Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia gets thinking about Kabir

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet coming to Amber’s tours and travel’s office. Amber is busy on call. Guneet comes inside. Amber ends the call. Guneet comes inside and asks about her stuff. Amber says that side. Guneet says I have to make online presentation and my stuff is with you, so…I will take 1-2 hours. Amber asks her to sit and says he will work from home. Guneet says why you will go from your office. Amber says he is doing work from home only and came today. Guneet says I will message you when my work is over. He finds the door locked while trying to go out. Guneet asks why it is not opening. Amber says he has to call someone to open the door. Guneet says just now I came, how did it get stuck? Amber says door was closed since three months, may be stuck due to dust.

Kabir calls Nia to talk to him. Nia signs him to answer his question. Nia asks if it is important. Kabir says ofcourse for me, and asks him to say why they stopped dating? Nia says I had a job and career to be made and you was promoted, so dating stopped. Kabir asks her to do her work. Nia asks him to say. Kabir says we can do together, love, date and life. He says love and life goes together. Nia looks on. Kabir says that day was very enjoyable, we had a good time together, we played games and ran together. He says when I went home, I was alone in empty room. He says I thought why I am doing this, living life alone. He says I never wanted such life and tells that he wanted to be with her. He says he can’t live without her alone. Nia says I know, we were alone in lock down and I missed you so much. Kabir holds her cheeks and says I missed you too. Rishi Burman looks at them from outside. Nia says we both have nobody in our life and we shall be with each other. She says best friends are together for each other, says they shall need to spend more time with each other and shall meet after office. Kabir gets upset, but kisses on her forehead. He says I will never lose our friendship. RB hears them.

Amber calls someone and asks to send key maker. Guneet is on call. Woh shaam ajeeb thi….plays…He serves Tea in the cup and gives to her. Sad song continues to play. Guneet looks on while working and sipping Tea. Amber looks at her.

Nia turns to Kabir. Kabir asks her to go and says RB must be waiting for you. Nia says yes, workshop will start. Kabir says yes. Honge na juda tumse plays….She makes sad face. Kabir asks her not to make puppy face and says I am coming. RB looks at them. Swara comes to kabir and asks where was he? Kabir says I was doing some work. RB says you all will crack a big business deal, but there will be a long term commitment, and asks what will be the foolishness? Kabir says we have to be ready. RB says focus and throws marker pen on Nia. He asks her to go out and play. Nia says sorry. At home, Kajal asks Nia to look at her. Nia tells that RB sir wanted me to show presentation, but he didn’t see. Kajal says lets play game and asks about Kabir. Nia gets thinking. Kajal says love. Nia says best friend.

Amber tells Guneet that Upadhya will bring someone to open the door. Guneet thanks him for tea and tells that it is good that they got time to talk to each other. Kajal asks Nia to tell. Nia says she felt as Kabir wanted to express his feelings to me and asked about my feelings, but….Kajal says Kabir had said this before and he backed off as you told that they are just friends. Nia tells that there was something in his eyes when he said that he wants to settle down. She says the feeling is different. Kajal asks her to tell clearly to Kabir. Nia says Kabir is very important to me, if I told my feelings to him, then if our friendship gets spoiled. Kajal says you will die alone. Nia smiles.

Amber asks Guneet to say. Guneet says that day my mother came to your husband and troubled you. Amber says I don’t get upset with her, she must be worried. Guneet says she was stuck during lockdown and it is difficult for me to handle her. She says she asked why we are not living in your house, so I told her that you have increased rent and that’s why we are not staying in your house. She asks him to say the same thing if Pammi ask her. Amber asks if that is all? She says yes.

Precap: Amber tells that their relation must be something. Guneet says for the first time, I am thinking bad about someone or saying. Nia comes there and see them in office. She calls Guneet and asks her to meet her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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