Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet enjoy their pre-marriage celebrations

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber and Guneet talking about each other and planning their life after marriage. Guneet tells that he will make spicy food. Dr. Pandey says your marriage is like fairy tale. Jhanvi gives her best wishes and asks if Amber ji knows about your dreams. Dr. Pandey asks did you tell her about your dreams. Guneet says no and says he will know slowly. Amber also thinks of her. Guneet smiles. In the morning, Pammi tells that she is very tired today, Pra ji calls her. Pammi greets him. He asks did you dance in sangeet? Pammi says I was sitting and kids were dancing. Pra ji says you have ruined Punjabi’s name. Pammi says I didn’t cut your nose, to tell you the truth Guneet and I danced and enjoyed. Pra ji asks about the marriage mahurat and the rituals. She tells everything. Pra ji says I will take care of every rituals and explains to her. Pammi pretends not to listen to him and says your voice is not coming. She ends the call. Pra ji thinks signal and she, both are gone. Nia is taking haldi when she collides with Kabir and the haldi falls on their faces. Inna Sona plays….Kabir laughs and cleans haldi from her face with his handkerchief and blows on her face. Nia looks at him. Kabir looks at her. Shri and Kajal says they have done their haldi, asks if they want to sit on the mandap. She goes. Nia takes the haldi plate and goes from there. Swara comes there and asks what happened? Kabir says haldi fell on my face. Swara says I will clean it and wipes his face. Nia asks everyone to make haldi preparations. Kajal comes to Nia and asks what happened? Nia says she can’t do. Kajal asks what?

Nia says I can’t handle this friend zone. Kajal asks shall I kiss you, they laugh. Kabir calls them for haldi ceremony. The haldi rituals begins. Kajal, Kabir, Nia, Amber and others come to Guneet’s house for haldi…Song plays…Punjabi wedding song….Pammi welcomes Amber. Kabir asks what happened and teases Amber. Guneet comes there holding the umbrella and dances while getting down the stairs. Amber admires her and smiles. Punjabi song plays……
Guneet sits for her haldi while Amber sits at the other side of the partition. Pammi begins applying haldi to Guneet. Lovely asks Amber to get haldi applied from eldest of the family. Amber tells that Nia will apply to him first as she is the eldest in his house though she is the youngest. Lovely Bua says no problem and asks Nia to apply haldi to him. Pammi, Shukla aunty and others apply haldi to Guneet. Guneet signs Amber while he gets haldi applied by everyone. Lovely says Praji wants to make you wear juda, but he couldn’t come. Pammi says its ok, you have brought his blessings. Lovely Bua covers dupatta on Guneet’s head and makes her wear Juda/Bangles. Song plays……Guneet gets emotional and hugs Pammi. Nia, Kajal and others get emotional. Swara and Jhanvi cover cloth on Guneet’s hands. Guneet shakes her hands to drop the kalire, but it doesn’t fall on Kajal, Nia, Swara and Kabir. Pammi asks Guneet to try again. Kalire falls on Nia. Everyone gets happy and congratulates Nia. Nia says I don’t want to marry and looks at Kabir. Kabir also looks at her.

Precap: Dr. Pandey tells Amber that there is a bad news and says Jhanvi and Guneet…..Amber looks on worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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