Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia realizes her love for Kabir

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia thinking to call Kabir. She thinks she missed him. She calls Kajal and asks whom I used to tell after I got my salary first. Kajal says Kabs. Nia asks who handles my tantrums along with Dad. Kajal says Kabs. She asks her to say next and says Nia tells that she is an idiot. Kajal says she is washing her face. Nia says if Kabir was more than my friend then? Kajal asks what? Nia says I think that I love my best friend. Kajal asks what did you say and shouts happily. She says my favorite humans in love and asks how did you figure out? Nia says I missed him during lockdown and you also made me realize. Kajal shouts happily. Nia asks her to stop screaming.

Amber tells Guneet that he has always regretted and knows that it is very difficult to forgive others, but we shall forgive one mistake. He says we were friends, that talks had some meaning. Guneet says we were friends, but our relation is ruined now. She says I don’t want to move back, I have left that and don’t want to talk about it. She says I want to cut my body part and throw it, you are like that rotten body part, which I couldn’t throw. Whenever I see you, I feel pain and helpless, thinks I am getting inside the pit. She says she is a very happy woman, but sad because of him.

Nia tells Kajal that she is going to pick Dad as car is with her. Kajal asks when she will tell Kabir. Nia says she is scared, if something wrong happens then? Kajal says you are Sharma ji’s daughter and asks her to plan something romantic. Nia says ok, I will talk to you after coming back. Guneet says I gave you many chances, but you didn’t tell me the truth. She says she never regretted, but today she is regretting to meet him, stay in his house, chat with him and tells that he made her a sad person which she is not. Nia comes there and opens the stuck door from outside. Guneet and Amber looks at her. Guneet tells Amber that she never think bad about others, but this is the first time that she is thinking or saying bad about someone. She leaves from there. Amber looks upset and heart broken. Nia looks at his face.

They come home. Nia asks Amber, why is he doing this? Amber asks what did I do? Nia says why don’t you understand, that woman has insulted you so much and you let her stuff kept in your office. She asks if he is enjoying getting insulted. Amber looks upset. Nia recalls everything. Amber tells Pandey that Nia is upset with Guneet. He says why Guneet shall forgive him. Dr. Pandey asks him to give time to Nia and Guneet, both. He says where is love, there hatred can’t stay. Amber says nothing will happen. Dr. Pandey says you didn’t agree for defeat when you saw bad time. Amber says this time I have realized that she has gone far from me and it is not possible for her to come to me. Dr. Pandey asks shall I talk to her. Amber asks what you will say? Dr. Pandey says if you have faith then magic will speak. He asks do you have that magic, trust yourself and then magic will work.

Nia recalls telling Guneet that whoever doesn’t respect her dad, such person doesn’t have place in her house. Amber recalls Guneet’s words. Guneet also recalls his words. Saathi mil gaya plays…..Nia makes a video call to Guneet and tells that she wants to meet her. Nia meets Guneet and tells that dad did a mistake by letting your stuff in his office. Guneet says I will take my stuff soon. Nia says Dad can’t move on until he sees you and that’s why I will search house for you. She says I think even you want to do the same. Guneet says she will search house by herself. Nia says if I search the house then you will get soon. She asks her to shift as soon as possible.

Guneet gets a call and tells that she is ready to come, asks the person to tell the date and time. In the morning, Nia tells Kajal that she is thinking about Dad now and that’s why she asked Guneet to go. Kajal asks about her happiness and tells her that her hero came. Nia smiles looks at Kabir. Kajal says you both have kismet connection, when he was born, he must have said Nia. Nia says whatever I am feeling is different. Kajal says the different feeling is love, you are in love with your best friend. Nia looks at Kabir and smiles.

Precap: Amber sends voice message to Guneet and tells that he will solve all her problems. RJ asks Guneet to tell about love. Nia is about to confess her feelings to Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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