Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet have a talk during radio show

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia getting Kajal’s call and the latter tells her that Kabir is mad. Nia asks did you call me to tell this at 4 am. Kajal says Kabir is doing a big foolishness by choosing Swara, says you both have kismet connection. Just then they get a message that We net caught fire. They all run and come there in the night. RB comes there and tells that he hopes they all have fire in them. He asks them to come to the cabin. Swara says he is genius and holds Kabir’s hand. Kabir gives coffee to Nia, which upsets Swara. Kajal says I told you about kismet connection. RB comes and takes coffee mug from her hand. He drinks the coffee and tells that who has the strength to snatch other’s share, who can forget the rules and just remember victory. Nia says one shall not do wrong for victory. Swara says there is a jungle room, if one another don’t eat other then the first one will become hungry. Nia talks about ethics and rules. RB says such person’s coffee is drank by someone else. He asks Nia if she is in love with someone and if that person is doing wrong then will she stop him, or will you do wrong. He asks her to think about it.

Dr. Pandey comes to Guneet to return the money. Guneet says she doesn’t want his favors. Dr. Pandey says Amber Sharma has realized that you have gone away from his life and has no hopes now. He asks her to use his office to keep her stuff and not to mess with him. Guneet sees Amber standing in his house and tells that until we are infront of each other, this will not end. Pandey says so you will not agree? Ok. I will give your message to him. He asks her to keep the money and tells that if she don’t take the money then Amber will send him again. Dr. pandey then thanks her and tells that Amber asked him to get Shawl from her. Guneet recalls and a fb is shown, where in Amber gives her shawl. Fb ends. Guneet brings shawl and asks Dr. Pandey to tell him that her frying pan and tawa is with him, but her heart is not small like him. Dr. Pandey wears mask and leaves.

Dr. Pandey comes to Amber’s office. Amber is keeping her stuff aside. Dr. Pandey asks what is he doing? Guneet opens the door and sees a guy. He tells that Nia sent him to show a big house to her and told that she will give him brokerage. Guneet gets angry on the guy and tells that she doesn’t want his help. RB asks everyone to give presentation to him and he will send the details. He tells that based on this presentation result, one of you will be selected for the mentorship. Kajal tells that Shri and her will be a team. Kabir says he will also team up. RB asks him to careful while choosing the partner and says sometimes the person standing behind your back is holding the knife behind you. Kabir says don’t worry, I will choose Swara. Nia says I will work alone. RB says ok. Kajal and Nia get upset. Kajal says Swara got stuck with Kabir. Nia tells that she can become bad to bring Kabir back.

Dr. Pandey asks Amber to talk to him and asks what is wrong with him. Amber plays the radio and RJ Jhanvi tells that she had to called Guneet Sikkha on listener’s demand. Guneet tells that she is angry, people don’t realize that there is a difference between help and insult. She says they don’t understand that they hurt on the pretext of help, it would be good if they slap instead. RJ Jhanvi asks people to call her and say if Guneet said right. She plays the song. A lady calls Guneet and asks her to teach the person a lesson, who had hurt her. Guneet says she wants that person to stay away from her. Jhanvi plays the song. Amber asks Dr. Pandey to move back and takes his phone. He calls the radio show and insists to talk to Guneet. Guneet asks what do you want to say? Amber tells that whatever you are saying, is said by people whose own trust have died and who have doubt on himself/herself and think others wrong. he says there is so much venom in you. He says there is two things, either that person is mad or loves you fully in any circumstances. Guneet closes her eyes and cries.

Precap: Amber asks her to forgive the person and see, may be you will get everything, which you was searching. RJ Jhanvi tells that their chemistry was good. Dr. Pandey gets an idea to help Amber get Guneet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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