Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia gets back the mentorship against Amber’s wish

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber and Guneet thinking about each other. Oh Hansini song plays……She recalls his words asking her to let her hair free and smiles. They begin chatting. He asks what kind of life partner she wants, when her heart haven’t broken? Guneet says someone like who doesn’t want to change her, who is crazy and loves me a lot. She messages that he shall love and respect her a lot. Amber says you have many hopes and asks who will fulfill this qualities. Guneet replies that she found one. Amber says I will break his feet. Guneet asks him not to do this, else you will come with broken feet to me. He says do I have all the qualities. Guneet says yes, that’s why I was trapped. He says if you make me sleep like this, then…He smiles.

Nia is sleeping in her room and gets up. She keeps some papers in the bag. Shri tells RB that he will talk to Nia about the design. RB says company change, design change. Shri says we have worked on this with Kajal and Nia. RB says if he has problem working with someone else. Shri says no. Nia comes there and tells that she has make the three phases designs ready. RB gets up and goes. Nia recalls her conversation with Kajal. She waits for him. Shri comes there and asks where is RB? Nia says he left and didn’t see the designs. Shri asks what you will do? Nia says she will not go until she shows the designs and get back her mentorship. Shri says I will wait with you. Nia asks him to go. Shri says ok, I will go and make food at home, jokes asking her not to call him if she needs help. Nia gets sleepy. She opens her eyes and sees RB near her. She gets up and says sorry for sleeping. RB tells that he has seen the design and asks if she thought that she will get mentorship? He asks do you really think that you deserve it? Nia says I didn’t value it, as so much was going on in my life. She says if you give me a chance then I will prove myself. He asks will you back off because of your father. She says ok. He asks will you trust me? Nia says yes. He gives her a chance. Nia is about to hug him and stops. They laugh. RB signs that he likes her designs.

Guneet and Amber are talking on phone while she is in her balcony and he is standing outside his house. Guneet tells him that if he wants to talk to Nia then we shall talk together. Amber says ok, we will tell together. Nia comes back home. She says I want to tell you something. Amber also wants to talk to her. He asks will you take me for dinner. Nia asks what is going on in your mind. RB tells Nia that he has mailed her tickets to Bangalore and asks her to read something. Amber asks Nia if this man is forcing him. Nia says she wants to go for her company. RB says I knew it. Amber tells that RB is not a good guy. Nia goes.

Amber meets Guneet that he doesn’t trust Rishi Burman. Guneet says Nia is grown up now, let her take her own decisions, this must be necessary for her to go. Amber says I have to think. Guneet says I have to talk to Nia and tell her. Amber says when we have decided to talk to her. Guneet tells that she has to find the way alone to tackle her. Amber asks alone?

RB gets a letter by post and opens the envelope. He sees it and gets emotional. Amber comes there. RB asks what happened, if you have come here to fight or to say something. Amber says I came to ask you, what is your intention about my daughter Nia. RB says you are accusing me without proofs. He says first of all, your daughter is grown up and secondly, my intentions are good. Amber asks why are you trying to make my daughter against me? RB says you are insulting your daughter, do you think that she will get against you. He says I am not a fool to snatch the cub from the tiger’s cave. He asks if Nia comes to know about you, as she got all the info about me. He says when Nia will come to know about you, then nobody needs to make her against you. She will be automatically. Amber goes.

Guneet comes to Kabir and Swara’s house and give them gift. Swara and Kabir thank her. Guneet says this is for the house warming gift. Swara leaves for work. Kabir asks Guneet to have coffee. Guneet says she will come with him. She asks Kabir to talk to Nia and make her understand. Kabir says you are not staying in Nia’s house, then how did you know? Guneet says Manjiri told me, Nia’s aunt. She asks if she will convince her. Kabir says I don’t think she will agree after seeing Swara and me in the house. Guneet says you love her so much. Kabir says we are staying together and trying to know each other. Guneet says I am talking about Nia. You love her very much. Kabir looks on.

Precap: Guneet asks Amber to confess her love to her. Amber smiles and is about to say, when they see Nia in her balcony.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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