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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet saying you love her so much. Kabir says yes to Swara, and tells they are trying to know each other. Guneet says I was talking about Nia and tells that it is visible. Kabir tells that he is committed to Swara now. Guneet tells that she is not asking him to cheat Swara and he is not that kind of guy. She tells that the concern for Nia is love and says why is he refusing to acknowledge it. Kabir says yes, you are right. your love becomes just a friend in life. He says there is no need to suppress the love, I shall not feel guilty and talk to Swara. He thanks Guneet and tells that he will talk to Nia and Swara. He says it is very difficult to convince Nia as she is Amber Sharma’s daughter. He says he has to tell her and then leave decision on her. Guneet looks on.

Nia thinks about her conversation with Amber and RB. She comes to hall. Amber says I was about to call you, they sit down to watch a film. Nia says we are not watching film, and mute TV. She asks him to say what is in his mind. Amber says what is the use of talking? Nia starts praising RB and tells that she is learning from him. Amber gets upset with her. Manjiri asks them to take a heavy breath, close their eyes and later open their eyes. They open their eyes. Amber asks what is this nonsense? Nia hugs Amber and Manjiri. Amber says this is twisted family. Manjiri says atleast this is a family feeling.

Pammi tells Guneet that she thought she has befriended Amber and will not go now. Guneet asks how did you know? Pammi says that day in the party you both become friends. Amber calls her and asks her to come out. He asks her to pretend to talk to phone. She asks why did you call me outside. Guneet says if I had not called you then how would I see your beautiful face. Amber asks her not to look at him. Nia asks Manjiri to sit and relax. Manjiri tells that Amber Sharma and I can’t be together. Nia asks if you need companion in life. Maasi says compatibility and love is necessary. She says I know that my jiju loved only my sister in his life. Nia says I want Dad to have someone in his life. She says I wish he finds love again. Amber talks to Guneet and tells that he thinks that they shall give her sometime. Guneet says give her sometime and says even Kabir said this. Amber says I thought you are intelligent, and says you are doing a foolish thing and believing yamdood’s words. He says I called you to talk about me and you are talking about Kabir. He goes inside. Guneet messages him to come out. He comes out and calls her. Guneet rejects the call and talks to him directly. She says this is the problem, that you don’t share your problem with me. Amber says I will handle my daughter’s problem. Guneet says if you can’t share your problem with me then what is the use. Amber says Nia is my daughter..Guneet asks who am I then? Amber says I am not understanding and asks her not to think about him. Guneet says ok, I will not think about you also. Amber goes inside his house. Guneet goes to her house.

Amber regrets fighting with her. Guneet makes sweet coffee for him and says all bitterness will go.

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