Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rishi Burman indirectly instigates Swara to get Kabir

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi Burman telling that the competition starts today and whoever wins will get mentorship from me. He says Nia on the left and Kabir join her there. He recalls Kabir and Nia’s romantic moment and says they are team A. He says Swara and Kajal are team B. He puts rings on them. They ask if they are doing exercise. He says team building. He explains to them about the game and asks them to look at each other. Kabir and Nia look at each other. Swara and Kajal look at each other. Rishi says you can win this game if you trust each other else will fall flat on your face. Kabir and Nia looks at each other. Nia says I trust a lot. Song plays….The game begins and he asks questions. Nia answers two questions right before Swara could answer. Swara tells Kajal that she will throw the ball on their leg, so that they get disbalanced and fall down on the face. She answers rightly and throws ball on Nia and Kabir, but they jump and don’t let the ball touch them. The game continues. Rishi announces the game winner is team A, Nia and Kabir. Swara gets jealous and sad. Nia and Kabir get happy. Kajal goes to them happily. Rishi looks on.

Dr. Pandey tells Amber that he will solve his problem. Amber asks what do you think that my plan will not work and tells that first thing is that I will wait for her all life and will fulfill all her needs and take care of her all life, and says third thing is….Dr. Pandey says Pyaar ka super bazaar. Amber sends a voice message to Guneet and tells that she will not have any problems in her life because of him and that he will solve all problems of her life. Pyaar deewana hota hai plays….

Guneet comes to the Radio station. RJ asks her if she wants water? Guneet says she is nervous. RJ asks her to forget everything and talk normally and calm down. She starts her show. Amber and Pandey are hearing the song. RJ Jhanvi begins the programme Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar and tells that she will play songs, but also there is a lovely damsel with her and she talks so good things. Amber is about to change the channel and listens to RJ Jhanvi saying Guneet Sikkha. He asks Dr. Pandey if he heard Guneet’s name. RJ Jhanvi asks her about love. Guneet says she doesn’t trust love and it is very difficult if the person whom you trust so much, betrays you. RJ Jhanvi asks if she experienced love in her life. Guneet says she found true love in books but not in life. RJ says she felt love many times, and says it seems you was in love with someone special and asks if you really loved him. Guneet says for me, trust and respect are also important along with love. He says if any of these things are missing then that relation don’t survive. She says I have no love or relationship in my destiny. RJ Jhanvi says she will play the song. Amber asks Dr. Pandey if he saw her cheap thing and says she has insulted her love. He says she expects me to lie to her mom, and is doing all this. He says I fell in love with her at the age of 50 and doesn’t know about it. Dr. Pandey asks him to calm down. Amber asks Pandey to return Guneet’s money to her, which she gave him as rent. Dr. Pandey says I will give her money in the morning. Jhanvi plays the song ek ajnabi hasina se…..Jhanvi asks this must be very emotional experience for you. She goes to bring cinnamon coffee. Guneet thinks of Amber and gets sad.

Kabir tells they made Swara and Nia lost. Kajal asks Nia to tell Kabir. Rishi congrats Swara and tells that he thought she and Kabir are team. He asks to stay focused and says there is no place for average people.

Nia tells Kabir that she wants to tell him something and signs him to come with her. Kabir comes out and asks her to say. Nia says that day you said that…….Kajal and Shri look at them. Kabir waits for her answer.

Precap: Nia is about to confess her feelings to Kabir, when Swara comes and kisses and hugs Kabir, tells that they couldn’t be partners in game, but real life partners and congrats him. Nia is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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