Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia decides to test Guneet’s love for Amber

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Guneet that he wanted to tell everything to Nia, but is scared that if she doesn’t accept you in our lives, then what I will do. Guneet asks what you will do? Amber says no. Guneet says if Nia doesn’t accept me then what you will do. Amber says such day shall not come. She asks again. Amber holds her hand and says then I have to leave you. Guneet looks at him. Nia hears him. Amber says I have to leave you as I can’t leave my daughter at any cost. Nia gets emotional and teary eyes. Guneet says I know. Amber and Guneet looks at each other. Nia laughs thinking about his words and gets sad too. She gets down the stairs. Kajal asks what happened? She asks did you see him? Nia says Dad loves Guneet Sikkha again. She then says love had never ended, I couldn’t know. She collides with laundry guy and tells they fall down. Nia gets up and says Dad still loves her. Kajal says you need to sleep, come. Guneet checks in the hall if anyone is there, and helps Amber come down with her. He says he don’t want to go. Guneet says what your heart is saying? Amber says he wants to have kulfi with her. Guneet laughs and says she will have it with him later, and will enjoy all the seasons with him. She asks him to go. Amber goes out and hides sees Kajal coming out of his house. He gets Guneet’s call. Guneet asks did you reach home? Amber says he is going inside. Guneet asks him to massage his back with hot water. He reaches home and asks if you felt bad that I chose Nia. Guneet says if you had not chosen Nia then I would have felt bad, says if a man gets ready to leave his daughter, then it is a danger to stay in such a man’s heart. She tells that such circumstances will not come and tells that she will not let such day come, as loving him is more good than staying with him. She says I love you so much and will not let that day come when you have to choose between us. Amber keeps his phone on his chest. Guneet asks him not to hug the phone. Amber says sorry and says good night. Saathi song plays…..

Manjiri comes to Nia and says good morning. Nia says good morning. Manjiri asks why are you tensed. Nia says she wants to tell her and tells that she is feeling so many emotions altogether, Dad got the companion, and she is happy, but she is the same lady who had hurt Dad. Kajal says she had slapped your dad. Nia says Dad didn’t tell me being afraid that I will oppose his decision. Manjiri asks did she slap him and asks will you forgive her. Nia says I can forgive even 7 murders for Dad’s happiness. Amber comes and asks what is happening here? tell me also. He asks Kajal if she had gone home or not. Kajal says it seems nobody is operating from home in this locality. Amber says long tongue doesn’t suit your height. Kajal smiles. Amber calls Nia and asks her to change the masks frequently, and gives 50 masks, PPE, sanitizer etc. Nia says I will even take a bath. Amber tells that he is going to Pandey’s house for doing exercise. Nia thanks him for giving her permission to go to Bangalore. She thinks of his words and hugs Amber. Amber says my baccha and asks what happened to you. Nia says our noses resembles a lot and asks him to take care, says I don’t want you to get hurt again. Amber asks why are you worrying and tells that he is going to Pandey’s house. He asks her to use all those stuff and send him hotel number etc.

Nia gets a message and says Bangalore…She goes to RB’s room calling him. She then finds him leaving from her house and says sorry for telling all that. She says I am really sorry sir, you are my inspiration. RB tells that he is going for some days and not forever. She says Bangalore? RB tells that he will not leave her alone, and will take her to new heights. He comes near her and says you scold really well, asks her to take care and leaves. Kajal comes there and asks if RB went. Nia says he went for few days and tells that they shall focus on Guneet, shall find out what is going on in her mind. Kajal asks what is her plan to test Guneet Sikkha.

Precap: Nia tells Kajal and Manjiri that even Guneet sikkha loves dad very much. She dances happily saying she got her dad ki dulhan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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