Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia and Amber decide to fight for their love

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal telling Nia that she is dying with hunger and tells that where is Kabir? Nia says she will bring something from Kabir’s cabin. Swara stops Nia and asks where is she going? Nia says she is going to bring biscuits from Kabir’s cabin. Swara tells that she has moved that biscuits and snacks from his desk and tells that so much has changed since you left. She says I will bring something from the pantry. Nia tells Kajal that she will fight for her daughter. Kajal says this is Sharma ji’s daughter. They open Swara’s laptop and types something. Kajal is about to send it, but Nia says kabir’s impression will become bad. Swara comes back. Nia and Kajal sing song. Amber gets ready and decide not to let Guneet go. RB comes there drinking coconut. Nia asks RB if he is coming to the office and goes. RB asks Amber to make him have hot ginger tea. Amber says I make nice beaten coffee. RB says I will make you have coffee today. Amber refuses and tells that he has to go. RB asks if he gave time to someone and tells that she don’t want to meet him. He tells that a man falls in love as he is mad and tells that problems started when his mind gets fine. Amber turns and says you are a bad man and can identify other bad guy. RB says only the bad guys win and says all the best.

Amber says I like it. RB sees message on his mobile and gets shocked. Amber brings samosa for Pammi. Pammi asks what are you doing here? She says you might have added poison in it. Amber says did I kick you out from home and tells that your daughter had taken you out from my house. Pammi tells that Guneet tells that the samosa is bad for my stomach. Amber says you have done many sacrifices for your daughter, but she didn’t listen to you. Pammi says she is her mother, and what she can do. Amber tells that you couldn’t do anything when Guneet took you away from my house. He tells that Maa is an important work and you are afraid of your daughter and couldn’t do anything. He tells that when she went from his house, he felt that someone elder than him left. She says she is not that old. Amber says you have a mother’s heart though. He says he has nobody to keep her hand on his head like a mother would do. Pammi keeps hand on his head and tells that she is there for him. Amber says but your daughter is taking you away from here. Pammi says she will not agree to Guneet’s sayings now. He asks Pammi to have samosa. Pammi is about to eat it. Guneet comes and stops Pammi. Amber tells that he has brought samosa for Pammi mummy. He says he will bring food items daily. Guneet asks him to come daily and tells that they are leaving tomorrow. She tells that they have found a house. Pammi refuses to go. Amber says he will leave and leaves from there. Guneet looks angrily at Amber. Pammi says she will eat the samosa.

Nia and Kajal come to the office. Nia tells that she is doing this for love. Kabir tells that he has finished just now. He says I have trained you before RB and you are good. Nia tries talking to him. Kabir says he got message from RB and goes to talk to him. Nia starts sweating. Kajal jokes and says sweating in AC. Just then they see Swara asking Kabir, what is the matter? Kabir says you said that you loves me and doing this. Swara asks what did I do? Kabir says you have sent the email to RB not to give me work as all the work is done by you. Swara says she didn’t mail RB. He asks who has access to your email id and asks when did I take your credit. Swara asks why will I write this against you. Shri comes and tells that RB called them. Nia and Kajal are shocked. They all go to RB. RB asks Swara and Kabir to give the presentation. Kabir says sorry and tells that their presentation is not ready, tells that he can’t give presentation until he checks the facts.

Guneet asks Amber not to stop her. Amber says you can’t stop me? Guneet asks what about your daughter? She asks didn’t you know that Nia searched this broker and asked him to search house for me and was ready to give him brokerage. He says you couldn’t win in love, atleast win in hatred.

Precap: Amber makes Nia have a drink to make her confess the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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