kajal that Maasi handles Dad well. Kajal says so there is nobody in her life. Nia asks are you thinking the same thing which I am thinking. She says dad and maasi, says I think that all fight is sorted. They think to settle down Amber with Manjiri. Amber thinks of Guneet and sings yeh naina yeh kajal….Shukla ji comes there and says how are you? He says Shuklayan and I were talking about you since the party day, you had moved mirrors for Guneet ji. Amber asks why did you come? Shukla ji tells that he came to give kheer to him. Amber asks where is it? Shukla says someone is bringing it. Amber sees Guneet bringing kheer in the bowl. Shukla ji says Guneet asked us to give kheer to you, else you will feel bad if you get the smell. Amber says do you remember it. Guneet says yes. Shukla ji says I told that I will bring the bowl, but she insisted to take it. Amber says may be it got very sweet. Guneet gives the bowl to Amber and says it is hot. Shukla ji says surely something had happened that night and asks if he said right.

Kajal asks Nia how you will ask Maasi? Nia says they used to hate each other, but seems like they have befriend each other and joke too. Kajal says you don’t need to do anything, they are staying in the same house and interact, so anything is possible. Shukla ji says you have stopped shouting and Guneet ji refused to go from our house. Guneet asks Shukla ji to go. Amber asks Shukla to have tea. Shukla tells that he have to go as his wife called him and goes. Amber and Guneet laugh. Amber tells that there is nobody at home. Guneet says your intentions are not right. Amber says not good. Guneet says we shall eat kheer.

Nia plans to impress RB and asks her to give ideas. Kajal says I can’t say anything. Nia and Kajal have coffee. Amber and Guneet sit to have kheer. Guneet asks him to eat it and asks did you tell Nia. Amber signs no. Guneet says she will make an excuse to meet him tomorrow and asks him to tell Nia. Amber says just now her heart broke, what people will say that father is….Guneet asks when will be the right time, when she finds someone. Amber says no. Guneet asks why did you scold me. He says I didn’t scold you and tells that he wants to tell about his mother. He says his mother used to know his father very well. He says she used to make kachoris for my father so that he agrees to my sayings. She asks are you waiting for Nia to be happy and will make kachoris for her. Amber says no. I just want her to be happy. Guneet asks if Nia comes to know about this from someone else then she will feel bad. Amber tells that he is waiting for the right time, when Nia will start respecting her like she used to be. Guneet gets hopeful. Dr. Pandey comes to Amber’s house and takes their pic. He calls them chichore…Guneet says door was closed. Dr. Pandey asks how did I come? Guneet says I didn’t come. Dr. Pandey asks Guneet to give her hand in his hand. Amber stops Guneet and says Dr. Pandey is a panauti. He asks Amber why you didn’t tell me about you both. He asks did you tell Nia? Amber says no and asks did you tell your mother? Guneet says she will tell, but she is a bomb. Amber says then we shall wait, if she blasts in Shukla’s house then there will be no roof. They laugh. Amber asks Dr. Pandey what he will become after growing up. Dr. Pandey says a child. Everyone laughs.

Later Nia is working on her laptop. Amber is kneading the flour and tells Manjiri that Nia is not talking to him. Manjiri says she must be busy. She asks what does he want to talk and says you can talk to me. Amber says I have to talk to her, and tell her what is going on in life. He says we used to take time for each other. Manjiri says let her solve her problems first and says if you want to fight then call me. She asks him not to take tension. Amber thinks I shall talk to her once she handles herself.

Guneet tells Amber that they will talk to Nia together. Manjiri informs Nia that Amber is still having an affair with Guneet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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